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    Carnero got a reaction from Ramarena in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    I was going to suggest a similar team to this, but with Bielik at CB rather than Davies & Evans in midfield ūüĎć
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    Carnero reacted to Ramarena in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
    If they're fit:
                 Keogh     Davies    Clarke
     Bennett         Beilik   Shinnie         Lowe
                   Waghorn        Lawrence 
    Bench: Hamer, Buchanan, Martin, Hudds, Knight, Zoon, Evans
    Obviously Bogle would replace Bennett when fit
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    Carnero reacted to DCFClks in v WBA (H) Match Thread   
               Keogh         Bielik           Clarke
     Bennett       Evans          Shinnie        Lowe
                     Marriott        Waghorn
    No idea what Evans has done to be dropped imo.
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    Carnero reacted to Gandalf's shin pads in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
    It's only game four and I'm sure we will improve. I think Cocu will prove an astute appointment if given the time. Whether we can improve enough to challenge for top six this season is yet to be seen. We appear to lack dynamism and creativity in midfield and cutting edge upfront although the return of Holmes and Marriott should address this to some degree. 
    Replacing Mount and Wilson was always going to be difficult at this level. The final day of the transfer window probably didn't go exactly to plan. We were reportedly in for multiple quality attacking midfielders and wingers but came out with a goalkeeper and Paterson (he gets my support because he wears the shirt but I can't help thinking he was 4th/5th choice). That's not a dig at the club. Sometimes it's just how the cards fall. The window had gone pretty well up to then. 
    Lots of plus points to be taken from tonight. Beilik looks very promising, there are clearly multiple game plans and if we had had our shooting boots on we may have come out of the game with more, not to mention Bogle, Holmes and Marriott to come back which will open up more possibilities. 
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    Carnero reacted to Zag zig in Radio Draby: Eric Steele   
    He pretty much restrains Dawes with his common sense.
    Dawes and Ramma just feed off each other’s hysterical over reactions and negativity. Eric analyses the game from high, sees things and explains them with the wisdom of a man that clearly has been a top coach and can eloquently convey his thoughts; precisely why he was a top coach imo.
    Would be so good to hear him every week.
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    Carnero reacted to DCFC Ram in Radio Draby: Eric Steele   
    just 'What he said.'
    I didn't listen to him pre-match or during it. I listened to him post-match.
    What a refreshing change it was to listen to an ex-player (or player for that matter) speaking complete sense about a match that he had watched. He was mature, calm, measured and precise in his points. No laddish banter, no mangled words, no contradictory rants, no showing off about himself and his past exploits, no pointless aggression - just wise words.
    It is a shame that we haven't had the benefit of Eric's wisdom over the past few years as things have unravelled after Christmas. I'm sure that his wisdom would have been helpful when we needed it.
    Long may it continue. Thanks Eric.
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    Carnero reacted to Alpha in I would drive dowell back up to Everton myself!   
    First he has to be able to hold his own. We can't provide a free match service for him. Why should others sit on the bench while he plays so badly.
    Certainly don't want to say this is the end, send him back and shoot on sight. 
    But he's hitching a ride and we are in need of drivers not passengers. We have our own youngsters that can come in and do what he's done. Certainly Knight. 
    Needs to wake up and make sure he does basics like set pieces (v Swansea) and passing (tonight). Simple stuff first or he just shouldn't be starting 
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    Carnero reacted to curb in I would drive dowell back up to Everton myself!   
    I really can’t stand some of our fans
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    Carnero reacted to TigerTedd in I would drive dowell back up to Everton myself!   
    That analogy has nothing to do with evolution. The theory is, if you have infinite monkeys typing on infinite typewriters and give them infinite time, they would eventually type the complete works of Shakespeare. It means that in an infinite universe, all things are possible, and all possibilities are inevitable. 
    Although, I suppose given infinite time, the monkeys would evolve into Shakespeare. So perhaps you’re right. 
    Sorry, have I gone off topic. Quick, let’s shoe horn in some relevance...
    if we give Kieran Dowell infinite time, he’ll inevitably come good (or write a very good play). 
