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  1. Stripperg-ram

    DCFCFANS own little second Brexit Referendum

    I’d vote remain, as I did the first time. I don’t see a small loss of sovereignty or democracy as a problem for what we get in return. But I didn’t want the first referendum and I don’t want another. I do feel that a second referendum should only really happen because leavers no longer want to leave, not because remainers want to undo the first decision, otherwise we don’t heal the wounds, we just create new ones and keep them fresh. I don’t think Brexit is a disaster solely because remainers aren’t getting behind it. I think it was always gonna be difficult to extricate ourselves from something that has been entwined into our lives for 40 years. So the lies peddled by the leave side - that it would be quick and easy and problem free, should be politically punished. Whether agreeing with it or not, being in the EU for 40 years has meant various elements of our domestic political infrastructure have atrophied. Trade negotiation, immigrations officers, judiciary etc. It would take a massive increase in government spending to replace all those functions and the Tory government has no interest in making government bigger and more bureaucratic, so the whole thing is an oxymoron. I wish we’d never been asked. I do think we’ll likely get a general election much more than another referendum and that will potentially dictate all things Brexit. If Labour become a bit more remain friendly (and less ambiguous) then they’ll win in a heartbeat and then god knows what will happen. But I think we have self harmed to such an extent, that our place at the EU table (if we were to remain) or our standing in the eyes of the rest of the world has been greatly diminished.
  2. Stripperg-ram

    Tainted by Steve...?

  3. Stripperg-ram


    Is be interested in us trying a 3-5-2, mainly because it would suit our players. our defense on the whole is good (Keogh aside maybe) but Davies Wisdom and maybe Tomori would be solid. we have enough midfielders to choose a 5 and maybe Waghorn and mount or Lawrence up front? could work.
  4. Stripperg-ram

    Tainted by Steve...?

    Although the thread title does sound a bit like a bad Human League b-side..... Since we came back from 4-1 down to draw 4-4 in SM’s first game against Ipswich and then went on a run of amazing wins and performances, are we as Derby fans (and maybe Mel too) now tainted by having seen a team previously misfiring under Nigel, be put right so easily and so quickly that we expect it from every manager that comes in? Especially now under Frank, when we’ve reverted back to how Steve set us up. What special alchemy did he use to get those players working together so well? Was it the occasional straying into a Dutch dialect? Maybe he hypnotised the players with his tiger bread shaped hair island? How long does it take normal managers to get players playing together instinctively? Answers on a postcard.
  5. Stripperg-ram

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    We have no fluidity in passing or possession. None. If we’re going to play 4-3-3 then we need to be accurate in our passing. Have an almost hive mind in the way we bring each other into the game. There’s no sign of any of that yet. Ledley is not a DM. He was too slow and ineffective. But Frank could see that and made the right change. With Davies in the side I still think we would’ve lost. Although I liked the look of Tomori - Classy and probably our best player. Too early to blame Frank or anyone else. Leeds are good. We are in very early days. The biggest test is to see what we do against Oldham on Tuesday (change the playing staff, give some new players a change to prove themselves.) And then how we bounce back against Milwall. If there’s no sign of any improvement by game 9....we’ve got ourselves another Pearson.
  6. Stripperg-ram

    Who moves out?

    Of all of the more longstanding players who we could all hazard a guess as to whether they’re on their way out or not, the one I still would really like to come good again in a Derby shirt is Thorne. I know I may be nostalgic for his pre-injury days. Maybe his best days are behind him, who knows? But in a 4-3-3, we do need a strong DM who can get the play going and Hudds is great at a creative pass, but getting slower with every day, Ledley is a great disrupter, but better in a DM pairing and Bradley still feels like a square peg in a round hole. George is still young and hopefully all his bad luck is behind him and when fit is an all round great DM i’d understand a loan to QPR, let them get him fit -but I really don’t want to sell him. As for Butterfield, Anya, Blackman, (Christ, think of the millions wasted on them) they have to go out on Loan as soon as poss. Is Martin ill? Injured? Face doesn’t fit? In a 4-3-3 he’s been a great servant of the club and now he’s nowhere to be seen. I know Rowett couldn’t/wouldn’t use him, but why not Frank? I’d get Nudge gone as soon as poss as well. Never really done it for me. Forsyth should go out on Loan, as, unlike some on here, I’d rather give a previously ‘premiership standard’ left back a bit more time to get up to scratch, having had 2 years out of the game, before snubbing him completely. And as far as championship standard replacement CB’s go, I think Pearce is pretty good.
  7. Stripperg-ram

    Boris out?

