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  1. Funny thing is that that's been the number one criticism of our fullback this season and last. Didn't think the ref got a lot right today in terms of the big decisions tbh.
  2. Only one that really worries me is Dowell. Looked great pre-season but struggling right now.
  3. Match thread mate. Nothing awful just a bit silly really.
  4. OK – the controversial stuff first; while it’s perhaps understandable that folk are annoyed that we’ve let a winning position slip, some of the criticism of Waghorn and Lowe is unwarranted IMO. Starting with Wagger’s missed pen, it wasn’t good but it wasn’t awful either. Chris Martin missed a few I seem to recall as do most at this level, so perhaps it’s not the foregone conclusion that many seem to think. Consider if you will the England team’s penalty shoot-out record for further confirmation of this point and these being the top players in the country. If we have to play the blame game then it's Phil's fault for insisting a striker take them when really it should be whoever takes them best. I think he’s been brilliant thus far though so he gets a pass from me. I loved Lampard but Cocu is in a different league IMO. As for Lowe, some comments are embarrassing. Sorry, they just are! He's been our standout player, Bogle aside, but remains a young and relatively inexperienced one at this level. Maybe he should have stayed on his feet, ok, but if you have to lambaste someone then the cheaty. diving **** and the ref seem much fairer targets. The fact is Lowe didn’t give away a penalty, the ref got conned. Why the vitriol? He’s a kid and has struggled with his confidence before now so let’s cut him some slack, shall we? Moving on to the game, overall, yes, it’s disappointing that we've let a winning position slip but to my mind, West Brom are the best team we've played this season and I'd be pretty sure they'll be in the play-offs again at very least yet we were worth a point at least. A draw then, is no disgrace, surely, and was probably a fair reflection of the game anyway. I actually thought we looked pretty polished at times, even in midfield so there are plenty of positives to take forward and our luck, or lack of it, will most likely balance out across the season. Looking forwards, Bielik is approaching full match fitness / sharpness as is Jack. We have Jayden and Duwayne to return and a certain Wayne Rooney waiting in the wings. These guys along with Keogh are the most important in our squad and we’ve yet to see them all play together, even once. Cocu and his team will also be getting to grips with what is required in this league so unlike many teams in the div, it can be sensibly argued that we have huge scope for improvement. With even an ounce of luck we could be sitting pretty on 10 points right now chaps, above the likes of Fulham at time of writing, who added £100 million of talent to their squad last season. This after the massively disruptive Lampard debacle, a truncated pre-season, some significant players being out injured and the loss of Wilson, Mount and Tomori. Perhaps then, we overestimate the quality of other teams in the div while judging our own performances rather too harshly? While my detractors will doubtless write my reasoning off as rose-tinted, happy-clapperesque, or my personal favourite, utterly deluded, I genuinely feel much more confident about this season than any since 2015. We'll challenge this season, mark my words. The 'marathon not a sprint' maxim is something of a cliché but it's very true of this league nonetheless and there's a danger of overemphasising the importance of early season form anyway. With most of our players beginning the year a tad undercooked, some significantly so, they'll be a deal fresher than many at the business end. I'd rather this than the Bielsa method of having your squad trained to the minute for game one, but flagging in the last half dozen. I’m pretty certain we will improve steadily through to mid-season and then finish strongly, injuries notwithstanding, so I’ll not be panicking any time soon. So..... My advice to all Rams fans and especially those focusing on the negatives right now is grab a beer, head to the garden to catch some of this beautiful weather, be happy or at least content and dare to dream. All that stress will kill you! COYR
  5. Think we've looked pretty good tbf. Baggies had a decent spell last 10 mins but the Zohore chance aside, they've not looked like hurting us as yet. A second goal for us would seal this I reckon. A goal for them though and it's squeaky bum time.
  6. Think it turned out to just be a bad cramp in the end I think but your point is valid, especially since he bowled most if not all his overs up the hill and into the wind. Kind of need Jimmy back to spread the load a bit or we'll burn the lad out in no time.
  7. He's way out of his depth as a test team skipper and you can see he hates the job. Suspect he's pressured by some of the senior players too as regards his selection input. He'll come back at some point. He's too good a batter not to but he's going to need time. Question is, who else is there? What's Mike Brearley up to these days? 🤣
  8. I dunno bud. I might have a massive down on Joe Root but he's just an empty r Soundbite to me. Talks a good fight. They sacked Freddy and he promptly single-handedly turned around the Ashes series. Can you see Root doing anything similar. Sorry. Fed up with this batting line-up tbh! Spineless. And to think the boys club tried to keep Jofra from being drafted in! Kick out the likes of Bairstow and bring in some young scrappers like Foakes. Can't get any worse for it. Grrrrrrr!