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    Carnero reacted to Gee SCREAMER !! in Remember Tom Glick   
    See the chairman of the Chicago Cubs ( about 10 seconds in )- properly scarred-  Not much change's with the Derby County money pit .
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    Carnero reacted to Orphanram in Tonight's moan in   
    I get where the OP is coming from in regards to Eric Steele as when I’ve heard him he is very good. However if Eric Steele was on every week and forming and describing views developed more consistently over a period of time it would inevitably lead to someone creating an article on here saying Eric Steele doesn’t know what he’s on about, his voice is annoying, all he goes on about is him and Steve Mc blah blah blah. I agree with the sentiments about people not getting to hung up about what is in reality a pretty good service provided by local radio. The more thoughtful, strokey beard type of football fan that are more likely to frequent fans forums also expect a higher brow of broadcasting standards, which is fair enough. Realistically though that is unlikey to ever be produced on a consistent basis on local radio. The Ramage bashing is what I’m against most. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting he is brilliant at what he does but sometimes I find their is a underlying intellectual snobbery trying to do him down. It has a bit of a - we the book reading, real ale drinking, armchair/keyboard football theorists sneering at lager drinking, local thick lad lucky to have made it as a footballer vibe going on about it. 
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    Carnero reacted to RoyMac5 in Tonight's moan in   
    Sounds to me from most of these posts that Dawes is the real 'problem'. Can't stand his commentary tbh, you can never be sure exactly what is happening even when we're attacking. He's even more hysterical when the opposition attack it seems.
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    Carnero reacted to philmycocu in Looking forward to a great sporting day in Derby tomorrow   
    Bristol's In Gloucestershire? Who knew!?
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    Carnero reacted to Millenniumram in Tonight's moan in   
    Tbh all due respect to Craig Ramage, I genuinely think you could pull someone off here and they’d probably do a better job at whatever on earth Craig is meant to be doing than him. There’s a fair few that I’m pretty certain have a far greater footballing knowledge despite never playing the game professionally as well. 
    Imo however, the bigger problem with radio Derby is Ed Dawes. Ramage is clueless and getting someone in with better analysis than him would certainly improve things, but the way he bumbles about at least gives some entertainment and you can see his passion which counts for something. Ed Dawes however is relentlessly negative (and this is coming from me) and strikes me as thinking his view on things is better than anyone else’s- when often he seems to be watching a very different game to the rest of us in reality. Seems to watch the game through the opposite of rose tinted glasses, finds a negative out of everything.
    The combo of the two of them together makes radio Derby almost unlistenable at times- they bounce off each other’s moaning. It’s a shame really but it’s fast becoming better to just read the BBC commentary rather than listening and that’s quite sad with all the years of radio Derby- something needs doing imo.
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    Carnero reacted to Alpha in Tonight's moan in   
    Adding to the Eric Steele love in.
    Didn't he stay when Mac was sacked and then Clement wanted his own people?
    I reckon he's one of those football men you play for/used to play for that you just want to please. One that if he shakes his head in disappointment at you it hurts more than some coach screaming at you. 
    Proper bloke is Eric. Bet he makes a good cuppa, his garden will look spot on, washes his own car and his wife struggles to find him jobs to do 'round the house. 
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    Carnero reacted to Andicis in What a Manager we have!   
    Christ, why does it bloody matter. Fully grown adults shouldn't need a manager to wave at them. Or players.
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    Carnero reacted to Jourdan in Winging it   
    I don’t understand this obsession with ditching the wingers and trying a 3-5-2 or a 4-4-2 diamond after just 4 games.
    Cocu likes his system and it could be 10-15 games before it clicks and we get to see the best version of it. Why would he give up on it after 4 games?
    I mean you add a fully fit Bielik, Bogle and Holmes to this side and the team looks much more promising.
    We know Lawrence and Jozefzoon are inconsistent and frustrating. But at the same time, Cocu obviously sees something they can add to the team, so let’s see if he can coax more out of them.
