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  1. Think he must be on the wind-up, surely?
  2. I think when Bielik's back up to speed, it could allow us to play a hybrid system where his role is split between a DM in front of a back two and a CB in a back three, allowing the team to move between a 4-3-3 and a 3-4-3 during the game I think it would be in line with what we're seeing at the other end of the pitch, now, with constant movement and positional flexibility within the attacking positions
  3. Proof that the Premier League's a tinpot league and its top strikers wouldn't hack it in the Championship
  4. That's interesting to hear. Where did you see that?
  5. Viv Anderson is talking some proper baalocks here
  6. That was the worst offside decision I've seen since the last game
  7. Doubt he starts, but it is a positive on the striker front
  8. Was wondering where the link between Cocu and Kazim might have come from for this move to have happened, and came up with this theory: In 2014/15, when Kazim was in his first season at Feyenoord, he had probably his most successful season: 12 goals and 5 assists in 29 league and playoff games, plus 1 goal and 3 assists in 7 Europa League games. His manager during this season was Fred Rutten. Prior to this Rutten was PSV manager from 2009 to 2012, during which time his assistant was Phillip Cocu. Maybe he's a recommendation from Rutten, who had managed to get the best out of Kazim?
  9. Just think of all the midfield options we have if he makes the first team Holmes and Watson Louie, Louie Could always drag Andy King back in on a free and have King Louie
  10. 102nd minute penalty for Barnsley at Bristol City today Can't have been many later goals in this league, can there?
  11. Polish media reporting that Forest missed out on Grosicki by 21 seconds
  12. Still not fit from being injured before the Norwich game
  13. Personally, I like him more now Shows he's a team player
  14. To be fair, it's not quite the same. Holdsworth was only drafted in because he was assistant manager. We haven't dropped to the level of sticking Twan Scheepers out... yet.
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