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  1. Been a long time lurker on the forum, too hard to act all informed from afar, but always found it amusing and even occasionally informative. The beauty is you feel a connection with like minded fans, even if you don’t always agree with their opinions. As you’ve probably realised most football fans in Aus follow one of the “big” clubs, so following Derby, is looked upon as an oddity. I wear it as a badge of honour. Pat started off supporting Chelsea, but after years of conversion therapy, he is a 100% a ram. I explained to him supporting Derby is a bit like a Keats poem, you can’t experience joy without having experienced melancholy, it’s the Derby way. Pat has moved to Wollongong this year for Uni, but came home to watch the play off final, obviously disappointing, but the future seems bright, roll on August. Norwest can be a pretty soulless place, but beer always helps, sounds good.
  2. A couple of us will be huddling around a heater watching the game in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Midnight kick off over here on Monday night, making it very user unfriendly. I’ve been a long time, distant fan from the Clough/ Taylor days. The young fella, PatfromOz, got smittened when we were last at Wembley. Obviously hoping for a different outcome today. Pat saw his beloved rams earlier in the season, a 1-0 win away at Wigan, on a cold, wet Saturday. The absolute kindness from @coneheadjohn and @BarrowRam will never be forgotten, he still waxes lyrically about it, and Frank leading the bounce in the driving rain. Loved watching the players celebrations at Elland Rd, but the interaction of Carson, Davis (ticket giveaways) and Bryson and Nugent with singing fans, sort of sums up why supporting Derby is so special, a club with a good heart and connection. May the Rams be with you. COYRs.
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