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  1. Max Lowe was superb today, read the game so well and made some brilliant interceptions.
  2. Oddly enough, just read that he refused the contract offer and has his sights set on AC Milan... and Celtic which sounds a bit more realistic !!!
  3. Also two ex-Rams, Adam Legzdins and Jeff Hendrick.. surprised to see Jeff being released!
  4. PO semi home and away v Southampton strong memory of watching Howard score that looping header in the first leg and thinking we are going to do this!! Atmosphere at the home leg was nothing I have experienced before or after at PP. Reading away 2018 Lamps first game... never celebrated a goal that wildly before, I think the whole away end stayed for about 15 mins after the game chanting. poo game but that moment was special. Perhaps not favourite but a memorable one was Villa 2008 6-0 loss... I just remember the crowd going nuts this game and the whole stadium pretending to cheer a g
  5. The situation is different yes, but the way they are perceived by their respective fan bases are comparable ie leechers or money grabbers etc.
  6. How is he leeching off Derby? We gave him the contract. As far as I can tell he trains and plays with the u23 squad, I’ve never heard of him causing disruption or not turning up. If the manager deems him not good enough and doesn’t play him, that’s hardly his fault either. He knows he will likely only receive a maximum of a third of what he is earning now, what incentive is there for him to find a new club? You may say to play football, but he has the chance to secure his family’s financial future for the rest of his life. I feel sorry that they are being made out as ‘leechers’ etc, h
  7. It’s all ‘reportedly’ though, and perhaps the club to go on loan to was Plymouth and he would have to move away from his family all week. What would be the point for him as well? To get a potential transfer offer that will at best half his salary? We gave him the ludicrous contract to play for Derby, it’s not Anya’s fault that no manager picks him.
  8. He was actually quite a decent player, was fantastic for Watford on their promotion run... he’s versatile as well as he can play full back or on the wing. I can’t even remember him playing for Derby now to say if he was decent for us or not, but something must have gone on for him not to be even used as a back up squad player. I was watching the Sunderland til I die doc the other day and the Jack Rodwell story reminded me of Anya. I actually felt sorry for Rodwell who was made into this hate figure because of the ineptitude of who ever negotiated his contract, every single fan calling
  9. Three years ago I saw Lincoln play and couldn’t believe the level of warm up they did both before the game and at half time. It’s not something I normally observe but it stood out so much against Wycombe’s warm up. The Cowley’s seem like the most thorough and professional coaches in the football league, most teams warm up just like us.
  10. Most clubs in this division can only dream of having two full backs as good as both Bogle and Lowe come through their academy. Yes they can be frustrating at times, but they will learn and improve. If not, we haven’t lost out on anything. Think of all the ‘established championship’ full backs we have signed over the years and how, let’s be honest the majority have been dross. At least Lowe and Bogle can play with the ball at their feet and can be exciting to watch at times. We have far bigger problems in the middle of defence and goalkeeper!
  11. Me too! Also my second string, I live local to Adams Park so go to pretty much every home game. We have never played Wycombe before I don’t believe!
  12. I've seen Maddison about 3/4 times over the last 2 years through watching my local side Wycombe, has a superb shot on him and is very creative in the final third. He has that quality that stands out in League One, a decent player is so obvious to spot at that level. However, the one game Wycombe man-marked him tightly he got very frustrated and petulant and was substituted about 65 mins into the game, he was forced to think quicker and he didn't seem to be able to cope. From a very limited viewpoint, I'd say he could be worth a chance if the transfer fee is £2-2.5 million as he is only
  13. I've seen Whittaker live twice, away at Fulham and yesterday at Palace. When he came on against Fulham he changed the game for us somewhat, he wanted to get on the ball, he was running at players with pace of which we sorely lacked throughout the rest of the 75 minutes. I was really impressed as I had to be honest not heard a great deal about him before this game. He performed fine at Palace, some nice touch and go's but didn't hug the byline or link that well with Bogle, it seemed he wanted to drift in field more and looked less confident when on the ball than against Fulham. His substitution
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