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  1. If Byrne isn't fit would not be surprised to see MTW in at wing back played quite a few games there in Holland.
  2. First off I thought there was enough of a touch for penalty but it is opinions. It has been reported on the radio last night that the llinesman was heard asking the ref two or three times if he thought Waghorn was interfering and raised the flag when the reply came yes.
  3. If you were speculating on a transfer you would need a credible link or it is locked how is this any different.
  4. I think the mods should lock this thread or any other thread that pops up till there is a managerial vacancy at the club. Not only is it disrespectful to the current manager and staff but to the club.
  5. Joswiak has played a number of times for Poznan has the lone striker and Lawrence has people love to say is not a winger.
  6. Listening to Eric Steele he thinks it will be 3-5-2 with Bird and Shinnie holding and Knight just in front supporting Lawrence and Josiak in a two up front.
  7. Whittaker if on the pitch is pretty good at pens
  8. Eric Steele is one if not the best summariser on local radio and Radio Derby are lucky to have him he has worked for some of the top clubs and managers plus he is internationally recognised for his coaching on top of his playing career. It s always interesting to listen to his opinions they are well-considered and made with his vast knowledge of the game the less said about Ed Dawes the better.We sadly lost Colin Bloomfield who was a fine commentator and before him Ross Fletcher who moved on to bigger things before him the great Graham Richards so we have been spoilt over the years.
  9. Be surprised if Lawrence starts if 30 minutes were right for him on Friday I would imagine the same again to build his fitness.
  10. Apart from the forward area which remains to be seen the incomings are a step up in quality.
  11. You are correct and the original poster is quoting a small selection of fans I could have found you a few who wanted Brian Clough sacked in the early part of his tenure.
  12. About has many has every other team Watford have played this season they have only conceded one league goal to Reading
  13. Good first half that, there is some serious talent in this team and Ethan Wassall.
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