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  1. Do we really even need the second half of extra time?
  2. DC United's playoff game against Toronto is on Sky Sports Mix (the one you can get for free) tonight in half an hour Hopefully Rooney gets sent off 1 minute in and DC lose so as long as he stays out of Tom Lawrence's car there will be no chance of injury for January
  3. I know that there's an argument that the style of play isn't suiting the players, but what sort of style of play would suit the players we have? For me, it seems like too much of the squad isn't creative enough to play a possession-based system, too much of the squad is too lightweight to play a physical "hoofball" system, too much of the squad isn't quick enough to play a counter attacking system, too much of the squad aren't energetic enough to play a high pressing system, etc.
  4. Yeah, I think Huddersfield and Bristol were definitely exceptions to the rule. In retrospect, it probably would have been harder not to beat Huddersfield than to beat them with how they were playing at the time, though. I didn't think Luton was our best game either, but I think defensively it was as good of a performance as we have had. There wasn't as much creativity up front as there probably should have been, and the goals scored were definitely quite lucky, but I felt we had Luton's attack fairly well nullified and didn't really look like we were going to blow it after having a huge helping hand in going ahead. It was certainly a lot better than the game today or the game against Brentford, at least.
  5. I think another issue today's result has reiterated, and which I think is being overlooked a bit, is quite how awful we've been at times specifically when playing away. This isn't a new thing with Cocu either, Lampard got only a singular away win in the league in 2019 and only managed to pick up 2 points more in those 10 away games than Cocu has in 5 (8 for Lampard, 6 for Cocu). I can think of many away performances in the second half of last season that were just as abject as in the game today: the battering by Villa, losing our first local Derby in 4 years, getting matched if not outplayed by rock-bottom Ipswich, scraping a draw against Preston without a shot on target (whilst having 23 shots against us), the Blackburn loss (I recall a lot saying that was the season over at the time). Even that Bristol win was perhaps our luckiest of that entire season; 23 shots, 11 on target vs. 8 shots, 4 on target, against a side a man down for 1/3 of the game. If we'd lost you could hardly have called it an unlucky result. Even earlier in the season we were rubbish against Millwall, Rotherham and Bolton and rightly got nothing from any of them. I actually think we've looked quite steady when playing at home so far, albeit without looking spectacular. I do think 2 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss isn't a bad return when those games included 5 teams currently in the top half, including 2 of the top 3 (who have only lost 3 times between them), a side that was only 3 points off of Premier League safety last season, and a side that was only slightly weaker than we were last season. Our away performances have been inconsistent if not outright dire, though, and I think there's a fundamental underlying issue there that needs to be resolved.
  6. Wigan's away form since coming back up from League One: We'd better bloody win this
  7. Maybe the workaround with Rooney's number 32 not actually being the sponsor's logo was just a warm-up to the main event: we get Red Bull in and always format the name as 'DeRBy County' and the league can't do anything because we haven't actually changed the name
  8. I would be fine with it so long it's a very, very, very dark shade of red that some call "black" RB Derby does have a certain ring to it
  9. Really shows the poor state Man Utd are in that they can be made to look easily second best against a Newcastle side managed by Steve Bruce
  10. I would be surprised if there isn't one from Lawrence at some point. It wouldn't surprise me if he's in a slightly more difficult situation legally than Bennett is and might not be able to release one prior to the trial.
  11. Is it normal for football clubs to have to release club statements this frequently?
  12. You can joke, but if Tom had spent last Tuesday night getting off with his brother's wife then he would have been too busy to go drunk driving
  13. Huddlestone on pens Such an unnatural sight that fate has injured him as punishment
  14. Part of me thinks this is a really poor decision, but then there's part of me that can't wait to see the inevitable seethe when Tom scores and does the "fingers in ears" celebration
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