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This season it seems a straight battle between Theo and Stephen 'hasn't even played' Pearson....

previous winners?

2010-11 Robbie Savage lifetime achievement award presented by Craig Burley

2009-10 Gary Teale recognition for his contribution over several years

2008-09 Claude Davis you need an explanation?

2007-08 Kenny Miller showed a legendary Scottish couldn’t care less attitude

2006-07 Bob Malcolm seemingly incapable.....as they said in court

2005-06 Stern John unable in score in a house of ill repute

2004-05 Jeff Kenna picked up where Warren Barton left off

2003-04 Dave Walton AWOL

2002-03 Warren Barton came into a poor side and immediately made it worse

2001-02 Fabrizio Ravanelli kerching

2000-01 Bjorn Otto Bragstad OMG

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It is getting tired re this Theo thing. He is improving all the time and just needs games. This lad was lifted up by Milwall and then just dumped on the wayside with no one wanting to work with him. Since last season he has come on loads. Yes he is frustrating saw him stop a long ball dead turn and run great then a minute later he slips on his backside trying to get to a 10yrd pass. I thought him and maguire looked good and on Saturday he got an assist for Bryson and his shot was unlucky not to go in but enough power on it to come out to Maguire who tucked it in.

Theo is a confidence player and Clough and staff are doing this. His work rate up top is immense although sometimes his quality is lacking. You can see the confidence aspect in respect of his passing at times when he either under hits the pass or over hits it. Bennett is not ready to play from the start and I think with him coming on between 65 and 75 mins in a game with Maguire or Theo we will continue to worry defences like we did Saturday.

Although I feel sorry for S.Davies the ball stopped up the pitch better as all three strikers who played Saturday really did work hard moved defenders around and created problems. At present if S.Davies was due back fit in a weeks time I would not bring him in for one of those three strikers after Saturday.

Without Steve Davies we were not knocking high balls up to him in an attempt for him to get his head onto it. The long balls which there were not many was knocked into space or behind the defenders and they ran onto it or put pressure on there defence.

Personal preferance and assessment is ok but calling for a player who gives everything everytime he plays and do not forget his work rate against the scum created the pressure for our team to beat them 2-1 with 10 men.

If you want to cast doubt you have Bywater but that should have been last year

You have Anderson who has to only look at a football pitch and seems to get injured

Leacock who keeps reporting that he has a knee injury or illness

Commons should have been on the list under Jewell with the amount of injuries

The list goes on.

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[size=2]I've got a lot of time for Theo and I can't see why a lot of people are still on his back. Yes he can be brilliant one minute and **** the next but he never hides and works his /\rse off for the team. He was directly involved in two of our goals on Saturday (Ace would've been proud of the pass for Bryson's goal) and if your strikers aren't scoring you at least want them to be a nuisance to the other team. Better him than Steve Davies, if he doesn't score you don't even notice he's on the pitch...[/size][size=2][/size]
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