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  1. Since changing to a 24-team league, the highest ever points total a team's been relegated from this league with is 54, so even with just 9 points from our last 11 games it would require spectacular, record-setting misfortune to get relegated.
  2. It might be that the best hope we have, other than that we prove ourselves to have not done anything wrong, is that the EFL take so long with this that any punishment does not affect us this season. I'm starting to feel like that would be the better option. If this were last season, we'd have only needed two more wins to secure probable safety, but this season looks like one where there might be a decent chance of at least one team going down with a points total in the high 40s if not in the 50s, so even a comfortably midtable finish might not see us stay up if we were to get a points deduction this season, even a relatively minor one. It seems like a really tough season to get a points deduction in if we were to get one. Sheffield Wednesday were charged nearly two months before we were, and they have yet to receive a punishment, though, and I can't see our case being wrapped up before that is, so we might be fortunate. I should imagine that the club will be fighting the charge on two fronts: Firstly to directly challenge the charge and to prove that we have done nothing wrong or that the EFL are at fault for any wrongdoing we have committed and therefore cannot punish us for following their inaccurate advice on following their own rules. Secondly, they will probably have a contingency plan in place so that if we are unable to get the charges against us dropped, that we would still attempt to get the punishment reduced to one that is as minimally detrimental to the club as possible, by attempting to elongate and frustrate the process as much as possible so that any punishments do not take place in the immediate future, and to attempt to reduce the punishment to as little as possible. I would imagine that this case will drag on for as long as we're willing to drag it on for, seeing as the consequences of being relegated would likely hurt us more than any legal battle would. Likewise, I can't imagine the EFL would want a lengthy legal battle if they can avoid it. On a side note, I just had a check on the website of Nick De Marco, the QC who is representing us in the hearing. He has a section where he lists his experiences in cases he has been involved in. Previously it listed him as having an ongoing involvement as a representative for Sheffield Wednesday in their EFL case. This changed a few weeks back to a paragraph in the past tense, suggesting either the case had finished or his involvement in it had ceased, but now that case has been removed entirely. Does anyone know what's up with that? I doubt it's merely that they lost the case as he has other cases that did not fall in his favour still posted on there, so it all seems a bit mysterious. Our's is still listed and still listed as ongoing.
  3. Wednesday haven't even scored a goal at home since the 29th of December and they've played 432 minutes of football at home since then, so we might just about have a chance in this one. Either that or Derby end another team's run of bad form again.
  4. Can we give Given a go?
  5. A friendly in the United States in the middle of October? We all know someone's inevitably getting a serious injury in this, but it will be fun to find out who
  6. Two losses in their last two games without a single shot on target against 24th place Luton and 23rd place Barnsley and a draw against 10-man 22nd place Wigan before that. No wonder Gibson's been trying to get us a points deduction.
  7. Mason Bennett on for his Millwall debut. They're currently 1-0 down to Wigan.
  8. Isn't it just typical that Rodak plays like Lee Camp on acid against Barnsley, and then puts a performance like that in against us?
  9. Hopefully just a precautionary measure until it can get checked up on
  10. Probably, but it's an at best misguided act to then reupload it without acknowledging that they had edited it.
  11. I'm pretty sure that was Bennett. I don't remember Bogle being involved in the 'Boozegate' thing at all.
  12. Seems like it was a good night for the Wendies
  13. JfR

    Ex Rams

    Ian Holloway's turning him into Maradona
  14. Risky move, to say the least. Will be hilarious if they lose tonight and then lose on Saturday.
  15. I really hope that when Forest play us next that the French Louie Spence decides to drop Grabban, Cash, Ribeiro, Ameobi and Sow at the same time like he has done tonight
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