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  1. Surrounded by filthy, dirty brummies in the pub. They've got two choices - either they stop or..... I'll go home.
  2. I'll be watching it in my local surrounded by dirty, filthy brummies 😆. I'll be in my Derby retro top winding everybody up when we win.
  3. No apologies needed as far as I'm concerned. Greatly appreciate the work you do on this forum. For people who don't live anywhere near Derby this forum is our lifeline. Thanks.
  4. Born in Solihull and live here. Grew up closer to Warwick so no connections to Derby. When I was allowed to play football at primary school was when I fell in love with it. Pretty much everyone I knew supported Blues including my dad and brother and they all said I had to support them. But one lad had just started supporting Derby (it was 1975 so a glory-hunter) and asked me to join him. Always wanting to be different I decided to go against the majority. So, you could say Derby's demise coincided with me starting to support them. Sorry! Many years later though, tracing my family tree, found out that my maternal grandfather's side of the family were all from the East Midlands.
  5. Dont have another club but I tend to look out for ex-players. I'll always check out Watford to see how Will has performed. I'll even keep a look out for some of the young players who didn't make it here. I'll look for Solihull Moors score too as I'm a Silhillian but don't count them as a second team.
  6. Relieved and happy to see the back of that season. Lots of changes needed but already looking forward to next season (its the hope that kills you).
  7. Roos 5 Byrne 6 Forsyth 3 Edmondson 6 Clarke 6 Roberts 7 Knight 5 Shinnie 6 Lawrence 6 Waghorn 7 CKR 6
  8. Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey. Never been so tense in all my 46 years of supporting Derby. Literally my legs are shaking!
  9. Good listen on talksport. Simon Jordan spot on.
  10. Marshall Byrne Forsyth Edmondson Clarke Bird Shinnie Sibley Jozwiak Lawrence Roberts Cresswell on the bench.
  11. Marshall 7 Byrne 6 Forsyth 5 Wisdom 4 Clarke 5 Bird 7 Shinnie 7 Roberts 6 Sibley 5 Jozwiak 5 Lawrence 6
  12. Marshall 6 Mcdonald 5 Forsyth 6 Wisdom 6 Mengi 6 Roberts 7 Bird 6 Shinnie 6 Jozwiak 5 Lawrence 6 CKR 5
  13. True, it could be mutual but they are normally one-sided in the clubs favour. If it is mutual then I agree with you, but if it's down to the club then they'll definitely take up the option to guarantee a fee.
  14. If the club have an option for another year they'll take it to ensure a fee comes in rather than not take it and he leaves on a free.
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