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  1. Another good call - an extra twist to the Wazza plot
  2. Good shouts - would have added them but just missed the editing window
  3. This is Derby County - we've had some mad seasons in our time, and some more than weird happenings - but this season really takes the biscuit 1) Frankie-gate. A seemingly endless media onslaught of uncertainty. Will he stay or will he go? Of course we all knew the question was really "when?" 2) When the "when" happens, we hire (seemingly from nowhere) our first foreign coach and Dutch international legend Philip Cocu! 3) Roooooooney! We then somehow implausibly sign England's record goalscorer. But the catch is he can't play till after Xmas 4) The car-crash. 2 players drunk
  4. What's made of brass and sounds like Tom Jones? Trombones
  5. That's one of my objections! To be fair the two cats already hate each other, so pets in conflict is nothing new They want to get a puppy and claim that if the cats are introduced to a puppy they will get used to it easier Sounds like baaalocks to me!
  6. Any words of encouragement for me? We've always had two cats, and that's never been a problem. They largely look after themselves, but Mrs Pesley and Master Pesley have outvoted me on the idea of having a dog I really don't want a dog. They really do want a dog. We live in a democracy Can I vote the dog out in 5 years if it doesn't live up to its promises?
  7. Sweet jesus - what is wrong with people??
  8. Such a key influence that I've heard some of the younger lads are even looking at Old Doris the Tea Lady in a totally different light...
  9. If you assume that the virus is no more or less contagious (not seen any scientific evidence to say it's changed either way) - then it will still become prevalent again very quickly. The measures we're looking at now (facemasks on transport, 1m social distance rule) will only be partially effective in slowing the spread of a second wave - because they aren't guaranteed to stop the virus spreading AND the idiot factor of those who choose not to bother with them Of course not but it's the difference between "strict guidelines" and "vague guidelines". A strict guideline will be eas
  10. Yeah to be fair, i'm wondering just how many pubs will actually open. Our local seems to be surviving OK just on doing take outs on a weekend - I don't think they will risk opening up permanently if they don't think it's safe to do so. The guidelines are bound to be vague and put all the onus on the pubs to interpret them as they see fit. That seems to be the tactic with everything.
  11. Something about being a Derby fan makes me naturally pessimistic about our chances of anything!
  12. But then looking at it another way, would you want your last season as a Ram before shuffling off this mortal coil spent watching us get humiliated again in the Prem or having a fantastic season in the Championship top 2? For me it's all about winning. As someone who started going to the game in the early 80s - my favourite seasons have always been the promotion winning ones in Division 2 and then Division 1. That Prem season under Billy was horrible and I never want to go through that again. I don't really care what league we're in so long as we're doing well But thanks to all who
  13. Does anyone seriously want to get promoted this season?? With the almost non-existent turnaround to the start of the next Prem season? And then probably not even going to be able to go to the game for the foreseeable? I think it has potential to be even more disastrous than the last time under Wee Billy We just need to keep picking up results and finish the season strongly, keep the same manager (for once) so that we have some continuity into next season, make a handful of canny signings, continue to develop the young lads and then go up as Champions comfortably with a strong, settled sq
  14. The landlord of our local is dreading it - thinks it will be impossible to police "you can have all the social distancing limits you want, but if you isolate people for 3 months and then open the pubs - they will all come have a drink and be sensible. Then they'll have another drink and still be sensible. Then they'll have a 3rd drink because "this is nice isn't it?"Then I guarantee that they will start hugging each other"
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