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  1. Pulled this from a article written in July......situation sounds familiar Last season should have been a transitional period [for Fenerbahce],” explains Turkish football expert Kaan Bayazit. “They had €660million of debt, and they had an FFP settlement so they were very limited in what they could do in the transfer market. They put a band aid on the broken leg, rather than properly fixing it structurally. He was basically the sacrificial lamb.” Cocu arrived at a club that was changing ownership after two decades under Aziz Yildirim, and who sold the previous season’s top-scorer Giuliano, bringing in a collection of cheap stop-gaps to pad out the squad, including Islam Slimani and Andre Ayew on loan. There might also be twitches of concern that the Derby job is a junior version of the task he faced in Turkey. As then, he is taking over a team who have lost last season’s best players, with loanees Fikayo Tomori, Mason Mount and Harry Wilson returning to Chelsea and Liverpool. As then, this is not a team with much money to spend, It also doesn’t necessarily mean he is the right fit for Derby, particularly as a successor to Lampard. As coaches, the two are pretty far apart in terms of their approach to the game: Lampard played broadly attacking football, to the point that they were often naive and easy to play against. Cocu is more of a pragmatist, even in the successful days at PSV. “You would imagine that a club like PSV would be playing in the final third for most of the time, but he would sit in a lot of the time instead and try to hit teams on the counter-attack,” former PSV striker Rob McDonald told Adam Bate of Sky Sports.com recently.
  2. Why not Gillette's son nobody wanted Maxwell's son but he turned out ok and oversaw a promotion before his dad started too take a hand.
  3. Stats are what you want them too be how can Forsyth have 4 when he has only played three games.Assist are for the last player that touched the ball before the goal scorer the ball may have just hit them. The evidence of your own eyes should show you how hard Jack works for the team when he does not have the ball and his passing is far more accurate than Holmes. The problem lies in the creativity from the three in midfield I said on Saturday after twenty minutes I feel sorry for Marriott and Lawrence they were making runs and showing for the ball and not receiving it.You could see them getting frustrated throwing there heads back and wondering why they had bothered.
  4. You have too be still in a forward motion or it is classified has a stop which he wasn't.You can stutter your run up has long has you are still moving forward but a pause before striking the ball no matter how long is not allowed. The officials claim he was still in motion according too Cocu, he disagrees has do I and various others. It is the way of football differing opinions even var causes it and that was suppose to provide clarity on decisions.
  5. Disagree on the penalty should have been retaken under the latest law..run up was fine but you cannot now stop and then strike the ball after the keeper is committed which is exactly what he did.
  6. Roos has never been close too Carson's ability has a goalie the only thing he has on Scott is his distribution.Carson represent his country because at one point in time he was that good,Roos will never represent his. If you want a keeper who can dominate their area you need to look at keepers bought up in an era when keepers were expected to be precisely that Goalkeepers not ball playing keepers like now. In that respect I have seen Joe Hart mentioned it is a good shout he is in the position Carson was when we picked him up and gave him a new lease of life.
  7. Not a chance Bowen is on the radar of lots of premier league clubs if he becomes available.
  8. These links are going to happen regularly now has agents start to try and drum up interest in their players coming up to January..
  9. I have reffed for over ten years if the official had a better view of both incidents or var had been in use, both would have been straight reds. The tackle on Clarke was two footed square on and out of control and Lawrence was a lunge and with force due to the speed he was travelling. It amazes me when I sit at a match how many supporters have no idea about even the basic rules of the game.
  10. You are assuming here that that the offence that is public knowledge is greater than the offence Keogh has been sacked for. All we have is people speculating about the reason it maybe something entirely different.
  11. What we do not know here is exactly what the club know,they conducted an investigation and what they found out may well have led to this action. Plus has it has been said 12k a week and the best medical care you can get everyday would be most people's dream with a injury like this. Cannot second guess the clubs decision but they obviously feel justified in making it.
  12. Roos Wisdom. Davies. Beilik. Malone Shinnie Bogle. Dowell. Lawrence Martin. Marriott.
  13. Wisdom spent the whole of last season carrying a injury and needed a op that was put off due too us not having full back cover. He is has you say not the world's best passer but neither are any of the current back four so you loose nothing but gain strength and a little pace. And if you want to build people up to being world beaters then George Evans is getting the same treatment and he can only play about two games in succession before getting injured.
  14. Team for Middlesbrough Roos Wisdom. Davies. Beilik. Malone Shinnie Bogle. Dowell. Lawrence Martin. Marriott. Wisdom will strengthen the defence he is defensively better than Bogle. Malone for Lowe not much between them but I think Cocu prefers him at home. Bogle on the right of the three in midfield he started has a winger and being in front of Wisdom should strengthen that flank going both ways. Plus this gets Marriott up top with Martin.
  15. Dowell got a hat trick for Florist at Hull two seasons ago hopefully it is his lucky ground.
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