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something a bit less controversial.


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People think as I'm always moaning about getting rid of Clough, that I'm a WUM, I;m not.


So just to make you all feel better about the way things are now, I'd like to know the worst XI Derby players.





Must've played more than 10 games (no Ruben Zadkovic or Con Blatsis sorry)

Must've been permanent signings (no Stern John or Kazmierczac sorry)

Must've played during your lifetime and based on your own opinion.

Must NOT be current Derby players.


Mine are:-


                                               Andy Oakes


Paul Connolly        Dave Walton      Martin Albrechtsen      Jamie Vincent


Johnathon Hunt     PaulThirlwell       Bob Malcolm      Eddie Lewis


                         Mikkel Beck                        Manel




Who would be in yours?

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Tell you what fella, that's a pretty solid team for my money.

I'm think you could possibly do worse than Connolly but other than that it's quality garbage



surely , we can squeeze Derek Hales in somewhere ?

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Best i saw was Kinkladze, loved that overweight football genuis


Once walked in to Clinton Cards to buy the ex a Valentine's card and Kinkladze was in there with his missus. I got him to pose for a photo, but he was eating a bag of dinky donuts! Even I don't eat them!! lol


Anyway, I asked him if he likes John Gregory, he said "no he's a ****".

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I'd like to give George Foster a mention,and Paul Futcher in the (many) cold of his hot and cold days.Pat Wright also warrants a mention.

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