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Paolo Di Canio

DcFc Dyycheee

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I like the bloke, don't put up with bullshit and says what is on his mind.

However he is the sort that needs to run a club. Can't have any powers above him interfering He needs just be given a budget to let him do his work.

Will be a very good boss one day I think - unless he does a Souness

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Not my idea of a good manager at all - sure he's entertaining when he's at someone else's club but wouldn't fancy him falling out with our players & directors every 2 minutes. I like my managers to be calm under pressure, not jumping around like some demented ferret.

Also not very keen on his apparent support for the unashamedly racist Lazio ultras.

Sure he'll end up at a decent Championship club though - he'll bring a load of free publicity as Sky seem to hang onto his every word

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He offered to use his own money to keep the players at the club, not only that but He also helped clear the pitch of the snow countless times, buying food for the ground staff ETC.

How many managers/footballers do that?

Had literally nothing to spend during January, despite guiding them to the near reaches of the play off places.

Not enough guys in the game like Him.

I'd have him here anyday of the week.

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