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Giant Flag at Pride Park


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Hi all,

As many of you know I take the Giant Flag to all home and away games. I am also involved in trying to improve the Pride Park atmosphere and work together with the club on various issues to go about improving this. We have a good relationship.

Many will also know that I was not allowed entry into Blackpool due to appaling stewarding where 17 other Rams fans were refused entry due in their opinion to being intoxicated. Certainly not the case for me and many other Derby fans that evening.

I had taken the complaint to the highest level which was the Independent Football Ombudsman. We had a meeting with another fan to pursue our case and left it with the case IFO to investigate further.

During the IFO investigation I suggested that they contact the club so they could gain a charactor reference involving my integrity etc.

I was shocked, appalled and upset to learn that the club (my club Derby County) have not supported me on this issue. I cannot post what was said but to say I am unhappy is an understatement. The complaint was about me and me only, not about a group of supporters I attend games with - this was irrelevant.

So as far as the IFO are concerned if they receive a negative comment from my own club what chance did my appeal for this incorrect decision stand. - NONE.

For everything that I have done for the club, those that know me will know the score, I feel let down and hurt.

I have not taken this decision lighty and it has been playing on my mind for days but for the foreseeable future I will not be taking the flag into Pride Park Stadium out of protest.

I have done many things for the club but am so dissapointed they have not supported me on this issue that I feel a stance has to be made.

Impportant to note that this has nothing to do with TG or NC.

The other guys that help with the flag all feel the same seeing as they have been now drafted into the complaint.


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sounds like a knob is in charge of these things,

heath and safety? the big flag going over head while you walk down the steps? what happens if you were disorientated and fell down them?

what did he say about you? that you are always pissed? dont the club carry the flag for you to some away games?

What does TG think about this? Have you e mailed him?

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hate to sound like a dick but no-ones gena do anything about this and not bring in a flag is kind of laughable but well done for trying to help the club hope this minor incident doesnt stop you from continuing your efforts

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Typical knobsworth. Sick of getting treated like bloody children, it's like we can't think for ourselves anymore, or look after ourselves or our kids - no wonder some folk don't take responsibility for themselves in this nanny state.

I feel for you mate, you do your best and get shat on when you need it most. Owt we can do, just shout.

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I believe Nick owns the flag and think I'm right in saying the money came from his own pocket?

For someone at the club to give Nick a bad character reference I find shocking. Anyone involved at the club know what Nick and the lads are about and that everything they do serves the club in a positive way.

What that negative reply has done has not only demoralized the relationship Nick has built up with the club but made us as other fans feel let down by the club as a whole.

I'd be surprised if TG and NC don't decide to make their views heard as they have always spoke about Nick in positive terms and I don't expect this to be the last word said on it by the club.

To Nick & the lads, good luck with it - any petition or anything like that you might be planning, I'm sure fellow rams will support you with, let us know how you get on. I'm not surprised you feel hurt, this must feel like getting a kick in the teeth.

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