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Dirtiest Rams players ever


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My Nominations

(1) Martin Kuhl -absolute untalented thug -ashamed he ever played for us

(2) Robbie Savage -3rd rate clogger and diver but by the time we signed him, he was too slow to tackle anyone -ashamed we signed him.

(3) Kenny Burns -absolute thug -good player but past it when he joined us.

Over the years we haven't had many out and out cloggers which is to the clubs credit.

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Please don't anyone mention Dave Mackay just because he was listed on TV in footballs hard men.

Dave Mackay was NOT a clogger or dirty.

He was the best, hardest tackler ever and wasn't best pleased by the implication that he was dirty.

The art of tackling is becoming lost so that now people confuse tackling with fouling.

Dave was the master.

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You have got to be kidding haven't you....

Mick Harford was an excellent striker, i wish we had someone with 2% of his bravery now. If you read anyone's autobiography from that era they all list him as the toughest opponent to play against. Great player.

How any one can list Seth as a "hard man" is beyond me, he ran around a lot and dived in, but hard.....nope, not at all.....about has "hard" as Disco Darryll.

Savage wasn't hard......he might have thought he was, but he wasn't at all.

Kuhl was great.

Georgie Williams.....now that is how to tackle.

Marco Gabbiadini was a spiteful little player when he wanted to be, never ducked out of a tackle and would often leave a stray leg flying around.

Great shout for Mental Mickey.... brilliant.

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Not had many "dirty" players in my time, they've all been too timid. We have a pretty honest squad right now...Jamie Ward's diving is about as dirty as our game gets these days.

We do have some "tough" guys out there, I am convinced that Jake Buxton would run through a brick wall for Clough, and I'm not using that as a figure of speech. But dirty? No one springs to mind.

I'm pretty certain that under Clough we haven't had a player sent off for violent conduct.

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I used to love Franny Lee's air of injured innocence whenever a ref suggested he might have been less than perfect. Again hard but not dirty...just don't get him angry!


Anyone else remember him crawling into the penalty area when he was chopped down on the edge. Maybe that was a bit naughty too!

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Mackay, Rioch & Johnson were Rams all time greats -3 of my heroes. The appalling Mick Harford is a worthy nomination. I can remember us beating Luton 1-0 & him getting sent off against us after about 15 minutes.

Yes, for fouling me.

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Harford could give it out if he was on the receiving end but would'nt say he was dirty. He did put Psycho on the floor at the CG which I'll always remember.

Kuhl was just lightweight and any late tackles was him just being slow and overweight, not intentional.

Gabbiadini, good no nonsence striker. He broke Simon Coleman's leg on his return to the BBG, not sure if he meant it though

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