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  1. We did argue like siblings, but no, no relation. 😂
  2. Well when Cocu was linked with the job, I instantly thought that Mel was going for the Bielsa effect. The difference between Leeds in 17-18 and Leeds in 18-19 was night and day. Such a massive change and so much of that was down to Bielsa. They went from 13th to 3rd, and they looked completely transformed. I suspect we are looking at Cocu to do the same, especially if we can’t invest a lot in changing the playing squad.
  3. But that year, Bryson also was heavily involved in general play and developed a key partnership with Martin. It wasn’t just about his goals. It was his all round contribution, even though there was a case for 5-6 players to win player of the year that year. If Dowell is going to score goals and offer a lot in general play, then great! Again, I really hope he comes in and runs riot for us, but I am not convinced he will. Anyway, I am just trying to do my laundry, and then go out to a museum and have food and wine in the sunshine. Stop quoting me, please. 😂
  4. It’s hard to say. They are building a very young and potentially very exciting side, but a side that will seemingly lack a bit of steel, a bit of edge, a bit of nous, a bit of experience. They could go either way really. As it stands, I would say they are more likely to be this year’s Fulham than this year’s Wolves. For them to do well, their new striker Wesley will have to be a revelation and I reckon they need one experienced pro to bind everything together. But it’s always tough to call with the promoted sides because you just don’t ever know how well some players will handle the step up.
  5. I am sorry @rammieib if it came across a little harsh. I was criticised on another thread for voicing a different opinion on our latest signing, so it’s unfair of me to do the same to you. You make some fair points and you could well be right. I guess time will tell. I think everyone is riding the wave of optimism from Cocu’s appointment. I can imagine most are only saying top 6 and beyond based on Cocu’s pedigree rather than the players actually at his disposal. The idea that he will turn Vimto into fine Bordeaux wine with superior coaching and tactics seems to be the thinking. That said, I don’t think you necessarily need great individuals to make a great team, so Jozefzoon and Bennett could still play an important role in a successful team. Again, I think people are looking at Cocu and his man management skills and suggesting that if everyone has a role and buys into what the manager wants, even with less quality on paper, we might still be able to outshine other teams.
  6. I think if he is coming in as a squad player, then it’s a good addition. If he is coming in to be a key player, then I have my reservations. I am not complaining, just expressing a concern that Dowell might not be what we need. In truth, I hope that I can post after the first game, ‘Huddersfield 0-2 Derby. Dowell ran the show. Cocu is a genius.’ You are right in saying that not every signing will set pulses racing and not every signing has to be a blockbuster. I am delighted that Cocu is here and I think we are in line for a great season (but maybe I should sit on the fence with that one?) Is it so bad to be unimpressed by one signing?
  7. If we all did that, what would be the point in such a forum? We might as well tape our mouths shut until August 31st. Yet there’ll be posts upon posts of pre-season predictions on teams and players on what evidence? Stats, video clips, the occasional night down the pub watching Sky... It’s the second week of July and MACKWORTHRAM is in another thread declaring Fulham will be a force on the evidence of one potential signing and Mitrovic’s contract extension. No-one is saying that he is ill-informed or should sit on the fence. Again it’s only because I am not saying ‘What a signing! What a gem! What a stud!’ that I am being singled out. If I was singing the lad’s praises, no-one would have batted an eyelid.
  8. He signed for Sheffield United on December 28th and presumably was registered to play from January 1st, leaving him 21 games to feature in. According to Transfermarkt, he started 8 games and made 16 appearances in total. So barely was a slight exaggeration. But it still suggests he was a squad player for them. If we have the same ambitions of promotion, why would he be a key player for us?
  9. Do any of us have well informed opinions? So as Derby fans, what makes my opinion less valid than anyone else’s? Everyone makes snap judgements when a player signs. But just because I am not over the moon with this signing, I am being singled out? It remains to be seen just how good or bad Dowell will be. He could be fantastic and I’ll be flying over from Porto at Christmas dancing on the bar and leading the Kieran Dowell chant. I really hope so.
