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  1. Likewise it will fire up the Dirties if we don't give a GoH. Man City's for Liverpool was brief, shabby and half-*rsed. It worked.
  2. I bet it got more than a little tense with you considering yourself still single whilst also having a fiancé 😉🤭🤫🤐
  3. Amazing that André visited the players at their pre-match meal at their hotel yesterday! What a guy!!
  4. 1 star. Looks more like a 'fashion' top than a proper football jersey.
  5. 2 hours ago. There's an article about the interview on their website too
  6. Stephen Pearce on Talksport this afto revealed that Andre Wisdom is out of intensive care and recovering in a general ward at hospital following surgery!! Said he was very lucky.
  7. Jack Bambi Grealish fooling the ref again & again! Quelle surprise!
  8. Totally Alan Hinton-esque in his body shape, the quick feet shuffle pre-shot and of course the shot itself!
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