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  1. I thought the same. Maybe making a first team appearance has added value onto the compensation we could receive for him or something?
  2. With all this talking of a second group possibly purchasing the club instead of BZG, it got me wondering about the state of the deal at present. This is all supposition and I'm more than happy for anyone to correct me if I'm completely wrong on any part of this but... Nicho reported on the deal earlier this week by stating that "the deal is done and all closing conditions precedent have been satisfied and met." I won't pretend to have any level of expertise in business lingo and practices, but my interpretation of that is that the sale is effectively done and it is merely the transfer of
  3. Anyone got a link to the Chorley forum so we can get a crowdfund going?
  4. Wednesday have only one CB in their line-up, so will be interesting to see who's filling in at the back
  5. Unfortunately, at the minute it's looking more like Dursun Ain't Gonna Sign Anymore
  6. Only 15 games into the season and Sheffield Wednesday have already had 5 red cards
  7. We've bottled being top of the league with 12 games to go to finish 8th before, maybe this year we bottle relegation and finish 8th from bottom
  8. Don't be daft, we're nothing like Sunderland Sunderland were in the Premier League; we're actually Ipswich
  9. His point per game record was slightly worse than Rowett's. Rowett got 1.6, McClaren got 1.59. McClaren had a higher win % but also a higher loss %, without a lot of draws, whereas Rowett got a lot of draws, particularly in the second half of the season.
  10. He's not the best Dembele that we've been advised to sign
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