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  1. Aren't you getting ahead of yourself a little? Look at their regular starting XI. Seven of them were already at the club last season and two of those seven - Cash and Worrall - are Academy products. How much scouting was required to unearth Michael Dawson, who has been playing in the Championship in four of the last six seasons and was at Spurs for a decade and is also an Academy product? How much scouting was required to unearth Jack Robinson who was an Academy player at Liverpool and had been doing the rounds in the lower reaches of the Championship for five years prior? What about Ben Watson who has been playing at this level or higher since 2002? Or Lewis Grabban who was a proven goalscorer at Championship level with four different clubs before he joined Forest? Lolley, I'll give you. No-one would have imagined him having the impact he has had coming from a mixed spell at Huddersfield. But who would you have signed for Derby at the time? Grabban, and that's it. As for the new boys - Silva, Samba, Semedo, Sow, Ribeiro and Ameobi et al - how can any firm conclusions be drawn on their impact, positive or otherwise, after 8 league games? Samba is getting rave reviews, who else? Let's see where Forest are 25 games from now before we hand the awards out.
  2. Best I would go for Tomori because of his sheer growth as a player over his spell here. Tomori came here largely unheralded and left as one of our best players, winning the Player of the Year award in the process, and now he is a starter at Chelsea. Honorable mention for Alberto Bueno. He made a team with Robbie Savage in it watchable. Worst There have probably been worse players, but in terms of the buzz and what we expected upon arrival through to eventual impact, Kazmierczak under Jewell was quite the let down. Stern John, Danny Graham, Leon Best were all poor. But did we really expect anything else?
  3. If Cocu is going to persist with 4-3-3 with the current group, Martin should be the centre forward. He is more of a natural fit. I like Marriott and I think he can work in a 4-3-3 but for that to happen consistently, it requires a much better front six than we currently have. You could see Marriott working well if you inserted him into the Leeds starting eleven, for example. The same too with Brentford, Fulham and WBA. But for us right now, I think we would have to completely change system to get more out of Marriott. 4-3-3 will leave him too isolated. 4-4-2 will expose the midfield. So I think 3-5-2 with Martin and Marriott up top is your only option, and I am not sure Cocu is at that point yet. I think if Martin continues to impress, Marriott will be an impact player off the bench.
  4. Derby 3-1 Birmingham Lawrence FRGS
  5. Roos Bogle (if fit) - Keogh - Clarke - Lowe Bielik Holmes - Knight Jozefzoon - Martin - Lawrence
  6. I had us down for 5th at the start of the season, and I see no reason to revise that opinion yet. There is so much time left in the season and so much time for us to improve. I think the next 6 games will tell us everything we need to know about this team moving forward. On paper, it’s a run of games where we should win 3 at a minimum, and if we play to our potential, we are capable of winning 5 maybe even 6. We definitely have to improve if we want to finish in the top 6, but we are still very much in with a shout. Cocu just has to settle on his best eleven and let it gel, then hopefully we’ll see improved performances and improved results to boot.
  7. I think it is easy to forget that both of these players were playing League 1 football last year. Yes, they were two of the best players in the division, so we probably expected their transition to Championship football to be rather straightforward, but it is fair to say that that is much easier when you are coming into a settled side and you have a clearly defined role. Neither of which has been true for these players. Clarke has been hit and miss, but he probably needs the Tomori treatment. Tomori was poor when he first arrived but Frank kept the faith. We need to stick with Clarke and allow him to grow and flourish, even when he goes through spells of playing poorly. It'll only damage his confidence further if he is in and out of the side like he has been. We need to decide what Bielik's best position is. If it's midfield, we need to keep him there and get the balance of the midfield right and we'll probably see what we paid £10 million for 15-20 games down the line.
  8. The funny thing is that some people will be thinking that Martin has saved Cocu’s bacon and kept him in a job for another week. That is how deep the rot is, in some people’s eyes. It seems like today we got a huge slice of luck, the same luck that seemed to elude us in the home games v Swansea, WBA and Cardiff. I think one win could really make all the difference, just to settle everyone down and let Cocu take a breath and reset. Win next week and we’ll probably look a totally different team by the end of October. People have suggested Cocu doesn’t know what he’s doing and that he’s out of his depth. I feel differently. I feel like you can compare it to a boxer in a fight. They say all the best laid plans go out of the window once you get hit in the face. Cocu was probably expecting a feeling out process and being able to study the opponent for a few rounds and see what might be effective going forward. Instead it feels like Cocu has been abruptly clipped behind the ear and dropped with a punch he didn’t see coming. And the opponent has been relentless ever since - raining down punch after punch. That feeling out process quickly becomes a fight for survival. But Cocu knows that round by round, he can inch his way back into the fight. Will Mel throw in the towel? Chris ‘The Cut Man’ Martin hopes not.
  9. Could this be a turning point in the season? Chris Martin is slowly earning Cocu’s trust. This can only lead to something good.
  10. Leeds 1-2 Derby Waghorn FRGS The footballing equivalent of a RKO out of nowhere.
  11. Hernandez is dangerous, but personally I think it's Phillips at the base of midfield that makes them tick. He was at the heart of everything when they thumped us 4-1 last August.
  12. Granted, it's only five games in, but I hope it's a sign of things to come. I just love how Pukki - a unheralded free transfer from 15 months ago - is taking all of the headlines away from their expensively assembled and heavily talked-up collection of duds. You make an interesting point, but ask every Villa fan and official you know and they will tell you that the play offs made no difference and that the club and Dean Smith are so shrewd and have been preparing for this since the year dot and this £130 million is money well spent. I know two Villa fans and they are two of the nicest guys you could wish to meet. But there is more than a whiff of arrogance coming from the rest of the club that makes them entirely off-putting. The club haven't really positioned themselves as plucky underdogs, and for that reason, I hope they rack up 40 points and finish 18th while Norwich and Sheffield United both survive on 41.
  13. I think you've definitely picked up some impressive results and certainly if we had got similar results, our fans would be feeling just as excited and encouraged. Picking up 8 points from those first four away games is probably 8 more than even the most optimistic Forest fan anticipated. Let's see if you kick on. There are always one or two teams that emerge from the pack and surprise everyone. Could it be you? I only saw you v WBA on Sky and you looked bright for 20 minutes only to then go on and self-destruct. Obviously you've gone six unbeaten since then, but it's that regular pattern of self-destruction that stops us from worrying. It's happened year on year since 2011. I mean you've had two of the daftest owners in football and 12 permanent managers since King Billy left for the first time - can you blame us for not worrying? If you are still in contention in April and Lamouchi is still in charge, that's when the whole forum will be getting twitchy. But until then, we probably won't take too much notice. As you say, there's such a long way to go!
  14. Absolutely delighted to see Norwich and Sheffield United wobbling the apple cart. I am confident both teams will stay up. Plenty of fight shown by both teams already. I am also enjoying Villa’s charge into Europe hitting the buffers already.
  15. This could happen, absolutely. We’d all love it to happen. But we are Derby, let’s not forget. Do we deserve nice things? 😂
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