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  1. Sensible? Pfffft. Not saying you aren't right - I do expect that, but it disappoints me. If he's sick enough to warrant being in ICU then he should be in ICU and getting the best care possible. If he's in ICU because he's the PM and anyone else in the same position wouldn't be anywhere near ICU then we suck as a society. Every human life should be valued the same
  2. Yeah I expected it on the 27th - the day he announced he had tested positive
  3. Meanwhile, am I the only one seeing a disconnect between everyone saying that Boris is "in good spirits and doing well" - and that he is in Intensive Care? Those two states would be generally incompatible.
  4. That's awful news - sorry to hear that On the flipside though - my missus works in mental health and she was saying that a lot of her service users with anxiety related disorders are coping way better than she expected. Better than those who don't normally suffer anxiety at all. This article seems to back that observation up https://www.thedailybeast.com/coronavirus-is-making-a-lot-of-people-anxious-and-depressed-but-some-sufferers-actually-feel-better-now
  5. Something is really inconsistent here. A family member of mine works in admin at the same hospital and reckoned her kids had a bit of a temperature and they've been tested already ?!
  6. Should have been in Porto today for our Easter break. Just checked the weather and it's raining there - and only 13c Staycation for the win!
  7. There's going to be a round of applause for couriers and delivery drivers. It will be some time between 9am and 5pm tomorrow.
  8. The Victoria Inn was quite bad back in the day
  9. Getting him a commemoratively inscribed lamp post
  10. I mentioned the lack of a testimonial for Kevin Hector in an earlier post here, but I notice that this item on the MACE website mentions a testimonial for him in 1977 Slightly before my time, but does anyone remember this? https://www.macearchive.org/films/atv-today-10051977-football-vandals-attack-houses
  11. Agreed - don't feel bad for musing out loud in here. I think we need this sort of platform for our own sanity. Hopefully you'll feel differently tomorrow @G STAR RAM. I always appreciate reading your input, even when I 100% disagree :)
  12. They have set up a temporary primary care facility on the car park of Derby University on Kedleston Road (with another two planned elsewhere in the city) That last line sounds like they are expecting a LOT of people 😴
  13. No - they have always been planning to build an extra tier on it when they reach the Premier League of hospitals. Also rumours that they might put a roof on it and host concerts in there!
  14. There is definitely a danger that the day they re-open the pubs is going to overwhelm the health service more than CoVid!
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