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England squad versus Netherlands.


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Welbeck and Sturridge struggled tonight, as did Baines. Mind you, was trashing Cahill and Young then they went and scored, Cahill throwing his arms about like a tart and Young just wasn't playing well.

Nice play for the 2nd, Cahill lucky. Not bad for a young team I suppose, lacked that attacking intent.

New Wembley ain't a patch on the ode Wembley.

It never will be, especially when it is only 50% full and the average age is about 9 years old.

Have things changed that much in football that we can now have unsegregated England games.? haha

Baines was useless, as I said yesterday before the game, Wellbeck will never make it as an international, he is just not good enough, sturridge was better than Dean ever was, the defence was really bad though, dragged everywhere by better players.

Gerrard wasn^t interested in playing at all.

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Quite enjoyed the game to be honest, it was only a friendly but they seemed up for it. If we play like that and add a few of the more experienced players back in I think we will be enjoyable to watch. Then again, maybe Derby are so awful that they make every other game look interesting!

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