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  1. I'm sure there are plenty of guys who would like to be only 5'9". That's not small for any position apart from central defender and obviously goal keeper
  2. I'm not sure Cocu and his coaches have had a chance to look at him and work with him? Maybe they would like to do that. After all Bird, Knight and Sibley haven't been out on loan and they are doing well. Perhaps half a season out on loan is all thats needed for Max at this stage, playing lump it and head it lower division football and its time to get him back here training with better players
  3. The first bit is rubbish. Absolute rubbish. The second bit is probably true
  4. ffs what are we still going on about him for? He was never coming here, going to Preston Come on DCFC give us some actual news
  5. Please not another saga of comments from Darragh MacAnthony.
  6. If we going to start singing this we are a bit late lol. Villa sang it to death at Wembley. But so what if the lads like singing it
  7. Agree with your general point but take issue with you lumping Holmes in with the 'dross'. He most certainly is not, particularly at the price we paid
  8. Yes but why assume he is a CDM? At his age he needs to work on being as complete a midfielder as he can be. The precise role he ends up playing will depend on how the team is set up. You don’t always need a CDM if you have players who can do a bit of everything PS they had several goes at playing Hendrick at CDM and it didn’t work. They also tried Hughes there as well - maybe as a deep lying playmaker same as Mascarell rather than a DM - and that didn’t work either
  9. That would be for a complete player though Coconut. I would ask you can Hendrick do those things? Can Hughes? I'm not so sure yet they are both in the premiership
  10. I think this boy really is something special. Knight took the plaudits and rightly so because of his goals and his brilliant performance. Knight stands out more because he is a busier looking player. However Bird though looks class to me. Time on the ball, you can always tell the good players from that. Not hurried. More pace than perhaps was initially obvious. Then there is that lovely left foot, weight of pass, delivery of the ball. A 'football brain' however that is defined. He will need time and patience but I for one am more than willing to support and have patience with our own young players. I predict a very bright future for Max. I think he has the right coaches to help him reach his potential
  11. What amazing team? The one which featured the left back(forgot his name) up front because we didn't have anyone else?
  12. Totally agree mate. Clough got a very, very raw deal here. He had to reshape the club on an absolute shoestring, brought through Hughes and Hendrick, signed players cheaply who remained key parts of our squad for years and then got sacked for achieving similar results to the latest guy who has a way bigger playing budget
  13. There was a sense of optimism under Frank. Also that the team was going to go out and do their best and compete. Under this guy its as flat as a pancake. Players look like they are going through the motions. Nobody has improved under him. And this issue in the Joiners arms that is cited as a major part in derailing the season and 'not his fault'. The discipline or lack of it amongst the players is the managers fault, its him that drives the culture and the expectations. So its looking increasingly dodgy for him
  14. Starting to think it will have to be out. It gets more out with every poo performance and result doesn't it
  15. The championship team that Jim got us promoted with was produced by wheeling and dealing. Bringing in players like Ronnie Willems, Gary Rowett, Daryl Powell, Dean Yates, Van De laan and yes of course Stimac. But Stimac apart these were not top players, they were players who did a job alongside our young players like Carsley and Sturridge who he brought on. It was well coached and organised and everyone knew what they were supposed to be doing. We played one system and there was obvious team spirit and togetherness right from the off. Good management and coaching
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