  9. Root is clueless. He's the worst skipper I can recall in a long time.
  10. The attention seeking gimp that is Conor McGregor is once again in the news, this time for attempting (and failing miserably) to knock a pensioner off his bar stool with the cheapest of cheap shots. I mean the old boy literally was not even looking at him when McGregor throws a left hand ritght onto his jaw. After Khabib ruthlessly dismantled old motormouth I was hopeful that'd be the last we'd hear of him. Alas not. First we get the Mayweather fiasco 'fight', now this. When's the man going to grow up? Predictably, folk are giving McGregor a bit of a hard time over it and the ever philosophic McGregor, whilst being superficially apologetic, has cracked this absolute pearler of a comment: "People are trying to bait me into things. Am I the fish or am I the whale? I must be calm, I must be zen. I must lead by example." You're not a fish Conor, nor a whale, you're just a massive ****! Full story and video here - https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/9781557/conor-mcgregor-video-punch-dublin-pub-apology/
  11. I'm actually embarrassed for them. That's how bad they are. Some top class bowlers but I've seen schoolboys with better technique than some fo this lot with the bat.
  12. Always loathed Boycott but how this side needs someone like him. None of our batsmen seem able to apply themselves. The Aussies are a decent test outfit but we're making them look like world-beaters.
  13. Jason Roy just ain't a test cricketer. Never has been, never will be. Great at the white ball game, horrible at the red ball stuff. Literally zero patience.
  14. Lowe at RB with no right foot is the least of our problems FTFY
  15. Sorry mate. It's a fab idea that I'm sure we will fully embrace and good old Blighty will be a shining beacon in the move from capitalism to a fairer and more sustainable future. Everyone will be happy and nobody will moan that folk are getting something for nothing. It's going to be a golden age to be sure. Better?
  16. Always knew you were one of the oppressors, the dark ruling elite if you will. Hang your head in shame! 🤣
  17. No I bloody don't. Is that not sublimely obvious or are are you just trying to get a rise out of me? Don't bther replying old boy. You just spend the rest of your existence focusing on a few chancers and ignoring the pain of millions of your fellow citizens. I'm sure the remainder of your life will be one endless ray of sunshine as you look enviously at your well-to-do Asian neighbours. I'll pop you on ignore anyway as I've listened to as many of your 'opinions' as I can stomach.
  18. I give up! The most facetious turd of a post I've read in years. The irony of the last line is quite unbelievable. You're right though. The lunatic, Marxist left are all about playing the blame game and none of us practice what we preach. Happy now?
  19. So you're basically winding up your fellow Rams fans. Cracking work right there! 🙄
  20. A good and fair post right up to the last sentence which seems a rather bitter notion. Perhaps the 'green with envy brigade' you choose to demean are actually nothing of the sort. Indeed perhaps most belong to the 'squeezed middle' too or do you suppose that the likes of myself have never had to struggle, never shared any of the discomfort you describe?What gives you the right to make such assumptions just because you find your life less than you would have it be? Like so many, you assume too much about those whose opinions you do not share and I'd wager that many of those you have chosen to deride are simply not so broken that they don't recognise that irrespective of their own personal circumstances, good, bad and everything in between, that there remain many who are far, far worse off. I have shared some of your experiences and I fully comprehend your troubles but the difference is that my ire is not directed at those who point out the obvious imbalances, but at the government who bring about those imbalances in the first place. Perhaps yours should be too?
  21. Do you see a correlation between said high-earners receiving additional tax breaks and there being insufficient funding for those who have nothing then? The state pension for instance - some will have to work until they are 75 under new proposals. Is it fair that an unskilled worker who works for 55 years and barely scrapes by in anyof them, then receives a paltry £90 a week to help them survive through what's left of their retirement? Do you think it is fair that the founder of Amazon is the world's first trillionaire while the bulk of his employees barely receive minimum wage and have to ask permission to leave packing lines for toilet breaks. Do you even acknowledge that wealth distribution divides grow greater by the day and that some of those hurting worst as a consequence, are also those most in need? Where you are concerned, I do sometimes wonder just what is it that you actually do believe in, because other than an unrelenting resentment towards certain elements of our society, it's very hard to fathom any of your thought processes. Certainly you seem embittered and let down but you typically express that in terms of how others are not, rather than your own personal experiences.
  22. That it's inevitable but that this country will be one of the last in Western Europe to roll it out, it will be a hideously inadequate allowance when they do, poverty and feelings of hopelessness and injustice will result in steep rises in crime and half the country will still blame the poor. *sorry to butt in!
  23. I find the suggestion that the Tories have been 'too soft and (are) allowing people to exploit the system' a pretty abhorrent suggestion to be honest. When quadriplegics are being stripped of their benefits and declared fit for work, it beggars belief that folk like yourself would rather focus on those you feel might be getting one over on the state. Homelessness figures are are sky-rocketing and over 14 million UK citizens are now living below the poverty line. Even those who lose their jobs, mostly through no fault of their own, are left facing a 5 week wait for money and that assumes their universal credit claims are even upheld. The rolling out of UC has critically affected the unemployed and those on low incomes to the point where between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019, the Trussell Trust’s food bank network distributed 1.6 million three-day emergency food supplies to people in crisis, a 19% increase on the previous year. More than half a million of these went to children. If you seriously believe that this is all down to the abuse of the welfare state then I'm astounded. While I agree that one reason folk see society as broken is the state of the welfare system, for me, it's for completely the opposite reason to that which you put forward. East and West I'm afraid. *And yes, I know, another 'entirely predictable post', but a factual one nonetheless 🙄
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