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Sir Alex's new Book.


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He's already dished the dirt on a few people


I actually find his comments laughable. He said he had to sell Beckham because he thought he was bigger than the manager/club, yet begged Rooney to stay when he actually behaved far worse and handed in a transfer request on more than one occasion.


Half the comments in his book are probably exaggerations of the truth anyway.. He's hardly going to want to make himself look bad.. He'll never admit to some of the referee bullying that he did and his power of over the media and FA toget his own way..


He'll also never admit to being totally clueless when up against the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona during some of his biggest CL games.

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This. Very disrespectful in some cases..


Many modern Footballers seem to be. Gerrard has made comments on fellow players, that IMO were disparaging and uncalled for.


One of the questions Geoff Shreeves asked him was 'do you wish Beckham married someone else'.


TBF to him he didn't say no.

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