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  1. Never have been able to get my head round why every season supporters have to have a whipping boy, Bradley Johnson went through the same thing. People seem to berate players for the fee they believe we paid which actually is lower and includes add on parts which quite often are not activated. Tom is frustrating at times but is involved in many of our good moments on Friday his movements across the line was excellent.We do not profit so often from such movement because the ball from further back is not delivered. Eric Steele highlighted this when Martin came on moved and showed for the ball and did not receive it and looked totally annoyed.
  2. What you have with Roos and most modern day keepers is they do not have the presence of the the keepers from years ago.to command their area.Back then keepers were taught to come and catch the ball and take out what ever was in their way, modern day thinking is punching is better there by removing the possibility of dropping the ball.
  3. What I am seeing on here this week is exactly what I said would happen when people were going on about a rebuild,transitional season and accepting a mid table finish.I said then people would not accept it if we were not in the top six and challenging straight away and that is exactly what I am reading. I was not there today but listened to the excellent Eric Steele and then Cocu about a unacceptable attitude and desire and only the players can answer why,though lots of teams this season will be asked the same questions by its supporters at some point. Cocu the player and manager did not win what he has by accepting that from his team mate's and players and I would expect a complete change around in the next game.He has to make changes his midfield to install it Bielik certainly goes in there,Shinnie will never be accused of lack of effort coming from the background he does and Holmes will come there too. Hopefully Bogle will be back and I would throw in Mitchell Lawson his final ball maybe not the best at times but he will work hard and give his full back problems with his direct running. Derby are not the first side to start slowly after a play off final defeat it happens more often than not but most recover to have reasonable seasons.Give Cocu time because a constant turnover of managers has created the current squad he will have a far clearer picture after today of the recruitment needed to make this team successful.
  4. He was and spoke highly of him at the time Back to the Radio debate a awful lot of people like the commentary team personally I think Bloomfield and Fletcher were better and of course Richards was a legend. They are one and of the better commentary teams on local Radio around the country some are so biased it is unbelievable.
  5. People need to relax Cocu has been here for a month he is still learning about his players and how they fit into different tactical formations and situations. He can only get these answers from competitive games and the fact we are not losing them bodes well.It will take another six or seven games before we see the best of this team.
  6. You're right but a certain Mr Rooney was the same at his age and he turned out to be fairly decent.
  7. Hector-Ingram joined West Ham at the age of six and has come through the ranks in East London. He has played for every academy side – up to the U23 squad – but never made a first-team appearance The London-born forward scored freely while with the U18 squad but struggled with the step up. He has played a total of 50 Premier League 2 matches (the U23 top division) but scored just three goals
  8. That was because fullback is not his usual position, for the odd game he could be ok but he is a far better at centre half.Personally I prefer him at defensive midfielder.
  9. Wisdom is still out injured so it just limits the options further. A fully fit Wisdom and in the form of his first spell would push Bogle hard and even possibly push him out of the starting eleven.
  10. This transfer and Ben Hamer I think have had a input from Liam Rosenoir not sure Cocu knew much about the players but this was one of the reasons Rosenoir was bought in for his championship knowledge.
  11. Why do you think the other members of staff are here because they all love and support Derby.........life of a footballer is short so they sell themselves to the highest offer. From Phillips Cocu down they are all here for the money and to further their careers.
  12. Happy with this signing comes across well on the video and has a reputation of being a strong character in the dressing room.Talented player who has not really hit the heights predicted in the early part of his career if he is on his game then he is a major plus for us. Good dead ball taker likes to get on free kicks he also gets in the faces of opponents and opposition fans bit of the David Speedie about his on pitch persona.
  13. According to Nixon Derby showing a interest along with serie b clubs
  14. Danny Mills on talksport saying it is a pr stunt and Rooney cannot coach and play.
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