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Badge Man tribute v Forest on 6 mins live on SKY


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Hi all,

Okay for those at Pride Park v Charlton we know and saw what Dougie, aka Badge Man meant to all us fans. The respect shown was nothing short of emotional.

So after speaking to the family we have decided that a tribute should also be done for the Forest game which is live on SKY TV. This will give Dougie national recognition and will also show Nottingham that we as fans look after each other and have great community spirit.



And on 6 minutes (yes 6 minutes not 86 - due unpredictable local derby) we all stand and sing 'scarfs up for the badgeman'

The Derby telegraph will be covering the story late next week but with the power of forums, twitter and facebook I am hoping the message gets out so please spread the word.

If you thought Charlton was emotional wait until you see 4000 Derby fans at Nottingham showing respect for one loyal servant of our club. Sky TV will be mentioning him during commentry.



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If people want to voice their support for badgeman then why begrudge it? I'm certainly not against supporting one fan that followed us through thick and thin for so many years and became such a popular guy around the club!

Obviously people have their own opinion but much rather voice my support for him - credit to his dedication

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