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  1. Well, 4.5m wouldnt actually improve this confidence.. has to be about a clause or a promise or whatever.
  2. This is so true. Spent the last hours reading this topic.. both sides are right in their way... Still imo at that point we need to go on and so does Will. But still - 4m would be a shame. I'd be fine with 8m plus 4m though.. I've confidence and faith in Mel and GR to handle this whole situation in the best possible way for Derby County Football Club. Nothing else matters..
  3. Yes. It's common practice.
  4. Just perfect. New website looks really good.
  5. Definitely more than an option. Wisdom joined Salzburg because he wanted to play CB..
  6. True, but I still have faith in him to use his full potential.
  7. I see absolutely no point in selling Hanson?! Doesn't make any sense. Apart from that I'm agreeing with Jourdan (+ Wisdom in). Would prefer Olsson though.
  8. That's the point.
  9. Yeah true. Still always right winger / right midfielder for me. Doesn't matter tbh. Davies, Boyd - not too sure what to think about these transfers. We'll see.
  10. 36 matches in Premier League last season. 27 matches right midfield, 9 matches left midfield. Well.
  11. Almost 32, mainly playing right midfielder. This is not what we need.
  12. Bruce Rioch and Bobby Barclay.. Sorry German version but I'm always automatically on the German one.
  13. I just hope not. This is not the Derby way is it
  14. It's worse in arguably every country in continental Europe. In every way. Violence, drugs etc.