    In the same way people are saying in the other thread that Dowell needs 15 games before we can judge him, surely Lawrence and Jozefzoon deserve the same time playing under a new manager with new ideas?
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    Carnero reacted to SaintRam in v Bristol City (H) Match Thread   
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    Carnero reacted to cheron85 in Jamie Paterson - Signed on season long loan   
    Football stickers - They had those when I was a kid and it was always pretty much a lottery - Football cards before that
    Sealed packets where you didn't know what you'd get - The draw was that you might get something new - They specifically made some cards/stickers much much rarer than others - Which obviously entices kids to buy more and more packs to try and complete their collection - That's gambling
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    Carnero reacted to Andicis in What a Manager we have!   
    I like what Cocu is doing. He isn't rushing and making brash changes like fans would have done ( I would have done) he's sticking with his team, and learning how he wants to utilise the players. Been a very solid start, haven't set the world alight yet, but we're unbeaten after 2 tricky away ties. 
    Cocu is trying to do it in the right way. I feel absolutely positive that we'll get it together, seeing players like Max Lowe play out of position and yet perform absolutely brilliant feels amazing. Not to mention Jason Knight, who looked very good when he came on too. 
    What's paramount is, that we as fans stay patient. It's all been good so far, but we're early days. If it starts getting more tricky, that's when we have to stick by him. I'm convinced he's the man to take us forward, whether it'll be this year, or in two years time. 
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    Carnero reacted to Half fan in What a Manager we have!   
    Sir Cocu's calm and precise analysis of the Stoke match surely shows a master at work.
    He's unhappy at four points lost, despite a far from ideal and rather short pre-season. This shows the high winning standard he has set for the squad. No talk of the last 12 games being the key to promotion - every game is the key to promotion from August onwards.
    He explains how he saw the first half today and why he made what some saw as baffling changes. He then describes succintly the resulting improvement whilst calmly listing the failings which need to be eliminated.
    He doesn't talk about Plans A or B, he analyses what's happening in the match and changes formations, tactics and players as soon as the need is evident.
    Our captain who's had more than his fair share of club and international managers, says training is an eye-opener. Gradually, we can see why.
    Sir Cocu is taking our club to a higher level than I can recall in many decades. No banal generalities, no superficial banter with the interviewer. The players ere expected to work hard mentally as well as physically.
    It seems to me that Frank relied on a team formula of hard work, energy, and pressing whilst he motivated the players with his personality, humour and winning determination. Frustratingy it didn't always work, especially away to inferior teams. In contrast, our new management is more cerebral and concentrates on developing each player's technical and positioning and adaptability skills, as well as the team performance. So those players of any age who want to improve themselves and be stretched will relish the fabulous opportunity. Those that don't or can't will fall by the wayside, if the steely glint in the manager's eye is anything to go by.
    Of course there will be setbacks and disappointments. But there's some real building work going on here and it's a privilege to see it unfold.
    Thanks DCFC for the astute and synergistic investment in facilities and management.
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    Carnero reacted to dcfcfan1 in The Championship 19/20   
    Forests midfield look very good tbh with semedo  and sow . If we had their midfield we would storm the league 
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    Carnero reacted to i-Ram in If Kieran Dowell is the answer, what is the question?   
    Three league games. Bit harsh to already judge a new player, particularly in a team that is getting used to a new Manager’s tactical requirements.  Tough crowd.
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    Carnero reacted to Wolfie20 in v Stoke City (A) Match thread   
    When a new manager is appointed with a long contract and a brief which includes developing academy talent, fans rightly say he needs time to implement his ideas on a squad he knows very little about but for some, that goes out of the window after one or two indifferent performances.
    We're 3 games into a new season and are unbeaten so it's a decent start - no more but no less. Cocu will know far quicker than fans what's working so far and what isn't and I will back him to sort out what isn't.
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    Carnero reacted to Mafiabob in v Stoke City (A) Match thread   
    Makes you laugh, people lamenting Cocus tactics. The same people who moan we haven’t had a Plan B or C for years..... we had 3 plans in 90 minutes today 
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