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early signs are good


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We are 3 games unbeaten 2 wins and one draw. I even throught against blackburn we played some good football. And even there was thanks to atwell but against oldam we played the football we know they can play. And even today yes that cross should made that we have to learn to deal with them. And apart from that we out played them they did not have a clue how to deal with us. We battled for those 3 points today there going to be games were we fight and dig in and wait for our and hopeful we shall take them but what i say about chris martin he was a thorn in there side all game long. And may it continue jonny russle did okay he might have not scored today but helped out on the wings and his defance duties as well.

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Didn't dig in really today though?

Brighton were at home. We're all equal in this division and they're bound to have a period where we struggle to stop them threatening.

It's very early. I don't even look properly at the table until next year!!

For now I don't even think its worth thinking about Play Offs or anything. It's worth concentrating on the fact that when we have to play defensive hoofball we look far more likely to concede than when we are a bit more risky.

Today could have ended 2-2 or 1-3. Usually in this situation the game can only end up 2-2 or 3-2.

If we want to be thinking about promotion in 2014 then we need to fix in the mentality to play on the deck where Martin, Hughes, Hendrick, Bryson, Keogh... well, EVERYONE are more comfortable. Who in our team prefers the ball in the air? Buxton? Sammon? Nobody really is great in the air. Certainly not our 4/5 best players.

And we need to recognise (imo obviously) that we aren't great at defending. We can defend but we look shaky when it's concentrated defending. So while the ball is on the deck and we carry a threat I think we can be proud even if we miss out in the top 6.

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What does everyone else think

Without taking a dig I think you are making a judgement on a game you have not even watched.

4 points from 6 isn't a bad return considering our opening fixtures but I suspect most people would have expected the results the other way round.

In my opinion he needs to make sure the home form is good to get the fans coming back in numbers and get a bit of momentum going.

In recent years we've not done very well against Leicester so it will be interesting to see how we follow up lost seasons victor

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Buxton and Keogh played really well yesterday, at times it was hit and hope but every time they launched their football air strike into our box they dealt with it.

I'm not worried, I think we've got a fair chance of getting there but so have others, dark horses I think...

Nah, sod it, I think we're gonna come 2nd mate!

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Never has it been truer to say we need to take each game as it comes, not get too far ahead of ourselves when we win or panic too hard when we lose.

Early signs are good though, Martin is a clear improvement and it seems Clough is willing to vary the line up for different circumstances. If we can start well, confidence grows and the who knows!!


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