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  1. This is awful - the bloke confronting him has been identified as a Labour member/activist and Laura Kuenssberg from the BBC has directed people to his Twitter account for a pile on. Just what someone with a critically ill child needs
  2. The older generation now, largely grew up with parents who lived through/fought in WW2 - plus a lot of the time their superiors during their formative years of employment also did (and in a lot of cases will have at least done national service). You can't underestimate the effect that has had on a generational psyche
  3. Top negotiating skills there then from Boris!
  4. Me neither but I assume it's this Ben Stokes thing? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/49726913
  5. 20,000 hits in a normal month still sounds a heck of a lot for something so inherently boring!
  6. Ah OK - I thought when he said "EU Leaders" he meant Tusk, Juncker, Sassoli etc If he meant the leaders of the EU member states then that's fair enough. But also irrelevant - as we know, the individual member states have absolutely no control over what the EU does. They are just helpless puppets at the mercy of the unelected bureaucratic EU institution right? That's why we're leaving right? 😂
  7. Do they? Why? I think @Van Wolfie has explained it better above. It doesn't seem credible that having a two tier EU is a specific aim. More likely that the attempts to harmonise the weaker and stronger economies throughout the Eurozone have failed miserably and exacerbated the gap between two tiers. One of the EUs stated aims is to level the economic playing field across member states. Suggesting the opposite is true is just conspiracy theory
  8. the fact we have reached a stage where it's perceived as "good" simply to have a functioning parliament, even if the stuff they are delivering is awful. At least they are delivering *something* - suggests that the article @maxjam posted is not at all wide of the mark. The scenario you describe would almost certainly be the most authoritarian right wing government we've ever seen, with people so sick of politics that we no longer even care.
  9. Lib Dems is an interesting one. They now have quite a few ex-Tory MPs in their ranks - who you would be hard pushed to describe as "liberal" And they have pledged to revoke A50 despite the fact that Leave won the referendum - hardly very "democratic"
  10. Ironically I only started making terrible wordplay jokes after I ate a small chocolate covered biscuit bar. It was a Punguin
  11. It’s the intransigents on both sides that are the problem. The Leavers who say “we should just get on with it – we voted leave”, and refuse to consider any evidence or facts The Remainers who say “we should remain – all leave voters were misled/racist/stupid”. The latter’s arrogance only drives the former’s entrenchment I’ve been attacked by hardcore remainer friends for daring to suggest that (despite me voting remain) I’d happily leave the EU if there was a deal that meant the drawbacks were offset by new positives. The truth of the result was that almost half the country voted to remain and just over half the country voted to leave. We need to encourage people try and empathise with those that voted the opposite way to them. Without that we are going nowhere
  12. Max has explained in the past that he is a big fan of free speech, and that we shouldn’t deplatform people who we think have more extreme views than us. We should debate them, prove them wrong and then the bad ideas will give up and pipe down. We had many back and forths on here and whilst it’s sad that he doesn’t feel it’s worth him posting on here anymore, perhaps that’s just the natural conclusion of debate? For what it’s worth, in my opinion he’s definitely not stupid.
  13. Full marks for the choice of picture
  14. I love this post so much I'm willing to let it share my body bag
  15. Yesterday The Brexit Party took a full wrap-around advert on the front pages of the Daily Express. Who paid for that -and to what ends? Leave voters who complain about the EU subverting our democracy need to look a little closer to home
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