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Derby 3rd Kit


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Sorry if this has been posted before but was the 3rd kit vs Bolton the actual third strip or just a collaboration of stuff chucked together?

That said, I REALLY likes the shirt, anyone know when it will be on sale? There is no mention of it anywhere in on the official site.

I can't remember a season when I wanted to buy all 3 shirts.

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now that was a bad kit!

Bit strange that the 3rd strip incorporates a blue shirt, white shorts and black socks? Are they interchangeable depending on who we are playing?

Not sure in league rules but I think shorts must be worn as shorts no matter who you are playing.

It's ok shilts, you don't need to tell me I'm funny.

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Had someone go in the shop this week who's daughter plays for a girls DCFC team. They said in the shop it will only go on sale if they get enough demand.

Not sure how they can gauge that... but my lad also wants the blue shirt more than the others.

Shall we start a petition???

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