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  1. Swap deal for Eranio? I'm sure he could still do a job for us on the wing, even at 52.
  3. JfR

    Rob Dickie

    I reckon the recruitment team have been watching World of Sport. Dickie Davies as our centre-backs.
  4. JfR

    Rob Dickie

    23-year old centre-back from Oxford United https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-Derby-county-set-sights-on-efl-23-yr-old-to-replace-richard-keogh/
  5. I think a lot of people are have misconceptions about Cocu's managerial style at PSV. I think his reputation as being somewhat conservative and defensive gives people the wrong idea that he set them up not to attack at all and to just nick a goal on the break or off a set piece, when that wasn't the case. Don't get me wrong, he put great importance on keeping shape and being strong out of possession, but at PSV his sides scored more goals over his 5 years there than any other team in the league did over the same period (395 goals over 170 games, 2.3 goals per game) and averaged more shots per game over that period than any other side (an average of 18.3 shots per game). He also almost exclusively used a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 in his time there. If you want to watch a full PSV game from Cocu's time there, the Eredivisie archive has their game against Heerenveen that won them the league in 2015: That style of play would be one I would be very happy to see replicated here, and looks a lot more like the games against Preston, Middlesbrough or Huddersfield than the Blackburn game, for example.
  6. JfR

    Ferdi Kalioglu

    Daniel Sturridge has 2 goals in the same league in 247 minutes of football, so using complex mathematical algorithms, we can safely conclude that Kadioglu is 1.76 times as good as Daniel Sturridge
  7. RIP Bald Eagle Still the best manager of Derby County in my lifetime, even if I wasn't old enough to really appreciate it at the time
  8. Don't know if this is entirely the best place for it, but I don't think it deserves it's own thread Thought it was interesting that Daryl Murphy has made it public that he served a 6 week ban last season at Forest for taking cocaine and failing a drugs test: I had always assumed that if a player failed a drugs test that the FA would have released a statement, I had no idea that it's their policy to keep quiet about it. Makes you wonder how many players suffer "training ground injuries" that are a cover for something else.
  9. Bielik was a well regarded player, but aside from a fairly forgettable handful of games at centre-back for Birmingham, he had not played consistently at this level before. In his case, I meant it more in regards to helping him to transfer his ability from a lower league into this one and to adjust his game to fit both with the style Cocu wants and what this division requires. There's been a definite change from his first few appearances where a lot were unsure about him to now where I think most are of the opinion that he's becoming an important player for us, and Bielik himself has spoken about the help Cocu has given him in improving in his movement, his decision making, etc. I think in Shinnie's case, he might have not got much of a look in to begin with, but after he made his debut he said that he'd gone to the manager while he was out of the side and he'd given him directions of what to improve on and how, and having worked on that did manage to get into the team. I'd also say we weren't completely out of options in the CM position as we still had Dowell, Knight and Holmes on the bench during Shinnie's league debut, all of whom could have played in that position ahead of him if Cocu really didn't want to use him.
  10. You're within your rights to disagree, but I do think there's been visible improvements in some players. Lawrence might still be inconsistent, but Cocu's managed to get more out of him than any previous Derby manager has managed, to the point that he's probably been our most dangerous attacking threat; he's managed to convert Forsyth into a decent centre-back where he might have otherwise have spent this season watching from the sidelines; having watched Shinnie a fair bit last season, he's gone from being a player with limited technical ability, but whose energy and aggression carried him quite a bit to a much more well-rounded midfielder and an integral part of the side that we're definitely currently missing; and I'd also say both Bielik (despite being poor at Blackburn) and Clarke (before he got injured) have shown a definite improvement to their game from the start of the season. I also think he deserves a degree of credit for managing to get more out of Martin than any manager, both at Derby and elsewhere, has in the last two years, even if that's just down to giving him a chance to do so.
  11. JfR

    Asmir Begovic

    He would help with our goalscoring
  12. Just in league games missed through injury, it was: 3W, 4D, 4L, 13 points from a possible 33, against teams ranked, at the time of playing: 8th, 9th, 13th, 13th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 19th, 19th, 20th and 24th. That includes 7 home games and 4 away games. That form, if carried throughout a full season, would have got us around 54 points and seen us finish 16th last season, but I think even that is misrepresentative of how poor we were as we only faced two teams in the top half of the table, none of the top 6, and were better at home than away. Over an actual season, we would likely have been worse. By comparison, if we maintain the same points per game standard we have shown so far this season across the entire season, we will finish with around 58 points. Edit: Oh, and we scored 9 goals across those 11 games, conceded 13, and failed to score in 6 of them
  13. In his first press conference Cocu was asked about his aims and stated that the primary aims of the first season were to implement and continue a philosophy in the club, bring the academy in line with the first team, develop the squad, and that promotion or even a top 6 finish was not to be the main priority in the first season.
  14. JfR

    Asmir Begovic

    I know it's only Azerbaijan, but at Qarabag this season he's only conceded 5 goals in 10 games and kept 6 clean sheets, so he's clearly still got enough about him to do well at a certain level. No idea what level the Azerbaijan Premier League is, though.
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