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  1. Derby County V Reading

  2. Strong squad

    Winner of the 'gump of the day' 🥇 For this comment.
  3. Is Rowett up to the job

    No. Not won the league yet. We had better sack him now and give the next guy a go.
  4. Che Adams

    I would think Rowett has some info if this is the case. Or Fulham bid 5 mill in weekly £5 coupon instalments.
  5. Ademola Lookman

    Quoted Rowett as interested. I'm fairly sure this will happen now.
  6. Have we won yet?
  7. Complete s****....usual scapegoats were at fault.....1-1 against a recently relegated team 1st match of the season is nowhere near good enough. We should have got 6 points....didn't watch the match mind, was at a family thing I couldn't get out of, just going from the comments on here.
  8. Callum Robinson

    Can we offer them 10 million plus B4eav6is?
  9. Linekers salary

    Hot, funny, inteligent, likes a drink and plays golf....everything should be about her!
  10. Derby County Tattoos

    I was going to post this when I saw it, but then realised my comments would probably offend some people on here!!!
  11. Linekers salary

    Agreed. But I think that is the point. What would end up on MOTD if they cut wages to 300k? idea for a new thread, 'suggestions for worst MOTD presenter replacements'
  12. Linekers salary

    MOTD can't afford Chiles...he left the BBC and reportedly trebled his salary! 🤣
  13. Squatty potty

    Rich.....do your whole family now poo rainbows?
  14. Migraines

    Sounds strange but try my above suggestion. It is discrete!!!! And only costs about £25. I know a few people including a nurse and Dr that swear it works. And no, I don't own a tattoo/piercing parlour!
  15. Migraines

    Also, for anyone that is interested, after having approx 1 per month for 15 years, a bizarre cure has got rid of it for the last 12 months. A daith piercing ( inner ear). Odd I know.

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