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  1. richgee1976

    Will Cardiff take our record from us?

    It will NEVER be beaten...
  2. richgee1976


    He had the chance with Burnley too. It was only after we matched their salary offer that he stayed with us. I like Bryson. A lot. He always gives 100% on the pitch. But let's not make out he bleeds black and white.
  3. richgee1976

    Centre Half Video Nasty

    I rate Keogh. As has every other Derby Manager. Paid football professionals who know more about the game than us. If he's as bad as some think, why does he continue to be picked by said paid football professionals? Could it be that they know more than us and can see he's a decent player?
  4. richgee1976

    Jack Marriott - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Signed according to Sky...
  5. richgee1976

    Mr T Abraham and Mr M Vydra

    He lives on Belper Road in Stanley Common...

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