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  1. Errrr. Think you need to re-read mate. Guess you'd rather strawman than debate the fact that your poster-boy talks utter bum gumpf though?
  2. What argument? Are you related to Norman perchance?
  3. Non-sensical arse biscuits from you as normal. Not told anyone not to comment, it's just the voices in your noggin ducking with you again.
  4. Whites vs non-whites. What do women have to do with it, we're talking about male suicide rates are we not? Over 85% but let's not allow that to spoil your narrative eh?
  5. Yeah, absolutely the most put upon sector of the UK populus. Or maybe because there or more white blokes than not. Tricky one that!
  6. So Lozza seems to be rolling back on comments he made about 1917... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7915341/Laurence-Fox-admits-didnt-know-Sikh-soldiers-fought-shoulder-shoulder-British.html ....today when asked about his remarks by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid about whether the inclusion of the character was historically out-of-place, he replied: 'I’m not a historian i don’t know'... Well stfu about it then Lozza and don't make ridiculous claims about institutionalised racism against white folk in the UK based on a) a fookin movie and b) factually and historically incorrect assumptions. It turns out that Lozaa also dumped his 'too woke' GF for 'backing a Gillette advert tacking men’s mental health' but is now expecting sympathy as stress from his appearance on QT has led to him having insomnia! Here's a few facts about suicide rates for Lozza and his ilk: • There were 6,859 suicides in the UK and Republic of Ireland. • 6,507 suicides were registered in the UK and 352 occurred in the Republic of Ireland. • The suicide rate in Scotland is the highest in the UK – where men aged 35-44 have the highest suicide rate. • The highest suicide rate in the UK, and England, is among men aged 45-49. • The highest suicide rate in Wales is among men aged 40-44. • The highest suicide rate in the Republic of Ireland is among men aged 55-64. • The highest rate in Northern Ireland is among men aged 25-29. ...but yeah, let's poopoo mental health issues amongst men eh Lozza you absolute meat trumpet. Also looked a bit sheepish after claiming that he'd received death threats this week (thus far unsubstantiated) and being asked whether he still feels that Britain is the 'loveliest, most tolerant country there is'. Bamford.
  7. Think it's been a little better most recently bud. With the whole FFP thing and seemingly everyone outside the club wanting us to fail, there's been a growing siege mentality and I kinda like that. Would be great to turn PP into a cauldron of noise though, as you've said.
  8. Hahaha. Didn't even think of that tbh. Now had it been Red Smog...
  9. Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2011 Nominee Asia Pacific Screen AwardBest Feature Film Nelson Woss Julie Ryan Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Awards 2012 Winner AACTA AwardBest Film Nelson Woss Julie Ryan Winner AFI Member's Choice AwardNelson Woss Julie Ryan Nominee AACTA AwardBest Direction Kriv Stenders Best Adapted Screenplay Daniel Taplitz Best Cinematography Geoffrey Hall Best Editing Jill Bilcock Best Production Design Ian Gracie Best Original Music Score Cezary Skubiszewski Australian Directors Guild 2012 Nominee ADG AwardBest Direction in a Feature Film Kriv Stenders Australian Screen Sound Guild 2011 Nominee ASSG AwardBest Achievement in Sound for a Feature Film - Mixing Andy Wright Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards 2012 Nominee FCCA AwardBest Director Kriv Stenders Best Music Score Cezary Skubiszewski Best Editor Jill Bilcock IF Awards 2011 Winner Box Office Achievement Winner IF AwardBest Script Daniel Taplitz Best Cinematography Geoffrey Hall Best Actor Josh Lucas Best Direction Kriv Stenders Best Feature Film Nelson Woss (producer) Julie Ryan (producer) Kriv Stenders (director) Best Music Cezary Skubiszewski Nominee IF AwardBest Actress Rachael Taylor Best Editing Jill Bilcock Best Production Design Ian Gracie Rencontres Internationales du Cinema des Antipodes 2012 Winner Audience AwardBest Feature Film Kriv Stenders (director) White Sands International Film Festival 2012 Winner Grand Jury AwardKriv Stenders
  10. Easy fix - just abbreviate first and last names and you end up with this...
  11. Red Dog - one for all the canine lovers on here which I keep forgetting to mention. A wonderful Ozzie flick about a red Kelpie (Ozzie sheepdog) who whilst not having a master, had more than fair his share of mates. A true story that both funny and heartwarming though it did leave me feeling a tad emotional and desperate to rescue a hound or two! Makes me smile every time I think of it now. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0803061/ Eranio / 10
  12. David Copperfield is played by Dev Patel. Seems rather unlikely that Dickens saw him that way when scribing the book so no doubt Fox and the other positive discrimination snowflakes will be bleating again.
  13. Not what I said, nor what I implied. Good for you though love. You carry on gloating, we'll just watch.
  14. Yep well old Michael is loaded so we know which one he is.
  15. To be honest, we could drag in all sorts of other data if wa need to fudge the issue further. The fact is, nobody knows what the situation will be post-Brexit and that includes you and I. What is incontrovertible however, is the huge cost of the leave process thus far. If folk want to ignore said costs, that's their prerogative but as long as the rest of us have to listen to their inane gloating, we'll be happy to remind them that their 'victory' has come at a price, both human and financial.
