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  1. Terrible. The only right thing to do is kick the 5 offending teams out of the league, promote five teams from the Championship this season, and get rid of relegation from all divisions this season. That this would directly benefit us has no bearing on my thinking. Honest!
  2. Shots within the entirety of the penalty area aren't particularly high: 268 shots, which is 19th of 24 where the average is about 293. Having said that, we're 8th for shots from within the 6-yard box, with 42 of our 268 penalty box shots being taken from that area, so the shots we are taking from within the area are generally ones that are higher quality chances. Different models use different stats, but I know xG modellers tend to average a shot from this area as about a 1 in 3 chance of goal (shots from the 18-yard box tend to be about 1 in 8 and outside the box about 1 in 33, so you could
  3. I think one of the most frustrating stats relating to goal return is the conversion rate of our shots on target, that is how many shots on target we need before one goes in. We actually have the lowest conversion rate in the division at 0.19, where league average is 0.27. Related to this is the stat that opposition goalkeepers have an average of a 77.5% save percentage when playing against us, highest opposition save percentage in the division and higher than the individual save percentage of all goalkeepers save for Tim Krul, who is a massive outlier at over 80%. We actually have an abo
  4. Noticed that's the second game in a row that the opposition scorer has taken it out on the Rotherham corner flag. Not sure what it's done to make so many enemies.
  5. Think you might be projecting your own feelings a bit there
  6. The thing is though, Rooney made changes from the 4-3-3 even before the Cardiff game, because it wasn't really working without Bielik. Rotherham was the 4-3-3 with Bird in for Bielik and we lost. Watford was a 4-3-3, albeit with Roberts and Edmundson in for Jozwiak and Clarke, and we lost. Forest was a 4-3-3 and we were struggling until Gregory was brought on, we went 4-4-2 and got back into the game. The three wins were with 4-4-2 or 5-3-2 in the case of the Huddersfield game. When we've used 4-3-3, or for that matter 3-4-3 with a lone striker, since it also hasn't worked. I think Brentford s
  7. I think he's injured. There was a spell where their last coach said he wasn't available but wasn't injured, which I assume must have been Covid (you can't disclose that a player has Covid, which would explain the weird wording), but I think he's injured this time. It's hard to find updates because I think a lot of Wednesday fans have forgotten that he exists.
  8. The hope I'm clinging to is that because Sheffield Wednesday have so many players out of contract at the end of the season (Transfermarkt has it as 15 senior players) they might half-arse it against us so as not to risk getting injured before the summer.
  9. I had no idea how awful Preston's home form is. It's 22nd out of 24, only better than Wycombe (by goal difference) and Rotherham (who've played a game less). They've only managed one more point in their home games this season as we have in our away games. Nailed on 5-0 win for Preston, then.
  10. Darragh Lenihan is injured for them, and he'll be a big miss. At the risk of jinxing the game before it's even started, he's missed 25 games for Blackburn since they last got promoted, and Blackburn's record in those fixtures without him is W3 D6 L16.
  11. But on the other hand: Blackburn have lost more home games than they've won this season (W6 D7 L7) Blackburn have not won a home game since Luton in January, seven games without a home win (D3 L4) Blackburn have failed to score in their last three home games Blackburn have managed to score more than one goal in a home game on only one occasion in their ten games since Christmas Blackburn have managed to keep a clean sheet in a home goal on only two occasions in their fifteen games since Bonfire Night I just hope this doesn't balance out as a rubbish 0-0 draw with no shots on tar
  12. A win tomorrow would ensure we move above Birmingham, move further away from Rotherham or both depending on how their result goes. If we don't win, it won't be panic stations for me just yet, but it would be great to start feeling a little bit of security as soon as possible.
  13. Lawrence always has one or two games a season where he's unplayable and seems to win us the game by himself. I'd hope he's due one in at least one of these last five games.
  14. God awful defending for both of them
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