    It’s perfectly reasonable to have a debate about the Burka/Niqab And also be broadly against it, certainly when you live in an increasingly secular society. At least have doubts or concerns about its oppressive symbolism. But Boris wasn’t interested in debate. Hes just interested in Boris. And so he depth charges an already divisive country with another one of his ‘its only a bit of a joke guv’ statements, that’s designed to give him some headlines and keep him in favour with the Telegraph reading, real ale drinking baby boomers who think that their inane pub chat should be instantly written up as a national constitution and see him as a straight taking hero, a la Farage. If he was a great statesman. A great politician. Focused on the betterment of humanity. He wouldn’t be making childish jibes at the appearance of the women wearing them, but starting a more nuanced conversation about how you stop the oppressive actions of those forcing them to wear them. But he doesn’t Because he’s a see you next Tuesday.
  8. Stripperg-ram

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Genuine question for both Remainers and Leavers alike... At the moment while there is so much concern about the possibility of a hard Brexit, or a no deal Brexit. With the Chequers white paper not pleasing either side and the emergence of a ‘people’s vote’ gaining momentum and popularity... Why aren’t we seeing the prominent leavers coming together under one banner and dismissing all the various concerns that are being thrown around? Surely some, if not all of Gove, Boris, Fox, Davis, Patel, JRM, Farage, Hoey, Julia Hartley Brewer etc etc could stand at a press conference in the Park Lane Hotel (get Mr Dyson or Aaron Banks to pay for it) and spell out the destination they intended for the departing uk, from exiting the EU? They have 17m people behind them. I’m not saying rerun the campaign. We know they hate the EU. But with the country just as divided as ever, instead of individually sniping on twitter and on Newsnight, why don’t they all stand on one platform and dimiss the hoodoo and show us their master plan and empirically prove to everyone how we get out of this mess and allay some of the fears and concerns. A presentation. A positive plan. A joint task force, charged with not just blaming the EU, or Barnier, or May, or Remoaners. But coming together and telling us what they intended all along. Surely even if you got Gove and Farage and Patel on one stage on behalf of the others it would be something? And I ask this as a remainer who is against the idea of a second referendum.
  9. Stripperg-ram


    Not quite sure what’s happening with Thorne and Martin (are they injured or just being kept out to sell/loan out.) But an in form version of both of those players last night would’ve made the world of difference. Thorne for the covering of the center backs and quick concise passing forward and Martin to hold the ball up and bring in our wingers and midfielders. Even in their current apparent ‘injured’ state, still think we’d of strung more than 3 passes together...
  10. Stripperg-ram

    Joe Aribo

    Are we just buying all midfielders? I mean, ALL of them? Havent we got 46 of them on the books now? Is this Mel’s new way of filling the stadium on match day? No free tickets to Toyota workers, just buy League one Midfielders and get them to bring their mates? Makes sense. He’s smart is Mel.
  11. Stripperg-ram

    v Reading (A) Match Thread

    Anyone else got the Christmas Eve feeling? Giddy as a school kid? Havent felt this excited about a season for years. I’ll be probably watching in a ropey old boozer in Ashbourne. COYR!! 🐏🐏🐏
  12. Stripperg-ram

    Up to Speed

    Wow @Cam the Ram Thanks for the thorough and positive review. Sounds very promising. 👍🏿🐏🙌🏾
  13. Stripperg-ram

    Up to Speed

    Haven’t really kept tabs on the Rams out of season. Not been to any of the preseason games or been on the forum much, so was hoping some of you could bring me up to speed before the Reading game next week... What’s our formation? What position do the new lads play? Who looks sharp? Any weakness’s? Is Bryson back to his best? Who’s on their way out the door? Any more to come in? Do we look any good? Anything else you’ve noticed/worth mentioning? Any info would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance and Come On You Rams! 🙏🏽
  14. Stripperg-ram

    v Notts County (A) Match Thread

    Sorry if this has already been said, but can’t be assed to go back through the thread. Did we play 4-3-3? any news on Martin, Vyds, Thorne? Thankingtons. 🙏🏽
  15. Stripperg-ram

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Even in his resignation David Davis (the feckin Brexit Sec, no less) Still doesnt spell out what we SHOULD be doing, just points out what he doesn’t like about the Chequers agreement. Ive said this on this thread before (probs around page 523, if you want to check 🤣) that the prominent leavers (Davies, Patel, Boris, Gove, JRM etc) have all had lofted enough positions of power to craft a better version of Brexit that works. That’s achievable. That’s realistic. But they don’t. And they’re still not. as a remainer, I would be happier with an over the cliff, WTO Brexit that had been prepared for (employ more civil servants/buy land around ports to increase capacity/create a fund to actually invent the technology we need to make the NI border situation work etc) At least their would be something tangible to get behind. I’d disagree, but admire. That happens in politics. But we haven’t even looked into that stuff Am I to believe that Fox, Davis and Boris at the helm of Brexit have not even began to look into any of those details and yet want us to just ‘leave’..?? What evidence is there that they have had their hands tied on stuff like that? It doesn’t matter if your are Leave or Remain anymore. Brexit is a shambles and needs to be stopped, so that we can stop it using up so much political bandwidth and just get on with running the country again. If people want to Leave the European Union, I can sympathize and understand they’re point of view, but until the key Brexiters come up with an actual plan, a destination, not just a noisy Exit then we need to carry on as we were before. Give them 3 years. Let them make a replacement Ukip, then let’s re run the referendum - but this time they have to show their workings.

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