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  1. I suppose WR to have followed Lampard’s Chelsea career closely, so I guess he will stay around for some time. If take-over in whatever form had been cleared by next summer, I think Rooney has the ingredients (knowledge, abilities, mentality) to finally bring us back where we belong to - Premier League. I can see Rooney getting us promoted, staying around and establish ourselves as a proper Prem team and then leaving us for United in 2028 😉
  2. Huge match by Knight. Again. Bird having a good one aswell - I love to see how academy graduates in general are settling, improving and starting to be some of the most important pieces in our team. Good win. Relegation a bit further more away. So bring on Forest then.
  3. What a match by Holmes. I bet he can't wait to talk to his old team mates under these circumstances. 🙂 Well said and done WR.
  4. I really thought Waghorn would actually miss that one, his route to the goal was pretty poo - but well played then, especially by CKR. Important goal for Waggy.
  5. Morten Bisgaard and Jason Knight
  6. That’s not right. It‘s about paying for the potential in case of young players. Obviously Derby‘s league position isn‘t about Buchanan‘s or Knight‘s potential.... Buchanan should be the most expensive, beeing an English left back and youth international.
  7. Yeah Reich is a good shout. Sure, he had 2 terrible years in Bundesliga before he joined Derby and had a decent season in League Championship while beeing here - still, he was touted to be the next big thing in Germany, together with Ballack and Deisler back then. So Reich couldn‘t meet the expectations at all... they were much higher tbh. He is still active as an player-coach in the German Landesliga (7th tier) btw: Marco Reich
  8. I didn‘t even know he played for Derby. Obviously I only read about him beeing a Charlton (goalscoring, I think) legend - why didn‘t it work for him in Derby? Just remember reading a lot about him in the context of the Bowyer on field fight back then
  9. Albentosa. Apparently had 1,5 great years in Spain‘s top flight, everyone (including me) was sure that he had to be Premier League material and would play a massive part in a team that was on its way to the Premier League anyway. Well.
  10. Well he says takeover is on track but he didn’t confirm and didn‘t answer the question if the takeover does actually happen did he?! No complications by buyer or seller he said though
  11. Still taking place he says. Nothing new by Pearce till now
  12. True - But as @Mostyn6 wrote a few minutes ago, he was able to set up a deal twice. Wasn‘t the second one after he was not happy with the US consortium?! Doesn‘t matter anyway at all today - this is such a dark day in the club‘s history.
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