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  1. Not sure how I feel about this.....(and it is all over the forums from the start of the season so definitely been recorded) but it has gone from a pretty insignificant documentary to something it seems every football fan in the country would want to see/laugh at. Could make the dirties a fortune!
  2. Taken from poss ITK on Leeds forum.... Bielsa gone. (Not confirmed anywhere, no details added in OP). Can't say but it's happened.  Believe me or not it's up to you
  3. ‘Sir, I believe you slipped and may I mention my dislike for your general demeanour”
  4. Maybe they thought they had put in an order for ‘some blades’?
  5. Even Wembley are taking proverbials............
  6. Love it......but a bit concerned with the number of our injured players bouncing on hoardings and flimsy Leeds chairs. And did Curtis temporarily steal a child to celebrate with?
  7. Class in Leeds is not throwing up before you tongue your sister.
  8. Just a few select quotes....... 🤣 Note. Light editing was required due to Leeds’ language deficiencies . Can’t get over that image of mount shhhhh’ing the leeds fans after they scored, lampard smirking and that toothy c Wilson all jumping round like monkeys. Wilson in particular but their whole squad have faces you’d never get tired of twitting Felt a bit like that last night but at least after Wigan there were more games and there was still a small bit of hope. Now it's August before there's another game and then there's a whole campaign to go through, another 46 games of this second tier 💩 Woke at 4 in the morning with that Ducking Lampard chant running through my head and not been able to sleep since, feels worse now than immediately after.
  9. 🎣 check the post timing. 😉
  10. It’s a shame that Curtis got injured.....we could have seen him (Keogh) and Tomori marauding all season.
  11. Is a bit rubbish. Get rid. 🤡
  12. Don't ask for tickets, you haven't been to enough away games.
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