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  1. SchtivePesley

    Apollo 11

    Michael Collins is an interesting one. Never got the same attention as the others, because he was the designated driver and got to just sit there orbiting the moon. Has a man ever been more alone than those moments when his craft went to the dark side of the moon and he lost contact with the entire human race?
  2. SchtivePesley

    Beer Thread

    Went in the new Belgian bar at the weekend opposite the Dolphin - it was a very nice atmosphere, and always good to go in a new bar whilst the toilets are still in decent nick! I had a couple of La Chouffe's on draft - which I think is first for me this side of the channel Not the cheapest mind - but then they are going for the specialist market I guess
  3. "He's not racist - he's just intensely excited!"
  4. No - the current definition is So I think it's use in the preceding post was pretty accurate.
  5. This is the main point being missed by those who think "but the trial wasn't even affected by his actions" is some sort of argument. Contempt of court is the offence regardless of whether it has a material effect AND regardless of whether you are aware that you are doing it! Like driving 70mph in a 40mph zone - doesn't matter if you didn't injure anyone, or that you didn't see the speed limit signs. The offence is what it is
  6. Probably the fact he was still under a suspended sentence for the same offence didn't help either.
  7. As I understand it - he was dealt with by a court of law and found guilty. End of story.
  8. No - they found him guilty and he went to prison. His lawyer then got him released on a technicality, and he was tried again. They still found him guilty Bottom line is that a UK court found him guilty - it went through due process. Arguing that they are wrong is pointless. Ask any real journalist about the rules around reporting ongoing trials. They all know. It's journalism basics. Ironic really that Sharia Law has nothing about "contempt of court" - so if we were under Sharia Law (as TR like to bang on about) he'd be a free man right now. But no - he thinks Muslims should abide by the UK legal system. He really can't have it both ways can he?
  9. It's not just staying relevant - it's about staying solvent. A boring truthful story does not get the engagement that an inflated, controversial, distortion of the truth story gets. Is it just capitalism reaching it's ugly conclusion? Everything has a price, and if it has no price then there is no place for it. There is no money in balanced fact-based reporting. If there were, then it would no longer be balanced (as it would be skewed one way or another by the financial implications) Sad to say the old cliche is full of truth. Not everything that counts can be counted.
  10. Except to trade on WTO terms we need to agree a schedule for the thousands of items being traded with the other 163 WTO member states - have we done that? The last I heard we were struggling as not all countries were happy with the draft and they have also blocked us from just using our existing EU schedule. Then you also have the hundreds of statutes that need to be amended to operate under whatever (eventually) gets agreed. So whilst your optimism is as charming as ever - you're looking at a fantasy position we arrive at in the future. Even ardent brexiteers admit that it could take years and we'd face an unprecedented recession in the meantime. You may think that is "worth it"? Essentially if a no-deal brexit is so great then why did no one in the leave campaign advocate for it during the referendum?
  11. Got to look forward to a free trade deal with a 3rd world country! Cheap gruel for EVERYONE!
  12. I struggle to get my head around such insular thinking. I'm sorry. Maybe you don't really believe it but you just like winding people up? If we fund university research projects ourselves - then it's "an excellent record" but if that money comes via the EU then it's "over inflated waste"?! That don't make any sense. The worthfulness of the project doesn't depend on the source of the funding
  13. So you're saying that any research & development projects in academia funded by EU grants are exclusively creating "non-thinkers"?? Is the alternative you envisage that we won't fund such projects at all - and therefore cannot create "non-thinkers" (because we won't create anything at all)?
  14. Definitely this. A shrewd appointment. Obviously here to do the job that he;s been appointed to, but if Cocu doesn't work out, we have a first team coach who could potentially step up (and won't automatically leave with Cocu as "one of his team"). Remember Mel talked about getting some continuity into the club..
  15. Not sure I've seen any proof, but certainly strongly rumoured
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