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  1. They must be. Otherwise are you saying it benefits the club financially to sign all these guys to new deals rather than let them leave?
  2. Why will FFP affect us more in future than now? Players are amortised over the course of their contracts, therefore why a bigger hit this summer than last? Additionally, the losses are calculated on a 3 year average so why will this bite us more in the future?
  3. Luke

    RamsTV Feedback

    "It's really a lot isnt it Shane?" Jack Woodward "It really is" Shane Nicholson (Goes all commentary on RamsTV)
  4. You need skygo plus to watch on ps4. This also ups your device limit from 2 to 4
  5. Luke

    Frank Lampard Songs, Chants and Hot Pants

    Could we nick the England Southgate atomic kitten song, and just replace the final line with "Derby's going up again"?
  6. Luke

    George Evans - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Was quite surprised he was off to Sunderland, whenever I've seen him for Reading (I live here) he has looked decent. Would surely mean 1/2 midfielders are off first though. Haven't seen him play CB

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