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London tube


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As part of the FA anniversary they and the london underground have come up with a new, alternative tube map on which DCFC is well represented, as follows:

Steve Bloomer

Colin Todd

Roy Mac

Sir Brian

Charlie George

Dave Mackay

Franny Lee

Mickey Thomas

Paul Mcgrath

Steve Maclaren

Dave Watson

Reg Matthews

Peter Shilton

Sammy Crooks

Frank Stapleton

Kevin Ratcliffe

It may be that the rams connection wasn't uppermost in the minds of those choosing some of the names, but.....

And there may be some I have missed.

Wish I knew how to do a link but it's on the BBC website.

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I have just got a smile on my face, my local tube station is Bill Nicholson, next to Shteve Mc who i go through every day on my way to work and back, Moor Park as its known,will never look the same again, maybe they should paint it black and white, or ginger !! 

Lets hope in a year or two's time i dont get off to take a dump in the waiting room.......

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