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  1. "(Something, something) actionable misrepresentation (Something, something) player amortisation" It practically writes itself
  2. If the independent commission rules in our favour I think we get a 12 points addition. Those points taken from Leeds, naturally.
  3. Which is weird, because wouldn't that still put us within the FFP limits for the 3 year period covered? If we had a loss over that period of £8m with the £80m stadium sale, wouldn't that only put the loss at £38m and still within the three year allowed losses of £39m even with the lower value?
  4. Hey, if you're good enough you're old enough
  5. The Polish national team's official Twitter account saying they've been informed that it's an ACL injury
  6. I swear Steve Cooper's transfer plan is to just get the entire 2007 U17 World Cup squad back together
  7. Yes, and by some way as well. He made his debut in October 2011. The next longest serving is Chris Martin who didn't come in until the February of 2013.
  8. Bennett's probably going to be the only footballer ever to have a testimonial at the age of 24
  9. Mental to think that us and Brentford have lost the same number of games
  10. JfR

    Jack Clarke

    I'm still not sure how accurate their reports are, but Football Insider states that us, QPR and Millwall are "leading the race" for Clarke: https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-qpr-millwall-Derby-well-placed-to-sign-tottenham-player/
  11. I guess beating Premier League clubs in London isn't for everyone...
  12. Derby win. Away. In London. Against a Premier League side.
  13. Cheech and Chong? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheech_%26_Chong Maybe a more obscure reference than I'd hoped.
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