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  1. Yes thie Bristol one is free with your login the other three you have to pay £10 and you can watch all three.
  2. Yes was on loan at the red dogs in 17/18 remember him playing at pride park looked very light weight and out of his depth got hooked after 60 minutes.However he played 38 games and scored nine so did OK overall.
  3. He will have to improve a awful lot and very quickly if he is to be anywhere near a starting place in a side coached by a Dutch coach who will value technical qualities very highly. He will love players like Huddlestone,Thorne and Lawrence to name just three who are technically very good.
  4. The problem now in British football is the number of foreign keepers and coaches.We used too shake our heads at keepers in foreign sided who punched instead of caught a ball and now it is prevalent in the British game. For this reason they do not dominate in their area and numerous goals come from punches and lack of technique and judgement of when to catch. All our keepers at all levels suffer from the same they could learn from the Swedish women's keeper from yesterday who showed how to catch everything in the air.
  5. If you listen too the interview Mel did with Owen Bradley on dcfctv he said it would probably not be for long so rules out a Dof or coaching role.
  6. You best get used too 4-3-3 it is his favoured system but he has played 4-1-3+2 and 4-2--3-1 on occasions, 4-2-3-1 was his system in the last year at PSV
  7. Jesus only just learnt how to send a text message.....social media is way out of his skill set.Amazng really at work he can take intricate things apart fix them and rebuild but a basic mobile is like a machine from another world.
  8. Spoke to a mate who is out there to follow them..... for those worried by who they did not see....there was more than one coach and they were all there.
  9. Darren Moore would fit in with what @Mackworthram had heard.
  10. Our academy players need to raise their game to another level with this guy and staff.
  11. Wisdom is still recovering from the operation he had at the back end of the season.
  12. With Cocu knowing he was taking this job and the type of person he has been spoken about by former colleagues I imagine he has done his research in terms of videos and asked opinions of coaches on the senior players. I would expect three high quality loans of young players from at home and Holland.He will have his own book of players he would have indentified for his next job so permanent deals I expect off this.
  13. I wish Frank and Jody the best of luck they are going to need it in the ratified air of the prem and European competition's. He made it clear Chelsea was his dream job even before he got here and he was never going to turn it down we were all aware of it just that it came along early. Frank reunified the club in his one season and at times we played some great stuff and he signed players mostly if not all who will serve us well. We move again just like we do each time a manager changes and Cocu looks like he will be bringing a team who will kick our youngster on and bring hopefully some of that Dutch technicality and flair. Frank will be back this season I have a feeling just like last we will draw Chelsea in a cup at Pride Park.
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