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Leeds pull out of Derby friendly according to this report


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Well I notice Sky have added two more of their games for broadcast, maybe Sky have leant on them and said they will lose revenue if they play. Could be a load of bolleau, but it wouldn't surprise me.

We seem to be persona non grata compared to other seasons, and their commentators seem to be highlighting any negative they can towards the club, well, it comes across that way to me anyway.

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45 minutes ago, MackworthRamIsGod said:

I get why we were looking to do it, but it was a daft idea, playing against a fierce rival mid-season when both clubs were gunning for the playoffs, we need less games not more.


Agree entirely. Unfortunately it's another example showing Mel Morris's lack of judgement.

The cause was worthy , the execution plain stupid.

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41 minutes ago, FindernRam said:

I suspect this was never a "real" game. More Mel stirring the pot a bit to get his points across to the League and to Sky. People like Mel often play a long game compared to us mere plebs. A bit of Sabre rattling to wake people up.

I suspect you are right on the button.

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4 hours ago, Ewe Ram said:

I'd hazard a guess that many millionaires have had ideas that are 'just plain stupid'. It's non risk takers like me who remain full of ideas but skint :(


Who in their right mind would set up a search engine on the internet and not charge for using it?
How can you possibly make money with a crazy scheme like that?

(Said someone at the time - who might have been me.)

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