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  1. Rambalin

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Keith Stroud the Ref tonight last time we had him was the 2-2 versus Leeds last season he also did the 1-0 in this game back in 2016. This season 10 games 29 yellows no reds... He is also the ref who messed up the Newcastle v Burton game a couple of seasons ago and also disallowed Sol Bamba goal against Millwall last season infuriating our friend Mr Warnock.
  2. Rambalin

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Interesting one on the phone in tonight.....Gary Cahill apparently can go out on loan in January.....would expect a Premiership loan but with Frank you could not rule us out asking.
  3. Rambalin

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    He does which suggests he will be doing something about it come January.
  4. Rambalin

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    It was a corner no fault on Carson who punched a few crosses away today...the issue was which two players ducked under it at the near post and should have cleared it Left Tomori in a awful situation just a yard out and under pressure.
  5. Rambalin

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    No concerns with Marriott.....Frank said in his interview it just a badly bruised foot.He could have played but would have been compensating for it so they decided...a rest was best he will be fine for next week.
  6. Rambalin

    V Swansea (h) match thread

    Will be 4-3-3 ....Wisdom back for Bogle you need to give Andre more game time to get him up to speed not expect him to be there with no games for six to eight weeks.Remember under Mac it was always one full back pushing on at once normally Fozzy... Wisdom is a defender first and foremost let him do what his strength is. Also Lawrence our best player last night does not deserve to be dropped so Carson Wisdom. Keogh. Tomori. Malone Huddlestone Wilson. Mount Waghorn. Marriott. Lawrence With Johnson suspended should be the more match fit Thorne on the bench but it will be the unready Evans.
  7. Rambalin

    Johnson gives the ‘bite’ in midfield

    Ok slipping into my other mode has a ref....the Fa may ask the Ref if he saw the incident, and from the videos he is looking straight at it, they will ask if he is happy with the sanction he took.If he says yes then the matter is closed.
  8. Rambalin

    Johnson gives the ‘bite’ in midfield

    Quite away he played for the U23 the other night and was very quiet and rusty.In fact whilst he was on the pitch Thorne was easily the best player on it. Problem with Evans his he has a history in the last few years of breaking down after a couple of games.He is worth s gamble but Reading fans did say he was injury prone.
  9. Rambalin

    Johnson gives the ‘bite’ in midfield

    On the angles shown I cannot see that there would be any retrospective action taken.All that you see is that their heads are in each others necks and when Johnson pulls his head back he has a mouth full off shirt. There was not much made of it by the players at the time and more importantly the ref has booked both players so did not consider it warranted more than that. This not clear bite like the Suarez one so unless there is a clear video or picture of a bite then this really a nothing incident.
  10. Two more goals tonight for the U23 team the second one with so much composure and compared to Liam Brady on commentary.Could he be the one to step in when Mount returns too Chelsea.
  11. Rambalin

    U23 v Arsenal

    George Evans and McAllister off replaced by Knight and Wilson
  12. Rambalin

    U23 v Arsenal

    No room for common sense in modern day reffing
  13. Rambalin

    U23 v Arsenal

    Terrible challenge that on McAllister deserved the red
  14. Rambalin

    U23 v Arsenal

    Second Arsenal player off straight red
  15. Rambalin

    U23 v Arsenal

    Arsenal player off straight red and also Thorne two yellows.

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