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  1. Heard it too and Jordan was spot on with what he said including Derby should now take it to the courts.
  2. One thing wrong with this is sensible people do not buy football clubs.
  3. He is 21 and never really pushed on to a first team start or regular bench appearance he only made it this season due to injuries. He is a decent finisher, gives his all and I can see him dropping into div2 and doing well but he could also go the way of Zanzala and probably JHI and disappear without trace.
  4. Now if I read this right the appeal is now referred back to the original dicsiplinery committee who found us not guilty to decide if we get any punishment.
  5. Derby can and would appeal I heard on five live the other day and are confidant that even if they had to resubmit their accounts they would fall within the FFP limits.
  6. I think you will find Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink is in the list of multi millionaires. He does it because he wants too.
  7. There is a difference between the Wigan situation and ours... That is Trevor Birch who is now at the EFL and in charge of the test. Birch has facilitated quite a few successful takeovers of clubs Chelsea, Leeds and Swansea to name a few he is well versed in sorting out the good from the bad in these deals and is very meticulous. This is probably why it is taking sometime to approve or block the deal. I am not saying Birch could not get it wrong but his past history suggests he is a pretty good person to be judging this.
  8. Just tidying up a few of your points. I understand the tone of their conversation and the fact Rotherham do well to keep bouncing between the championship and L1 despite their Bamford of a chairman. However Dawes was wrong to say what he did I agree.......at this point of the season teams are where they deserve to be.
  9. He wasn't a Rotherham fan he is the local reporter covering the Sheffield and South Yorkshire clubs. The point he was making was that Rotherham are working to the limit of their capabilities has a club and playing staff, where has Derby and Wednesday have a far higher ceiling.
  10. There is nothing new in the way the deal allegedly is being structured has said earlier in the thread the same method was used at Burnley and Man Utd. It is also fairly common in the business world of buying companies.
  11. Problem is they are concentrating marking a zone not a man when players make a run from outside of it they do not get picked up or passed on. Tell them who to pick up at corners and dead balls and that is their one responsibility take away the need to do what they are not good enough to do.
  12. Marriott apparently had a bad bout of covid and is struggling with the after effects according to my wendies supporting colleagues.
  13. Agree he got a glance n the ball for the goal which Roos should have done better with apart from that he looked like light weight Forsyth physically had him in his pocket.
  14. First thing to do is ditch the zonal marking and man mark at set pieces.
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