  16. There were thousands of Indian soldiers fighting both in their own regiments and also alongside English, Scottish and Welsh soldiers. Those are the facts. There's some wonderful pics on the web of inter-regiment footy matches as well as tales of their social interactions. There are less happy images of mixed troops in the trenches too. Reading some of the materials out there, letters, historical documents and the like, I'm quite heartened at the level of mutual respect that was arrived at through the hardships these young men endured. Of course, there were still those who looked down on Indian fighters as they did with other foreign nationals sent to help the war effort, but for the most part, the prior social and racial divides were completely swept aside, replaced instead by mutual respect. You are absolutely correct however when you say that their role, along with those of many other non-British soldiers deserve at very least, to be acknowledged. With regards to the film, you should watch it. I sense you'd like it and contrary to Fox's idiotic gushings, there is literally not a single PC moment across the entire 2 hours. It's a fabulous film entirely without any sugar-coating, skillfully shot and wonderfully acted, which is presumably why Mr Fox failed to secure a role in it and why he has chosen to ignore all such facets in favour of cheap jibes about institutional racism instead.
  17. Does S8TY become SUZ1 on the weekend fella. You know how cookies work, right? 🤣
  18. Take your point but if folk only ventured opinions on players they see week in, week out, it'd make for very dull transfer threads. And let's be honest here, without citing any examples, supposedly knowledgeable posters who have commented on players with whom we are more familiar, have quite often been wide of the mark when said players have arrived at the club, have they not?
  19. As a rule Paul, yes but it did happen. As you have pointed out though, it's not exactly relevant nor is it the point the delightful Mr Fox was making either. The fact is, it's pretty hard to grasp what is 'institutionally racist' about the depiction of a single Indian soldier in a movie. I watched the film the other night and it didn't even register with me so perhaps I'm not as desperate to see positive discrimination at every juncture as old Lozza is himself? Let's be honest here, if he's that much of a snowflake that he can't cope with seeing a single brown face in a movie without losing his train of thought, it might well be that the issue lies with him and not society as a whole.
  20. From the interview in question... Actor Laurence Fox has hit out at the inclusion of a Sikh soldier in Oscar-nominated film 1917, calling it “institutionally racist”. Speaking on James Dellingpole’s podcast, Fox - best known as DS James Hathaway on ITV drama Lewis - revealed that seeing actor Nabhaan Rizwan in the film “diverted” him from the story. He added that the “oddness of the casting” causes a “very heightened awareness of the colour of someone’s skin”. Fox said: “There were Sikhs fighting this war... Ok, you’re now diverting me away from what the story is.” He added: “There is something institutionally racist about forcing diversity on people in that way.” So according to Lozza, seeing a brown face has diverted him from the story and the inclusion of an Indian actor, whilst factually correct and representative, is 'institutionally racist'. Seems like those calling out Lozza, the new poster-boy for the right wing, have every reason to do so to my way of thinking. Doubtless some will still seek to make excuses for his repugnant little diatribe though.
  21. Yeah well he's actually way off the mark. Quite why he'd want to pretend that Indian soldiers played no part is anyone's guess but you'd think that someone with the benefit of a decent education ought to know better. Perhaps he auditioned and was riled that an Indian secured a role while he failed? Anyway, let's just ignore the role of the thousands of Sikh soldiers who fought for the British army in France, eh Lozza, you massive bamford, because after all, it's all about you. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-29186508/british-army-honours-sikh-role-in-world-war-one
  22. Hey @EssendonRam - thanks for your input. Seems we do have one or two legal beagles on the forum after all so wrong or right, it makes a pleasant change to read some professional opinions as opposed to the usual narrative-driven banalities. I do have a question as to the interesting point you make about the club being able to issue an injunction to prevent this even going to independent arbitration. That is, would it necessarily be common knowledge had they already done so and given only a few days have elapsed since the club's initial rebuttal, has there been sufficient time in your opinion for the club to prepare and submit said request for an injunction? Lacking even a rudimentary understanding of these legal processes, I have no reason nor urge to doubt your observations so your analysis is of some concern given how certain I felt about the outcome immediately after the club's statement. I'm most likely clutching at straws but given the release stated no further comment would be forthcoming from the club, I'm also wondering whether that might include details of any ongoing efforts to seek redress through the courts?
  23. Treadstone - A Bourne trilogy spin-off. Half decent without tearing up any trees. If you liked the movies then I'd give it a go. Watchmen - Ok, so I'm only 3 episodes in and for some reason I really want to like this show, but at times I've no real idea what I'm watching. It all seems overly contrived and wildly pleased with itself. I'm guessing it's one of those Marmite shows that folk either love of hate so after a brief hiatus I may come back to it. Line of Duty - Also recently binge-watched the last series. Seemed to attract luke-warm reviews but I actually quite liked it. On balance I'd say the show had been pretty damn decent across the half dozen or so series and did not leacve that 'stayed too long' feeling I get with some series that run as long as this has.
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