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  1. Drove down yesterday anyone coming down the M1 there is a 50mph limit between junctions 13 and 16 due to roadworks then it was 60mph the rest off the way. Was busy between 13 & 16 yesterday so good luck everyone
  2. Just woke in the hotel just outside London had a good 8 hours twenty year old son is still sleeping.Off for breakfast in the next hour then a drive to the shops for some goodies for the journey home, hopefully with big smiles and lots of sounding the car horn with other rams. Safe journey everyone coyr.
  3. Drove down to St Albans today lunchtime....be aware between junctions 13 and 16 both directions there is a 50mph limit for roadworks.Flowed ok today busy but not overly so tomorrow I imagine will be busier.
  4. My mate at work is a villa season ticket holder he says stanmore is where many of the villa fans parked last year.He said it was fine then but they were playing a London club and they intend parking there the same again this time.
  5. Thought a good idea would be for people to give others who have not been before....tips on where to park and how to then get to the ground. Personally I am travelling down on the Sunday and staying over near St Alban's/Hemel Hempstead with few hours in St Alban's. Then getting the train in from Denham.
  6. Do not forget this is all part of the EFL,FA,UEFA and FIFA conspiracy against Leeds who would have filled Wembley at least three times over.
  7. No matter how it was handled there will always be winners and losers in the general sale.I agree there are better ways of allocating the order of preference and tickets per person though. We are not the only team moaning about Wembley and the EFL Sunderland had the same issue for the checkatrade final and again now.In fact Newport issued this explanation too their fans, Tickets are only available as they are released block-by-block by Wembley and the EFL. Supporters will not therefore be able to select preferred seats when buying in person at the Ticket Office. Ticketswill be sold in order, seat-by-seat, row-by-row and block-by-block as they become available
  8. What they are doing is not allowed by E bay and is illegal contact e bay and they will stop the auction and report them to the police. Have been involved in similar at work where a item of ours went online we made sure we won the auction then got the contact details.The seller and the person that supplied it both got prosecuted.......contact the club too they most likely know about it already.
  9. No Resale Of Tickets – It is an offence under Section 166 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, for any unauthorised person to sell tickets.
  10. Just for info just been on villas website they still have 578 tickets available if my maths is right.
  11. Does not really make much difference if you log in on time me and my mate logged in both at the same time a minute before the 10am start.You are randomly allocated a position in the queue I got 379 he got 4100 I was in and off the site in less than five minutes tickets done he was there for about a hour.
  12. I see the tickets for the other two play off final games are cheaper and there are more categories.... so the higher up the league structure you are the more you pay. League 1 Cat 1 - £80 Adults, £60 Young Adult, £40 Concession Cat 2 - £62 Adults, £46.50 Young Adult, £31 Concession Cat 3 - £56 Adults, £42 Young Adult, £28 Concession Cat 4 - £52 Adults, £39 Young Adult, £26 Concession Cat 5 - £40 Adults, £30 Young Adult, £20 Concession Cat 6 - £30 Adults, £22.50 Young Adult, £15 Concession League 2 Category 1 - £60 Adults, £45 Ages 17-21, £30 Ages - 65 and over, 16 and under Category 2 - £48 Adults, £36 Ages 17-21, £24 Ages - 65 and over, 16 and under Category 3 - £44 Adults, £33 Ages 17-21, £22 Ages - 65 and over, 16 and under Category 4 - £38 Adults, £28.50 Ages 17-21, £19 Ages - 65 and over, 16 and under Category 5 - £32 Adults, £24 Ages 17-21, £16 Ages - 65 and over, 16 and under Category 6 - £26 Adults, £19.50 Ages 17-21, £13 Ages - 65 and over, 16 and under
  13. Will be parking at Denham the same has I always do for Wembley then 12.55 train to Wembley stadium station. Have parked there loads of times five minutes of the M25 parking is £4.50, all day, four stops to Wembley £8 refurn. Trains mainly start at Bandury and though it can get a little busier with a team from Birmingham you are normally away quickly after and back on the M1.
  14. My mate spoke to someone from the club whilst he was out and about this morning.He said the order of sale in regards too blocks becoming available and number of seats in those blocks on sale at that point is strictly controlled by Wembley Stadium. The club is not at fault and must follow those rules.
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