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Ukraine v England


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their two wingers are very, very good players. if we play 433 we risk leaving our full backs exposed. if i were hodgson i'd play either 442 or 451, with milner on the left and maybe cleverley on the right... hes **** yes but it would give us far more defensive cover than playing walcott who really struggles with defending.


ukraine 1 england 1

lampard (pen)

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Totally different to what our lot are used to, they're all clava'd up carrying weapons. It's the same when any England fans or even a group of lads go on holiday abroad, the locals come over, so our lads hold their hands up expecting some toe to toe but receive a blade instead.

What can they do other than stay in their hotel rooms, it's unavoidable because we've become a target right across Europe.

Hope we smash them on the pitch. Vindalooooo

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