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  1. I was quite happy with the performance today, if not the final result. The way I see it is we fielded a side that included 2 teenagers making their full league debuts, a centre-back partnership that we've not used before, a thus far rarely used left-back covering at right-back, and a not-entirely-fit centre-forward making his first start this season, and the only thing that stopped us from getting a win against a very strong West Brom side was one of their players deciding to do his best Patrick Bamford impression in the closing stages of the match. If that didn't happen and we saw out the rest of the game, we would have been sat 9th on the table this evening, and I absolutely would have taken that at this stage of the season. We're still not there as a finished article yet, but I still think that was probably our best all-round performance so far this season and much improved on that display against Bristol City in the week.
  2. Matheus Pereira is a Bamford That is all
  3. Just got a straight red for this: Which seems a harsh call, to me at least
  4. Fulham didn't either, we got two draws against them
  5. In his post-match interview he said that he knows Butland and that he tends to dive early on penalties, so going down the middle was a safer option than gambling left or right. Watching the penalty back, Butland did dive early, and I think would have stood a decent chance of getting to a shot had Waghorn put it to the left or right of him and he guessed the right way. I think he probably viewed it as a safer option than guessing left or right after having one saved last week.
  6. Apparently EFL on Quest takes place in the parallel universe where Dowell was fouled for our penalty today, not Evans, so it's reasonable to assume there's other anomalies
  7. £50 says Paterson doesn't start Tuesday night
  8. Even at their worst, going to Stoke and getting a point is still a good result, in my eyes. Did very well to get back into that game.
  9. Great play to get that penalty, if that had gone to a forward player and not Evans it likely would have resulted in a goal anyway
  10. JfR

    Ex Rams

    Not a bad one, either Wish he did that against Villa when he was with us
  11. With the self-proclaimed greatest mind in football suddenly becoming available, maybe we'll see the gonner replaced by a gunner Would definitely be entertaining, whichever way he took them
  12. With how Huddersfield have started this season, I'm not surprised Paddy Power decided to not have their logo on their shirts
  13. JfR

    Leeds Documentary

    What was Malone shouting in the tunnel at half-time? I can't quite make it out, but to me it sounded like "(their) ducking goalie out there (has) ducking gone." Something about them being "gone" at any rate.
  14. JfR

    Leeds Documentary

    It comes out tomorrow on Amazon Prime, so you can watch it whenever, so long as you have Amazon Prime. If you haven't, you can get a month long free trial of it.
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