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  1. GermanRam

    Next season

    So get rid of some burden, old ballast, we need fresh and young blood (Guy, Elsnik, Lowe). Then get in some high quality, next season will be even harder with Stoke Swansea and WBA coming down... Perhaps finally start seriously scouting in some foreign leagues and not only buy players aged +32. Ah yeah, and just have a look around the league - get players like Ryan Woods, bring George Thorne back at his peak and we will get promoted. Honestly: Too much work to do for one summer. Yesterday (or this season in general) was a big opportunity - wasted.
  2. GermanRam

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    I'm quite optimistic. We defo chose the right time to get back in form. Just need to pass the time at work, then getting some bbq meat and beers and COYR.
  3. GermanRam

    Germany Pre Season

    Both would be awesome. Had a good time in Stuttgart last summer the weekend we played in Kaiserslautern, met loads of Rams @Seth's left foot Still i Think it was seths left foot himself who mentioned Stuttgart haha
  4. GermanRam

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    Will be a hard one. Looking forward though, glad we are back in form. A shame I cant come over for at least one leg... Well, I'm hoping for Wembley. COYR
  5. GermanRam

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    True. Well deserved. What a player, what a human.
  6. GermanRam

    Derby County v Cardiff City F.C.

    what a play.. brilliant setup by Weimann, well Lawrence should've scored though
  7. GermanRam

    PL & Championship Safe Standing Petition

    No surpirse, given he has experienced Europe's largest standing terrace every second week for years..
  8. GermanRam

    Rams you'd see in a pub.

    St. Georgen-Bräu
  9. GermanRam

    Oliver McBurnie

    we'll need to understand exactly that..
  10. GermanRam

    RamsTV Meets Eric Steele

    Enjoyed it. RamsTV grew so fast, what a quality.
  11. GermanRam

    RamsTV Feedback

    Tonight's match is not on RamsTV, is it?
  12. GermanRam

    Derby County F.C. v Bristol City F.C.

    Yeah it has imo. Guess their cup run is kind of an advantage for us. Their 'hype' will be good for us
  13. GermanRam

    Birmingham City F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    What a finish by Vydra.

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