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  1. Good to see most of the Leicester fans see the funny side of it. Wonder how long that will last when they find out Mel's been in touch with 32Red about activating another "star player" clause...
  2. I'll post this here as well, because it's a similar one with Pearce and Morris on RamsTV: https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2020/05/catching-up-with-executive-chairman-mel-morris-and-chief-executive-stephen-pearce
  3. 3 goals in 9 appearances on loan from Southampton in the 2005/06 season. He got recalled early by Southampton when George Burley took over there. Feels really weird seeing that picture now, knowing what he'd get up to a few years down the line.
  4. I hear it's because Chris Martin keeps his crisps in the fridge
  5. Seeing as Millwall are paying the entirety of his wages and their average player wage is reported to be around £7k a week (one of the lowest in the league), I would think it's highly unlikely that he's on £16k a week. When Bogle got done for speeding, it was reported that he's on £9k a week, so I'd be amazed if Bennett's somehow got himself on £7k more than that. To be honest, Bennett's probably on much less than Millwall's average, even. The deal he signed running to the end of this year was signed in 2017 when he'd only played 786 minutes of senior football for us across 6 years and so was barely any more than a youth player, and with his injury record and lack of game time this season, I also just don't think Millwall would bring him in as a high earner, especially on full wages. It actually wouldn't surprise me if he was one of the players mentioned as being on less than £6k a week when deferrals were being discussed not long ago. To me, extending his contract by a year would therefore make sense, seeing as it would generally have been a fairly low-risk move. For a start, Millwall reportedly have a £500,000 option to buy at the end of the loan, so if all went smoothly, we pay none of his wages from January to the end of the season, we make a profit on an academy graduate, and his contract next season doesn't begin. Even if Millwall decline to do this, we could still have the opportunity to make a deal, any deal, to sell him to another club either at this level or lower, with the exact same effect as selling him to Millwall. If that fails, we loan him for the year with the loaning team paying his wages until his contract ran out. I know a lot of people here really don't rate him, and I'm not going to get dragged into arguing about that, but as an objective fact last season he recorded 3 goals and 4 assists, 7 goal contributions total. He's demonstrated that he can put up those numbers in a season at this level. At many clubs in this league, that would be a good record: only one player at Wigan has more than seven this season, only three at Millwall, only two at Luton, etc. I don't think it would be unlikely that a lower Championship team or League One team would look at that record and be willing to take a risk, even if it was just to get another body in the team, especially if they know they can get him for free if he does do well. If this were the case we see him walk away for free at no more cost than letting him walk at the end of this year. Absolute worst case scenario is we are unable to get him out on loan, can't reintegrate him in the squad, and he just plays in the reserves until the end of the season. Considering that his wages are almost certainly one of the lowest in the squad, he would end up as no more than a low-cost Anya substitute. Even if he were on £7k a week (he's probably not even on that), that would only cost us £364k over a year, which would be fairly unsubstantial when our total wage bill was last reported to be around £46.8m. This could be worked around if necessary. So, for me, it was a good move at the time to do it. Of course, Coronavirus has been an entirely unforeseen event that's thrown everything into disarray, and I have no idea how things will pan out now, but really, Bennett's contract will be nowhere near the biggest of Derby's worries when this is all over. As a side note, Martin, I think, is on £30k a week, or at least that was what was reported when he was on loan at Fulham.
  6. I've got these figures from WhoScored, and can't get any figures for cup games, so this is just in the league, but... Purely talking in terms of goals scored as a percentage of total shots taken: This season he has a conversion rate of 4.9% (2 goals from 41 shots), which is incredibly low; Waghorn's is a slightly underachieving 14.1% (12 goals from 85 shots); Martin's is a very high 32.1% (9 goals from 28 shots) Last season Marriott's rate was a more respectable 17.5% (10 goals from 57 shots), though that is worse than Waghorn over the same period (18.8%, 9 goals from 48 shots) The high scoring clinical finishers in this league, players like Ollie Watkins and Lewis Grabban, have conversion rates around 22%, though it should be noted that this isn't the sole mark of a good frontman; top scorer Aleksandar Mitrovic has a conversion rate of "just" 17.6%, but has taken more shots than any player in the league, in large part because he's created these chances with his all-round play, recording a shot every 23.3 minutes, whereas Watkins, for example, records one every 34.2 minutes. Looking at it from this perspective, Marriott's shots per minute ratio is higher than our other options, and at a rate not far off Mitrovic's: This season, Marriott has recorded a shot once every 26.7 minutes. This is more frequent than Waghorn (once every 32.6 minutes) and Martin (once every 51.8 minutes). So, I would say Marriott isn't particularly clinical, at least in terms of conversion rate, when compared to other strikers in the league, but this isn't the sole measure of a good striker and he has demonstrated other facets of his play that have meant he has had periods of scoring regularly (e.g., the 9 goals in 15 games he scored between Man Utd away and Norwich away last season, where his conversion rate was still around 17.5% but while maintaining a very good chance creation rate), so I can see why a lot of fans rate him highly. If he can play like he did during that period over a full season, he could easily get over 20 goals, like he did at Peterborough, but it's just whether we can get him at that level over a full season, in terms of both chance creation and chance conversion.
  7. You never know, maybe it's all a big misunderstanding and he just really hates the TC Harrison Ford store
  8. The rules do allow for it to happen, so long as the stake held in the other club is below 10% and so long as it's "purely for investment purposes." It's why Paul Scholes was allowed to be manager of Oldham last year whilst also having a stake in Salford City. I just had a cursory glance over at the Mirror's article and the references to "Premier League club" have all been changed to "English club" now, so you never know, it mightn't even be a separate club at all. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/dennis-bergkamp-heading-star-studded-21964051
  9. JfR

    Max Bird

    My Chelsea acquaintances tell me this lad usually knows what he's talking about
  10. On the other hand though, he must be saving a fortune in bribes, so it'll balance out for them
  11. Get Head and Shoulders to pay his wages
  12. JfR

    Max Bird

    He came on against Bolton
  13. I wouldn't say this is universally true, unfortunately
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