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  1. Now i can breathe, a moment for espn plus here in America who managed to lose the pictures for the last minute of the game ! what a day
  2. Important contribution by Feste, taking a yellow card so Curtis can have a rest.
  3. Relying on this Forest side is not a great position to be in. Did Cafu’s parents call him that as a joke ?
  4. Think we should definitely play Clarke and Edmundson. and Shinnie. and 8 of the others and cross our fingers that Rotherham and Wednesday lose and so far Morgan Whittaker has made 2 starts and 8 sub appearances for Swansea in the league without scoring, so an eye on him would be useful.
  5. We’ll be in person next season with less car parking pressure. Under 23s are top 5, Under 18s just beat Leeds 5-0 despite a squad full of kids for the first team. A proper pre season under a clear leadership and they have to be able to deliver more.
  6. Not complaining but for the goal what on earth was the Birmingham centre back doing in front of CKR - appeared to watch the cross go past him. tense, tense second half coming
  7. Was anyone fooled by the decoy runs from Waghorn and Lawrence on the free kicks. No Paul Daniels either of them..
  8. With a hat tip to the mention of Charlie George’s injury, the true Derby answer is obviously ‘gypsy’s curse’. The bit that made me laugh was mention of ‘Mel Morris’s advisors’. I would argue the opposite - that he didn’t have consistent, senior advisors/board members. I still don’t like all the criticism of him despite the mess. He backed managers and Rush with the money they asked for. He built an academy that we are rightly proud of. We want an owner to invest and he has done that. However, while the Leeds gamble on spending on promotion paid off, ours did not - and the pres
  9. Come on ref - we need a full pitch brawl here and a string of multi game suspensions
  10. It’s got to the point where i’m grateful that Rotherham and Huddersfield can’t both win.
  11. What is the point when we have a free kick of both Shinnie and Lawrence standing next to the ball when it’s obvious that whoever puts the ball down is the man who’s going to take it !!
  12. Congrats to Joe Bateman - unsung part of the youth teams - very good to see him on the bench. am sure it’ll be overshadowed by Stretton’s heroic return, but credit where it’s due and I do like the way that Rooney has basically merged the under 23 and main squad !
  13. Only 2 pages of thread on match-day after 2 weeks ‘missing’ the championship - we really need something to spark us all into life.
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