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  1. I think 'Pep' wanted the best ball playing top keeper in the world. Hart's distribution was pretty good, just not the best. Not sure we are in the same market as Man City for a ball playing golalkeeper?
  2. I’d also point out that to an extent the problem with West Ham’s stadium usage is of their own making. They chose to sell Upton Park and then utilise a tax payer subsidised cheaper rental stadium.
  3. Suggestion for fan kit for next seasons match against the Dirties?
  4. Of all the places in the country it shouldn’t be that serious in Nottingham, due to the everyday exposure to all the viruses they normally live with.
  5. Nothing and everything. I just am Derby.
  6. Price of a pie goes up to £1 million pounds, Mel buys one, in cash, every home game = our turnover goes up by 25 mill.....job done.
  7. In 2015 £170 million in parachute payments was shared between 10 Championship clubs. This season £235 million was shared between 6 clubs. It is only going to increase, allowing these clubs to spend what they want. Have any of the relegated teams sold any players of note? If anything, we are only guilty of trying every season to compete with these clubs for the last 6 years. This is literally and figuratively costing us this season, as I feel any squad we have had over the last 6 seasons would be in with a shout of top 2.
  8. Good job you have nothing to do with any decisions related to DCFC.
  9. Only been watching 15 minutes, but seen waggy wn the ball back at least 3 times and set up one run and try 2 through balls. Marriott has not only not touched it but not been available. What is the obsession with hating waggy *then he scores!*
  10. Won the ball and started our best move? In positions to score and covering as far back as our 25yard line? Doing enough for me.
  11. #DCFCfebformrecreated
  12. I have no idea what you are going on about....so probably accurate commentary on RD’s commentary.
  13. Yes. Dawes should have been replaced ages ago and Ramage is an egotistical self promoting misogynistic poor mans Savage. Has a lot of passion, but frankly so does the drum banger and no one wants to listen to that for the whole 90 minutes.
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