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The best tea brand


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Bought Breakfast tea and Lady Gray from Bennetts last time. Quite nice both of them. Which are your favourites ?

lady gray?.....you mean earl grey?

Definitely a ladies girly drink of tea that.

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We have decaff Tetleys, not strong at all for me, the water just gets threatened with the tea bag.

Now coffee, that's different, I love it and buy the same as what Froggy has posted. Lovely it is. My coffee machines on a timer, best one is when we wake up and you can smell it wafting upstairs.

No decaff here though, just proper coffee.

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You can't drink that.

Vikings will be turning in their graves.


Did Vikings have graves? Or did they put coins on their eyes and burn them on a floating coffin? I genuinely don't know, but I'm pretty sure I've heard the phrase "a viking funeral".



Anyway, I last bought PG Tips, it was last week, and I got a mug with them, The monkey's dressing gown disappears when there's hot water int mug. Magic.

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