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  1. Possibly my favourite Derby player ever. Probably says a lot about me! ( bearing in mind I was about 10 when he was playing!) looking back he did everything and should have been a holding mid player but was one of 2 in the middle.
  2. Been to a few, Burton for obvious reasons, vip tickets (lol) to see Blackpool play Scunthorpe (I think) at the completely empty millennium stadium for the rubbish leagues cup final, Malaga v Real Madrid. All good experiences but obviously not the same. plymouth v Exeter is fun, you haven’t heard moaning of the like if the Janners are losing to the Grecians. Always kicks off too. Not much else for them to do! Most notable was a trip to Elland road, Leeds v Liverpool. I felt proper dirty and made sure I was protected with a layer of Derby under my coat. It was a bit of a date.......I must have really liked her! Although I did nearly kill her at half time with a contaminated chocolate coated raisin. She hadn’t told me about her peanut allergy. And Stella scored the winner, so I didn’t. Bamford.
  3. I’m amazed this is the first mention. The definition of bitterness for me. Denied as a 10 year old to travel away to Europe with my dad watching Deano, Oohmark and Shiltz. Then sold to the bamfords that caused us to miss out. I laugh every time Liverpool ‘slip up’ and they are the only English team I never support in Europe. Whole lot of them are arrogant self absorbed entitled whining bamfords. Is that bitter enough for the thread?
  4. I hope he also saw the irony in the dirty mug?
  5. I am all for inclusion and diversity, but positive discrimination is still discrimination. It is , as previously mentioned, papering over the cracks in the recruiting procedures. The BAME population ( in question ) is roughly 5%. Managers or coaches do not have to have played at the highest level to be good at their job, so allowing for some natural progression from playing, a figure of approx 10% has been mooted You could argue though that BAME players are hugely over represented, due to the opportunities afforded by genetical advantages in youth.
  6. Deano and Goddard for me too. To this day I think selling Goddard cost us an unfathomable amount and have never understood the rational. As an aside, I had the pleasure of meeting Phil, having a drink or too and even playing with him (twice...I think) and he was always a genuinely nice guy.
  7. R@M


    Maybe they have something here....our mascot and emblem does have horns.....
  8. Fair points, but I would put him as (just) above average, gets stuck in and generally has a 6.5 out of 10 game. Not really excited, but it probably would have taken us signing Will and the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders after Rooney Tuesday! I think he’ll improve us overall.
  9. Just a thought, but worst case scenario he really hates Derby County, but this shows he would rather have the chance to be playing regularly with a good team on loan than a lesser team he likes under the same contract? Shows a bit of professionalism and desire to improve/play well. A lot better than some we have recently had.
  10. Do they want mine? She's a right whinger
  11. I guess when it is only worth advertising tissues and Anusol on Leeds forums and birth control or stab vests on treeish forums the advertisers’ standards can be lower.
  12. Cocu did not deny this!!! What the actual mother duck!
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