  10. Firstly, what importance can we place on him having under 21 caps? International caps are no indication of how great a player is, especially when Boothroyd is the man in charge. We’ve already concluded he barely started a game for Sheff Utd and even though their fans liked him, their fans say he would still only be a squad player in a team that will most likely be battling relegation. So again why should we be bouncing off the walls in excitement? At Forest, we’ve heard that he was good for half a season, or good in fits and starts. 3 of his 9 goals came in one match away at Hull. So what is there to be excited about? It’s a bit easier to get excited when you have a player like Cavaleiro who was a top performer in his last season at this level and can’t get into a side that finished 7th in the PL and is now playing Europa League football. Mount and Wilson came here with much bigger reputations, performed well, but we still only finished 6th. So if they are too good for this division and we still only finished 6th, again why should we be excited by a player of lesser quality? Just because I am not excited by this signing doesn’t mean I won’t give him a chance. Of course he gets a chance and gets our backing, every player does. I don’t think he’ll have much of an impact here. Just my gut feeling. Could be and hopefully will be totally wrong. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion.
  11. Now if we were talking about Shinnie, then yes I would totally agree. But you’ll notice that I haven’t commented on Shinnie anywhere on the forum, because I don’t watch Scottish football at all. But Dowell is a pretty well known player having played in the Championship for the last two seasons. If we are saying you can’t comment unless you have seen X amount of games played by a certain player, we might as well as close all of these transfer threads in that case, because no-one will have a clue. Everyone will have an opinion on a signing, good or bad, informed or otherwise, right or wrong. Last season I thought Jozefzoon was going to be a revelation. In 2013, I thought Martin was a useless signing. So what’s to say Dowell won’t come in and smash it with 15 goals and 15 assists? Of course, I hope he comes in and does a great job for us. But it’s just my gut feeling that it’s not a signing that will bear much fruit.
  12. We’ve lost Wilson, Mount, Tomori, Johnson and Bryson, and only signed Shinnie and Dowell - so of course the squad looks weaker on paper. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. But I think it’s a bit daft to say that the squad looks bang average and mid table at best. 10 games in, 15 games in, 20 games in, make that call. But in the second week of July? It’s a new season and many teams are still taking shape, so I don’t understand how that assessment can be made. Every team starts from zero, and we’ve seen time and time again in this division ‘bang average teams’ come from nowhere and make a big splash, especially with the right blend of personnel and the right manager. Sheffield United last year, a prime example. Cocu has been in the job for a week, so what can we really expect at this point? I am sure come the end of the transfer window, the squad will look a lot healthier. But I also envisage his coaching and tactical nous will bridge any gap in ability we may have.
  13. A bit underwhelmed by this. If we are aiming for top 6 and beyond again, Dowell will be a good squad player - someone who can be a rotation option or make an impact coming off the bench. If he has been earmarked as a key player, then it’s a little worrying because I don’t think he is the answer. He certainly would be a downgrade on the likes of Mount and Wilson. From the little that I’ve seen, I don’t think he’s a bad player by any stretch of the imagination, but is his overall game any better than Holmes, for example? I just wouldn’t be building the side with Dowell as a key player. We need solid foundations and to think long term. I just don’t see where he fits in personally. If we play him in midfield, he’s potentially going to create more problems than he solves because he’s lightweight, not very tenacious and seemingly mercurial. And if we play him out wide, it’s at the expense of more explosive players like Jozefzoon, Bennett and Lawrence. To be honest, the only player that we’ve been linked with so far that excites me is Cavaleiro. But hey, there’s more to come. I am sure Cocu still has a few aces up his sleeve.
  14. It’s impossible to read anything into this, good or bad. It’s worth remembering that last pre-season, we tonked two Premier League sides and looked like promotion certainties in the process. How did that work out? It just goes to show how misleading pre-season can be, if you view it as anything other than getting minutes under your belt and building fitness. Cocu has only had 5-6 days with the players, so I’ll save any analysis for Swansea at home.
  15. I am happy with Keogh and Davies personally, provided big Curt proves his fitness and has a full pre season with no setbacks. Skrtel was top class in his prime and is probably still too good for the Championship, but I don’t think he fits the profile of the kind of defender we need. Too old, too expensive, too high profile.
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