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  1. Thought I’d start a thread different to the ‘Beer Thread’. Not based purely on beer, but more the nice places to drink it, so that I and maybe you can branch out and find some new places to imbibe booze and socialise. Was hoping for suggestions for the more traditional, the more interesting, the unique, modern with a twist, amazing food (but not a restaurant), great jukebox etc. Doesnt have to be a hipster micro pub with all the lastest brews (although do include them) but not so much your Marstons chain pub with a ball pit and generic menu of gammon, gammon and gammon. Mainly for the Derbyshire area, although if it’s a standout place that’s worth a visit wherever you are then go for it. I’ll start ya off; The Feather Star in Wirksworth (amazing little pub with vinyl for sale. Great vibe, great tunes.) The Old Dog Inn in Thorpe (always good beers, food like an American Diner and always playing 70’s Rock, with decor like the Prancing Pony in LOTR) Artisan in Ashbourne (great beer and gin selection and a nice chilled vibe) Dog and Partridge in Marchington (miserable landlord (like all good pubs should) with always good ales and great music on Sunday afternoons with a chilled out vibe) Thanks.
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