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  1. I think Bielik played a competitive game more recently than Bobby Duncan so I wouldn’t be betting on him going straight on the bench. (But hopefully a bag of goals for the u-23s forces him into contention quickly)
  2. I’m definitely glass half full after a few hours to calm down from the annoyance. Best performance this season (yes, I know). Bryne looks an absolute steal of a signing. Joswiak did well just days after arriving. Jason Knight and Byrne looked a strong combination. Wisdom is good back up for MTW and Clarke at centre back. Holmes back in training on Monday. Jamal H-I fit again and in contention. Waghorn, Lawrence and Bielik another week closer. Transfer window another week closer (which means availability of players for loan signings become clear cut) it all just feels like we missed a pro
  3. I actually think Byrne is a breath of fresh air - maybe him and Jozwiak in the same spaces too often but hopefully that's just a matter of time. Hope Cocu is prepared to give Hector-Ingram have an hour - we could do with a specialist penalty winner...
  4. Great finish from Shonibare 1-1 against run of play
  5. Ideal for a loan - definitely one of the stars for u-23 but Ibrahim on bench ahead of him midweek.
  6. Positives... 1) Bryne and Marshall actually looked good even in that showing - they’ll be good additions 2) Everyone a week nearer fitness (Rooney, Lawrence, Waghorn, Bielik - even Wisdom hasn’t had a pre season). 3) under 23s and under 18s had a stellar week. 4) no crowd in the stadium to watch it and get on the backs of the youngsters. 5) If there was a reluctance to pay a little bit more for Jozwiak. You’d think that will now be solved. ...just let’s not go make panic signings
  7. Looks like we're left with: Marshall Buchanan/Forsyth Clarke Evans Te Wierek Byrne Bird Shinnie/Rooney Knight Sibley Marriott Roos - Wisdom - Davies - Buchanan/Forsyth - Shinnie/Rooney - Whittaker - maybe Hector-Ingram/Shonibare/Ibrahim as 7th sub ?
  8. Importantly his name sort of scans with the Abdul Camara song. We’d still need to have found him in Calais though - vauxhall zafira’s not allowed into Monaco. This does smack of ‘who’s available’ rather than the research done on Jozwiak and the links since January. Also RobDorsett was the one who tweeted about Panzo - so probably being fed by same agent, who used us to get price up in France.
  9. According to the Mirror, Spurs in for Will Hughes at 13m - surely in that depressing deal with Watford, there was a sell on clause https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/tottenham-transfer-news-will-hughes-22634045
  10. Never in doubt. positives from game Roos in shoot outs Max Bird Lee Buchanan as left back Sibley not booked Wiz can tell his Grandkids he was brought on as an attacking midfielder.
  11. Missing Rooney, Lawrence, Bielik, Wisdom, Waghorn, Marshall one of those games where the non players look better and better
  12. Roos did well both times - came out and made himself big
  13. I’ll be watching at home in California - game live on espn+ If anyone else in the US, 4am local time, continuing our miserable run (for me) of early kick offs post covid.
  14. Without Marshall, Knight (international) Waghorn, Wisdom, Rooney, Ebosele (presumed injured) Lawrence, Bielik (def injured) Roos Bogle Te Wierik Clarke Lowe Bird Evans Holmes Sibley Shinnie Marriott Subs - Ravas, Buchanan, Forsyth, Davies, Ibrahim, Whittaker, Hector-Ingram, could see Buchanan getting the nod over Lowe/Fozzy. Hope some of the injured are at least fit enough for the bench, particularly Waggy.
  15. From the Liverpool site - under 23s lost 3-1 to them today https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/academy/407202-lfc-u23s-see-off-Derby-in-latest-pre-season-outing
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