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  1. Think they maybe the the ones UEFA used to try and charge Man City who said we do not recognise your authority so sue if you like.The case was dropped immediately.
  2. Was about 10 past ten on the Jim White show.
  3. Listened to it was talking sense has normal cannot remember his exact words but intimated the EFL have made a serious mistake and Mel will defend the club to the hilt.Even said Derby should take it to the arbitration for sport courts.
  4. Derby have no need to put out a statement just a line referring everyone to the one in September that stated the EFL signed off on the sale and accounts.
  5. Kevin Maguire just been on the radio he says this all revolves around the stadium valuation if you took out the sale the ffp losses would have been £53million which on the Birmingham style punishment would equate to a eleven point deduction.However has they have allowed the sales of stadiums of other clubs grounds they will have to allow it to be taken into account but at a reduced value which would he guessed be similar to Readings at £27 million which would still mean Derby comply with ffp. The interesting thing he says is that Derby have received the £80 mill into their bank but the other sales were purely numbers moving around on paper.
  6. Very interesting interview from Chris Coles on sport at six on Radio Derby with a knee surgeon on ACL injuries. On recovery times, possible secondary injuries and how clubs scan and assess players on how likely they are to suffer this sort of injury. Interesting that he said for professional sports around only 65% return to the same level, 25% a level down and 10% never make it back.
  7. Villa pulling Scott Hogan out of Stoke and looking to loan him out again in the championship. Also Chelsea taking Connor Gallagher back from Charlton and looking for another championship loan.
  8. Sat with my Referring mate who lives up here today and sat with the Middlesbrough fans and it is strange reading the posts about Lawrence on here today because they were nervous everytime he had the ball and rated him our most dangerous player today. I have no clue why fans have to have a whipping boy every season Tom is the latest Bradley Johnson went through it so did Tom Ince and even Chris Martin for awhile in recent history and it is not a inclusive thing it happens at most clubs.
  9. Excellent from Lawrence there never gave it up won the ball back for Knight too score.
  10. Got to be Man Utd so the media circus can go into full return of a hero mode, just like last season with Frank and Chelsea. I imagine the BBC and BT have been onto the FA already to arrange it providing Wolves play ball and lose the replay.
  11. Not on Radio Derby on Sunday commentary with Ed Dawes or the talk in on Monday. Replaced on both this week by Eric Steele.
  12. Been out injured the last few months.
  13. Rooney is fit and raring to go and even though not match fit will be head and shoulders above any other player on the pitch. His experience and class is desperately needed and if it can be harnessed to the same energy levels as last night then we are on for another win.
  14. Rambalin


    Hamer was a highly thought of young keeper when he signed for Leicester but things did not go well for him there or at Huddersfield. He is at the age now where keepers are coming into their prime so hopefully can rediscover his early promise..
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