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  1. R@M

    A foreign manager...

  2. In a time of keyboard warrior all access digital know-it-alls, you can really tell who is a true fan tonight. I think that this sort of parasitical online posting breeds discontent among those who are predisposed to moaning no matter what. F%c” knows what the Rams world would have been like if the 2 biddies who sat in the Toyota stand on the half way line in the early 90s had internet access!! They were however frequently told to shut up. I’m going to leave the site for a bit as I am too disappointed with the result, but more importantly, the tone taken by many so called fellow Rams. In the five years or so I have been a member the vitriol has deepened and opinions more outlandish. Have a break, maybe only post in the pub until the transfer season. UTR 🐏🐏🐏
  3. R@M

    Fulham F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Are you watching the golf on sky?
  4. R@M

    Sanchez Tax Fraud

    Not an expert but I think I read that it is indeed a feature of Spanish law where you can negotiate a settlement for certain crimes.
  5. R@M

    Gary Charles

  6. R@M

    London's calling

    I think in all honesty, Villa have had the squad for 2 seasons that should be promoted. It has just taken them a while to realise they needed to actually play in the Championship and they would not walk it. They have a better squad than Wolves, they probably have a better squad than us, Cardiff and Fulham combined. We do however need to remember that 3rd is still hugely overachieving this season. And playoffs CAN be fun!!!
  7. R@M

    RamsTV Meets Phil Gee

    Have to say I met Phil quite a few times, even played with him a couple of times. Genuinely lovely guy. Possibly my crowning football achievement was a pacey cross in for a Phil Gee header from about 12 yards. I think there were 3 other Derby players in that team. Steve Cross was one. I think there were a few ex Vics too. We won every match by at least 6.
  8. R@M

    Free agents

    It’s like Championship Manager all over again.
  9. R@M

    Pick a Ram, any Ram

    I know we have some old codgers on here....but blooming hell!
  10. R@M

    Pick a Ram, any Ram

    Theses are the sort of answers I thought of....I avoided the obvs as the team is strong enough and I wouldn’t want waste my pick!....surprised no one has mentioned Simmo. Was better than both the tin man and micklewhite.....possibly our best winger in 30 years.
  11. R@M

    Pick a Ram, any Ram

    Bit before my time...heard he was alright
  12. So the recent Vyds vs Baiano post got me thinking, if you could resurrect only one Derby player (that you have seen) to put in the current side, who would it be? i think it would have to be Eranio for me. Could play centrally, right back or possibly wing. I think some of the other possibilities would be quite obscure, as most of the obvious ones wouldn’t fit Rowett’s play and to be fair, the goalkeeper and defence don’t really need a hand at the moment.
  13. R@M

    Baiano or Vydra?

    Baiano. However, if Vyds smashes in this many next season (in the prem?) then he would get my vote. Those clips however do make me miss Eranio. Played anywhere on the right, or centrally. Had forgotten that everything we did involved him for those few seasons. And he could tackle.
  14. R@M

    Keogh 2021

    Glad to see Keogh has already lasted longer than most of those posters!
  15. R@M

    Keogh 2021

    Has always been outstanding. You can’t atone for others lack of defensive awareness and tactical ineptitude. Every single sportsman ever has made mistakes, maybe if he wasn’t the last line of defence so often in the past Keogh’s mistakes wouldn’t have been or looked so costly. He will easily be able to step up again, and I think we would be lucky to hang on to him in January if we do. Would I swap him for a 40mil rated Jonny Evans? No chance. I hope every penny of the money saved on Martin goes to this new contract, as he really is the only player (apart from Bucko) in the last ten years that makes me truly believe he loves the club and playing for it.

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