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  1. He's that footballer whose wife slept with John Terry
  2. Closest I know of is Crystal Palace in 2012-13, who managed just one win away from home not just from January to May 2013, but stretching back to 10th November, but still finished 5th. No prizes for guessing who that away win was against.
  3. He's had a great game today against Leeds for Wigan. Only one goal conceded from 36 shots, including a penalty save. 2-1 win for Wigan. Might well be the MOTM for the entire day of fixtures.
  4. Good result that, for us. Win today and we overtake them. If Boro either lose or draw on top of that then we're in the playoffs, for now. Just hope we turn up.
  5. I'm sure he'll be distraught to be missing that exhilarating hoofball contest against Boro next week
  6. If he's done it at Forest then he's obviously not very good at it
  7. Forgive me if I'm wrong on this, and please correct me if I am, but isn't the scenario effectively as follows: Mel Morris owns Derby as a company Mel Morris also owns a separate company Derby used to own the stadium as an asset Derby have sold the stadium to Mel's other company Derby now make no money off the stadium and have lost it's worth as an asset from their accounts Mel's other company now makes the money from the stadium, but must also provide for it's upkeep The money made from the other company cannot just be pumped back into Derby, either directly as the stadium-owning company is a separate entity to Derby, or indirectly through Mel as there are limits put in place by the governing bodies on the level of investment an owner can make into a club As such Mel's ownership of both companies is irrelevant as they are separate entities with restrictions in place to stop the free flow of money between them Because if that's right, then I can't really see any difference between what Derby have done and what countless other clubs have done when they have sold their ground to other parties, and can't really understand why it should be stopped or how it could be stopped. I don't see selling an asset to another company as a "dodge" of the rules just because the owner owns that other company when he's restricted to what he can invest from that other company into Derby. If there's something I'm missing here though, then please someone run it by me.
  8. What exactly is a "soft" transfer embargo?
  9. That was quicker than I expected. Not really his fault though, to be fair.
  10. Ravas having a great game today Watch him fluff a simple save now that I've said that...
  11. Seems an odd player from his stats, only recorded a maximum output of 6 in 32 for PAOK over 5 seasons there, shipped out to Atromitos on loan this season and becomes the league's top scorer with 24 in 33. Hard to tell if he's proving his ability now, working in a better system for his style of play at Atromitos than at PAOK, or if he's just having a little bit of a flukey season, but if he were cheap he seems like he could be a good player to take a gamble on. Also interesting to note Aberdeen scouts were there as well. We're becoming quite inseparable, us and them, aren't we?
  12. The average age of that starting 11 must be closer to getting a bus pass than to 23
  13. Had a feeling this would happen when he thought playing Cyrus Christie as a centre-mid for Ireland was a good idea. Don't be surprised if he decides he needs a good, tall target man and shoves Pantilimon up front before season's end.
  14. Looks like he tried to get away by going out a side door disguised as Tony Pulis https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/teams/fleetwood-town/11692933/barton-stopped-by-police
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