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  1. Tells you exactly what you already know but with a added bit of mock shock........like the shiek is not a direct cousin of mansour.... Which is everyone knows but apparently Derby didn't.. I don't think ..
  2. When you think things cannot get any worse along comes George Evans.
  3. Senior career* YearsTeamApps(Gls) 2010–2012Manchester United0(0) 2012–2015West Ham United18(3) 2012–2013→ Birmingham City (loan)27(3) 2014→ Queens Park Rangers (loan)15(6) 2014→ Cardiff City (loan)7(0) 2015–2019Lazio4(0) 2017→ Queens Park Rangers (loan)5(0) 2017–2018→ Atlas (loan)18(3) 2019Östersund6(0) 2019–2020Sheffield United1(0) 2020→ Middlesbrough (loan)3(0) 2020–2021ADO Den Haag4(0)
  4. Official site says undisclosed agreement.
  5. Derby have a player under contract they are quite within their rights to ask for a transfer fee from a club who wish to sign him. City were paying a 500k loan fee this month and were happy to do so when they did the loan deal. Change it to a transfer fee then there is no issue.
  6. Definite pen on Duncan centre half had hold of his shirt
  7. Lovely control and turn by Duncan between both defenders looked a pen no reason to go down he was through six yards from goal
  8. The same one has Mick Mccarthy, Gary Rowett, Frank Lampard, Phillip Cocu, Wayne Rooney and pretty much every other manager in the division.
  9. U23 game tonight so be interesting who is involved if any from Saturdays squad.
  10. You can forget Lawrence picked up a problem in training and not available. Also after yesterday's display Forsyth is most likely to replace Buchanan. Holmes is having a medical at Huddersfield so he is out of the equation also and Marshall is unlikely to be fit.
  11. Rambalin


    According to the Radio going too Huddersfield
  12. We are experts at it over the years
  13. What you describe as a low is pretty much where this club has spent most off it's history. We have spent years in the division below this as well whilst flirting with becoming a established part of the elite of English football. In every instance we have lurched from one controversy to another and taken on the rulers of the game at every turn. I have been to the summit with this club, league champions, European competition, relegation and promotion this is just another part of that cycle. Look at it like the hands on a clock currently they are nearing six thirty before they begin
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