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  1. Unpopular opinion, but it has to be Maxwell. Lionel had Derby at heart and provided some great times but Robert saved the club from being wound up and disappearing (approx 2 million to the taxman among others I think). He also hired Arthur Cox and paid for Shilton, Wright, Tin Man, Saunders, Williams, Bobby, and we went from 3rd div to 5th in the (old) 1st div. And when he did turn up he would land his helicopter in the Shaftesbury playing fields! Was clearly a massive 🔧 though and it didn’t end too well, for anyone concerned.
  2. I had this but long sleeved. Was bought for me as obviously no one ever gets the long sleeve tops! last worn when I played in goal at Pride park in a work/charity thing. I really suited the Pedigree sponsorship by then too! I think that's why the Mrs binned it.
  3. Also, any stats that rate Pantyman in the top three of anything can be immediately discounted.
  4. That would however explain why his best friend is a dog.
  5. “So the Derby way zis to play well to February, let everyone else catch up, then scrape into zee playoffs and lose in an exiting way in the second leg/final?”
  6. Mostly Russian there anyway aren’t they?
  7. Russian hackers. Putin is trying to destabilise the Premier League and therefore bring down the west.
  8. More talks could be announced in the next 48 hours.....
  9. Just about to start talks then?
  10. Quite topical and appropriate photo flag content!
  11. I’ll see your premier league legend and raise you a world legend?
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