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  1. That's the thing for me, he doesn't work hard enough. Looks a bit lazy. Wilson didn't click straight away, but the lad tried his balls off and it came good for him
  2. I think that when we get Bogle back it will be time for Lowe to replace him at left back. If we ever go to a 3-5-2 , both Lowe and Bogle would be perfect for wing back roles
  3. Not at the start of the season he didn't. Egor came in on 31 October. Cocu has Rooney coming in January, someone who should have just as big an impact on the team, dressing room and whole club as Igor did. I expect Rooney to play centre midfield by the way, which is a further point for those who are saying midfield is a problem and wasn't addressed etc.
  4. Really going back in time I know but I said to my mate during the last match that he is like John McGovern. Plays a very similar role. Moving forward in time a bit from John I can also remember supporters questioning what George Williams contributed. You say every good side has one and that’s right. The very good Liverpool side had Ronnie Whelan who did exactly the same nuts and bolts job. Hardly noticed but enabling the good players to play
  5. If Middlesbrough are interested all the more reason to get him in
  6. How come we both ended up with this bloody lot
  7. Certainly a more interesting and inspiring possibility than some of the early front runners!
  8. Fair enough, take your point that one might be very difficult to prize away. Not so sure about Alex Neill though. I just think our net will go wider than the 5 out of work people that have been mentioned. Don’t forget we appointed Frank Lampard last time!
  9. Amazed is probably the wrong word but it wouldn’t be the first time a manager who is under contract moved to another club would it. We surely won’t just be looking at managers who are out of work
  10. I like Lee Johnson. Very much an up and coming manager and plays great football
  11. Exactly. I’ve been supporting the club since the early 70’s so before Frank was born. I’ve seen loads of managers come and go, some good some hopeless. Still supporting the club like we all are
  12. That’s why Mark Lawrenson was so bitter and disliked Derby ever after
  13. Isn’t this what we did all those years ago with Dean Saunders when Maxwell owned both us and Oxford?
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