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  1. Well he says takeover is on track but he didn’t confirm and didn‘t answer the question if the takeover does actually happen did he?! No complications by buyer or seller he said though
  2. Still taking place he says. Nothing new by Pearce till now
  3. True - But as @Mostyn6 wrote a few minutes ago, he was able to set up a deal twice. Wasn‘t the second one after he was not happy with the US consortium?! Doesn‘t matter anyway at all today - this is such a dark day in the club‘s history.
  4. We have never been in since last September you mean. He just played with all this instagram crap and Derby. The local Darmstadt press said it weeks or months ago - he will go to Turkey. England and Derby were out like 3 months ago
  5. No, 2. Bundesliga is not as good as Championship. It‘s especially much harder for profilic goalscorer. There are many examples over the last few years: Philipp Hofmann (Brentford), Nick Proschwitz (Hull), Rouwen Hennings (Burnley) and most recently Robert Glatzel in Cardiff, he‘s still doing fine compared to the rest. I still can‘t see Dursun beeing the player we need... Too many doubts
  6. No, far from that tbh. It’s still such a funny situation. German newspapers haven‘t written about Dursun and Derby for months, today a new article came up saying Dursun is the main target of Hannover 96, a club he used to play for some years ago. And then he is not even eligible to play in England as far as I know
  7. There‘s not even a mention of Derby or other English clubs in the local German press anymore... seems like a transfer to Turkey is more realistic
  8. I finally started too. Great start, really enjoy reading as these years were my first Rams years as well, lots of memories coming up. Will come back with a final feedback
  9. He doesn’t have any extraordinary pace, no. And I can‘t see him joining Derby under the recent circumstances.
  10. I thought Grzegorz Rasiak would stay anyway, bought the yellow blue away shirt number 9 back then at Pride Park, two days before the closing of the transfer window. And, of course, after the 2-2 draw against Pompey on matchday one back in PL I thought Derby would have a big chance to avoid relegation. Well... They printed the tickets I had twice, so I had to change my seat to somewhere behind the goal back then. As excuse the Rams wanted to give a ticket for Chelsea home to me, but I couldn‘t come over back then - so they sent the home shirt to me with signatures from every player an
  11. Terry would be such a disgrace. What we need in that situation is an experienced manager who is able to handle a situation like Derby‘s recent one or who already has proper experience in these kind of situations. Still, I think the hope for that kind of manager has already died for Now with McClaren‘s „return“. IMO Howe is the best available (realistic) option, though I don‘t know if he would be up for that challenge which is not very hopeful at all. so I guess it‘ll be „Hello JT“.
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