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  1. R@M

    Booing Butters’ Every Touch

    Boooooo That is for your poor grammar, spelling, punctuation and general knobby thoughts on how supporters should support. I hope in time this motivates you to improve your posts.
  2. R@M

    Brexit or Eurin?

    I'd probably say the UN has had more to do with peace than the EU. The very nature of the EU promotes in house bickering regarding trade deals and who pays/gets what. The only thing holding it together is the swathes of self invested politicians.
  3. R@M

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Not bravado, but taking a stand yes. I’m all for working closely with countries on all aspects but the continued centralisation of such power can not lead to anything but failure for most involved. Take the Euro for example. Most will agree it has not worked for all and has failed many but the EU continue to plow on regardless. The few benefits have now been negated by the advances in technology. Any transaction can be instantly converted - how many holidaymakers take all their cash with them? I agree there should have been more planning, but more on how to make sure the current ‘leadership’ could deliver something like what was voted for. They have consistently undermined themselves and been undermined by not silencing the remain critics. I think it would have helped if we had people in charge that actually wanted to leave. But how do you convince the self preserving politicians to get rid of their retirement gravy train?
  4. R@M

    Brexit or Eurin?

    I haven’t really spoken about this with many since the referendum, due to the name calling and general abuse I have received (and continue to receive although not directly aimed at me) for voting leave. I think it is time for the ‘silent majority’ to speak out. Those that have so far shouted loudest are the relatively few xenophobic and racists, corporations that do not have the UK interest at heart and the offended that honk the vote was xenophobic and racist. I have only had to delete 2 out of a few hundred for distasteful fb posts. i voted leave because I think it is the right thing to do. The European (economic?) Union is a corrupt self flagilating body consisting of self propagating ex-politicians who just want to feather their nest. Germany, the main power behind the union need the constant cheap labour to continue their manufacturing industry. France has its huge farming rebates. The area is also the worst performing economically and has been for some time, and it takes years to get trade deals because tomato growers in 2 different countries (in the EU) can’t agree on terms. They waste money on a monumental scale and it will never change. This is just one that will never end. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/10565686/The-farce-of-the-EU-travelling-circus.html Us leaving will be hard, but think of a divorce, do you advise your friend to stay with the abusive partner just because it will cost money and be difficult? They have openly said that the majority of MEPs would like a United States of Europe, even though most individual countries would not vote for this. Each country is different and this should be celebrated, but equally it makes negotiating or agreeing on anything very difficult.
  5. R@M

    A foreign manager...

  6. In a time of keyboard warrior all access digital know-it-alls, you can really tell who is a true fan tonight. I think that this sort of parasitical online posting breeds discontent among those who are predisposed to moaning no matter what. F%c” knows what the Rams world would have been like if the 2 biddies who sat in the Toyota stand on the half way line in the early 90s had internet access!! They were however frequently told to shut up. I’m going to leave the site for a bit as I am too disappointed with the result, but more importantly, the tone taken by many so called fellow Rams. In the five years or so I have been a member the vitriol has deepened and opinions more outlandish. Have a break, maybe only post in the pub until the transfer season. UTR 🐏🐏🐏
  7. R@M

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Are you watching the golf on sky?
  8. R@M

    Sanchez Tax Fraud

    Not an expert but I think I read that it is indeed a feature of Spanish law where you can negotiate a settlement for certain crimes.
  9. R@M

    Gary Charles

  10. R@M

    London's calling

    I think in all honesty, Villa have had the squad for 2 seasons that should be promoted. It has just taken them a while to realise they needed to actually play in the Championship and they would not walk it. They have a better squad than Wolves, they probably have a better squad than us, Cardiff and Fulham combined. We do however need to remember that 3rd is still hugely overachieving this season. And playoffs CAN be fun!!!
  11. R@M

    RamsTV Meets Phil Gee

    Have to say I met Phil quite a few times, even played with him a couple of times. Genuinely lovely guy. Possibly my crowning football achievement was a pacey cross in for a Phil Gee header from about 12 yards. I think there were 3 other Derby players in that team. Steve Cross was one. I think there were a few ex Vics too. We won every match by at least 6.
  12. R@M

    Free agents

    It’s like Championship Manager all over again.
  13. R@M

    Pick a Ram, any Ram

    I know we have some old codgers on here....but blooming hell!
  14. R@M

    Pick a Ram, any Ram

    Theses are the sort of answers I thought of....I avoided the obvs as the team is strong enough and I wouldn’t want waste my pick!....surprised no one has mentioned Simmo. Was better than both the tin man and micklewhite.....possibly our best winger in 30 years.
  15. R@M

    Pick a Ram, any Ram

    Bit before my time...heard he was alright

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