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  1. I've not got anything that says this is the case, but I wonder if it might be that there's still disagreements between the club and the EFL as to how the accounts should be submitted. There was a couple of mentions in the DC judgment about the club believing they could increase the profit from the stadium sale as recorded in the accounts, and to potentially use a non-straight-line method of amortisation that would still comply with the accountancy rules. It might be that the EFL don't agree with these. I can't see why we wouldn't want to submit the accounts. Even if we breach the spending limits, is there really any benefit for waiting a few weeks to submit them if they're over anyway?
  2. I'm assuming the fact I've yet to see any Red Dogs making fun of us for this must mean they screwed up against Crewe
  3. Nicho update on Davies and Roos Thanks Steve
  4. JfR


    Derby having a youth development centre at a club who are nicknamed the Lambs is perfect
  5. JfR

    Lee Buchanan

    The case for the defence: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/Derby-youngster-lee-buchanan-hails-19009878 “I grew up as a Derby fan and it does make it feel more special. It’s so real now that it’s only a couple of days away so it makes it even more important to get the win. A local Derby against your rivals, you always want to play the best you can and get the best result.”
  6. JfR

    Lee Buchanan

    He might be a free agent at the end of next season, but as a home grown player of his age we'd be entitled to compensation if he left for elsewhere on a free, anyway. I'd rather get another season out of him and have that than sell him to Forest (unless, of course, they're offering silly money), and you'd hope the club feels the same.
  7. Out of contract but still hanging about: Curtis Davies Andre Wisdom Currently on trial: Ryan Allsop Phil Jagielka Richard Stearman Ravel Morrison Tom Carroll Sone Aluko Sam Baldock No ins for the senior team, so far Players with senior appearances that have left: Jack Marriott (to Peterborough) Martyn Waghorn (to Coventry) Scott Carson (to Man City) Scott Malone (to Millwall) Cameron Cresswell Jahmal Hector-Ingram Florian Jozefzoon Jonathan Mitchell Jayden Mitchell-Lawson Jordon Ibe
  8. Also, an entirely pointless piece of trivia: he went to the same school as Nathan Byrne did at the same time as him https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parmiter's_School#Notable_former_pupils
  9. If I remember correctly, last time he was here he spent most of his time forced out on the right-wing, which I'm pretty sure he's never done before or since.
  10. It's based on an old badge they had in the 90s What I want to know is if that's a massive swan or a tiny castle?
  11. It's not been confirmed exactly what it is, but there was a Daily Mail article reporting a HMRC bill a while back: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9580807/Potential-Derby-County-buyers-WALKING-AWAY-discovering-debts-60MILLION.html I don't know the accuracy of the figures - Derby respond by calling the overarching £60m quoted a "worst case scenario" figure - or whether the figures quoted are still the same now, but the response from Morris suggests that the money owed to HMRC relates to the club agreeing to defer PAYE taxes during the Covid period, and suggests Derby are far from unique in this regard. That doesn't make it clear how much is owed, when the money is owed, what the EFL's problem is (Have the club missed dates for deferred payments? Are the EFL just being petty hard-asses with their rules again? Both seem equally possible IMO), or anything like that, though. It might even be the case that that issue is now sorted and the current HMRC issue is something entirely different, but that's the best we've got to go off, as is.
  12. Does anyone know why we were able to bring in the 5 loans in January but now can't do anything?
  13. Does anyone know if this issue with "professional standing" players is a new thing? I ask, because I hadn't heard of it being a rule previously, and I can't find any relevant results when searching "EFL professional standing" from before 2021. It feels an especially egregious situation if this is a rule that has only been introduced in the last few months, after players had already played in the Chorley game.
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