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  1. Just let the pools panel determine the results till season's end.....job done.
  2. Rambalin


    He will be doing it off the bench next Saturday......Rooney and Lawrence too return.The new den is not as bad as the old one but it is no place for his temperament just yet.
  3. Rambalin


    Reminds me of David Speedie has the bit that devil in his game that will get him in trouble every now and then......but could turn into Derby's answer to Jack Grealish or James Madison.
  4. You mean like last season when they all played and beat United and we're all hyped up them promptly lost to Bolton and drew the two after that
  5. If you talk too Eric he will tell you one of the reasons other than his shot stopping that Derby and a number of clubs were in for him was he dominated his area and came and claimed and caught most crosses.So somewhere that has been coached out of him, he also says Joe Hart's decline is down to too much foreign keeper coaching.
  6. Buxton not the best that's for sure......Adam Bolder on Saturday is usually good, then thank the lord Eric is back for the United game
  7. I would not be so smug in the south stand compared to the ossie end and the popside you guys are about a four on a scale of ten. Outsung most weeks by a smaller or similar number of away fans.
  8. It was Dave Fletcher last night who said it was Chris Coles.
  9. Tomorrow night's commentary team....is Chris Coles,Ed Dawes and Eric Steele...just been on six o clock sport.
  10. The answer is yes,and that will be case with some players at any club but it is a easy comment to make when someone has a poor game.
  11. Before the game Dawes said when Bogle had been linked with moves to the likes of Brighton and Burnley he had ok enquired why bids had not come through in the answer was he needed to improve defensively......they are not wrong.
  12. Tight hamstring getting worse according too the managers interview.
  13. I think the telling part in the interview was the suggestion that he is not listening to what he is being told.
  14. Showery and so far the wind is nothing more than a normal windy day.
  15. Forsyth for Lowe and I would go with that fozzy for his defensive qualities no way do Bristol score their second and third with fozzy's aerial strength.
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