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  1. Super Nuge - a fan thread

    For once we opted for the smarter deal - £2.5m for 8 goals so far, Rhodes cost £10m from the same club in the same window and has only scored 4 (and bottled a play off penalty!)
  2. Rams TV who/where has signed

    Can whoever is paying the main commentator to use the phrase "master-blaster" to describe a shot at least once per game, please stop?
  3. Preseason 2017-18

    Are any of the Irish players back after their summer internationals?
  4. Ramsplayer

    Even if Derby haven't opted in, if the team we are playing has, logically there should be a stream available on that service..
  5. Keiran Thomas

    It's been unsuccessful - according to the local rag. The ex-Cheltenham Town youth team defender is said to have given a good account of himself, but the Rams have decided not to pursue their interest in signing him. There are thought to be a number of other clubs closely monitoring his progress. "Unfortunately it hasn't worked out with Derby, but the experience was second to none," Thomas said. "Receiving such good feedback from professionals was a real boost." Read more at http://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/derby-county-decide-not-to-pursue-interest-in-gloucester-city-star/story-30301328-detail/story.html#sgQJ9HO4HZfSGihu.99
  6. feeling let down

    Reading are 4th in the league, but they lost 4-1 at Newcastle, 4-1 at Brentford, 5-0 at Fulham, 3-0 at Brighton, 3-0 at Preston and 7-1 at Norwich! Throw in a 4-0 at Man Utd in fa cup and you have a good set of beatings there - everyone gets panned at some point. I'm far more concerned that we have picked up only 8 points in 7 games against the bottom 4.

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