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England squad versus Netherlands.


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And Viera

Scholes has been the best in the past 20 years IMO.

I would argue to why Scholes hasn't scored the same or created the same amount of goals as Lampard if he was better? Scholes has only had 2 seasons in where he got 10+ premier league goals in a season(95-96/02-03), his highest being 14 Lampard has done it 9 times consecutively(2003-2012) highest being 22.

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good read on the premier league website...

Paul Scholes -

Apps 461

Goals 101

Shots 515

Penalties 1

Assists 33

Crosses 104

Offside 32

Fouls 242

Cards 97

Frank Lampard -

Apps 513

Goals 167

Shots 1170 (jeepers 'http://www.dcfcfans.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ph34r' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':ph34r:' /> )

Penalties 47

Assists 100

Crosses 541

Offsides 52

Fouls 459

Cards 52

Steven Gerrard

Apps 391

Goals 94

Shots 944

Penalties 27

Assists 86

Crosses 1332

Offside 30

Fouls 449

Cards 44

Scott Parker

Apps 310

Goals 27

Shots 341

Penalties 0

Assists 23

Crosses 138

Offside 27

Fouls 516

Cards 86

Gareth Barry

Apps 454

Goals 51

Shots 417

Penalties 29

Assists 63

Crosses 770

Offside 66

Foul 594

Card 82

James Milner

Apps 295

goals 35

schots 423

penalties 8

assists 69

crosses 991

offside 88

fouls 393

cards 37

that is all the experienced English centre midfielders in the prem a few more I know but the top 3 are miles above the rest, Frank Lampard edges it for me, then Scholes and then Gerrard.

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So glad we didn't pick Oxlade-Chamberlain. It would be so English to have called him up tonight. Although I bet we won't resist the temptation of taking him to the Euros...

Even Mario Gotze has only made 12 appearances for Germany, and there are players lesser ability to him and similar ability to O-C from Germany and Spain under 20 who might not be going to the Euros this year.

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Welbeck and Sturridge struggled tonight, as did Baines. Mind you, was trashing Cahill and Young then they went and scored, Cahill throwing his arms about like a tart and Young just wasn't playing well.

Nice play for the 2nd, Cahill lucky. Not bad for a young team I suppose, lacked that attacking intent.

New Wembley ain't a patch on the ode Wembley.

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