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  1. I think that's unfair - they also care deeply about other people like them's right to not care either
  2. Indeed - I keep forgetting that every day between Saturday and the end of the year is Brexiteers tearing each other apart day (with no "remoaners" to blame it on). Good luck lads. We're counting on you to make this work! Let the healing begin...
  3. Certainly these days. Strange times when anyone expressing empathy and self-awareness is attacked for it.
  4. It's bad form or ignorance to misquote another poster in a way that fundamentally changes the meaning of what they originally wrote I said "nothing tangible happens". And I'm correct.
  5. Well at least you're honest that it's an unjustifiable waste of money, and your only defence is whataboutery aimed at something I never even mentioned (and agree with - that was a waste of money too!) Nope . @1of4 brought it up. Then @ariotofmyown had his say, then @A Ram for All Seasons made a comment, then @AndyinLiverpool too It was over 24 hours before I mentioned it at all, but don't let facts stand in your way. I suppose it's fake news or something It's not really though is it - the momentous day is 31st December when the transition period ends and we're finally on our own. Nothing tangible happens on Friday apart from a few half-hearted erections in the pants of the likes of Mark Francois and his gammon-brethren
  6. Stressing? I'm laughing cos it's so stupid. Even the most knuckle-draggiest of Brexiteers would be hard pushed to argue that we wouldn't all be better off it we hadn't wasted a load of money on minting a "special coin"? What financial benefit does a "special coin" bring to the country right now? I mean - we can argue about trade deals and EU contributions, but not a lump of metal
  7. I know it's a joke, but actually a pretty good allegory for numb-nutted wrong-headedness of Brexit A second class stamp is 56p +50p means It'd cost me £1.06 to send it to you. You'd send me 30p back meaning I'd be 86p worse off through the transaction However - you'd have to spend 56p on a stamp to send me 30p in return. Costing you 86p. So even though you get to keep the 50p, you'd still be 36p worse off through the transaction But hey - LET'S GET BEHIND THE MESSAGE ON THE COIN! That'll work
  8. It's OK we can relax - the environmental fight to replace single-use products has been won https://lasttissue.lastobject.com/ These guys have invented a reusable tissue. It's 100% cotton and has hemmed edges to prevent fraying. You can wash it when it gets dirty, and then just tuck it back in your top pocket. So simple - why did no one else ever think of this??
  9. CS: "You are deranged and talking total drivel" Also CS: "LET'S ALL GET BEHIND A COIN!" 😂
  10. It’s a deliberately antagonistic move on behalf of the government. Regardless of anything, it’s still an emotive issue which splits the nation near enough 50/50 – so minting celebratory coins just seems like a petty attempt to rub half the countries nose in the situation. Even more of an obvious attempt at WUM’ing with the inscription being so stupid. Not even sure why we’re supposed to celebrate 31st Jan, when nothing tangible changes on that date. We’re still fully aligned with everything. The time of reckoning will be the end of the year when the transition period ends and we get to see how seamless the new world is…
  11. Nah I'm sure he'll just carry on taking the mick out of Tories/bigots/xenophobes/anti-wokers in a national newspaper to an audience of millions But keep going. You might get 3 hearts and an applause emoji 😂
  12. Any Jerry Sadowitz fans? Probably one of the only true controversial comedians who genuinely doesn't care who he offends (as opposed to trying to offend people to generate publicity). Plus he had his LP banned and remaindered in 1988 because he included a bit where he said Jimmy Savile was a paedophile and all his charity work was just a front so that people would never believe any allegations against him!
  13. Just seen that both Matlock and Alfreton Town have postponed their games today due to tragic and unforeseen circumstances No details, but some people on Twitter suggesting that a Matlock Town player has died and he used to play for Alfreton Sad news
  14. Not been to Oktoberfest, but was there for a few days in August last year. A great city to visit. We did the Mike's Bike Tour as a quick way to get our bearings and see some of the sights in a limited space of time. I can recommend the tour - they take you out to a massive beer garden in the park for lunch. Drinking and cycling is not frowned upon it seems! The Hofbrauhaus is the best beer hall from what I remember! I was 90% sausages and beer by the time we left
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