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  1. Think our main priority is finding homes for Carson, Bennett, Josefzoon, Malone, a loan home for Mitchell-Lawson - save those 5 wages (plus Martin, Huddlestone, Anya - and the youngsters we let go) - and then we may be able to afford a goalkeeper or a winger ...
  2. At least his 2 goals at Millwall will add to his agent's you tube sales video (the Wigan goal, the cross for lawrence at Reading, that well taken goal as a 17 year old, lots of close up shots of him coming on and off)
  3. Adding here the full list of 56 players, so a bit more easy to read than the source https://www.efl.com/siteassets/image/202021/efl-professional-retain-list---2019-20.pdf Organising players by position is always fraught. Goalkeepers (5) Scott Carson, Jonathan Mitchell, Henrich Ravas, Kelle Roos, Matt Yates. Defence (12) RB: Jayden Bogle, Andre Wisdom Joe Bateman LB: Max Lowe, Craig Forsyth, Scott Malone, Lee Buchanan CB: Curtis Davies, Richard Keogh, Ethan Wassell (o) Jordan Brown, Callum Minkley (o) (plus Wisdom/Evans/Bielik/Forsyth - listed elsewhere)
  4. We need a Summer holiday. Let’s come back with a fully fit Bielik, a fully fit Marriott, a new goalkeeper, our new Dutch centre back and our bunch of excellent teenagers a little bit wiser, bigger and stronger. If we can have more new faces then great, but let’s make sure that they’re better than we have already.
  5. Advertising board from Intu saying ‘now reopen’ causing more outrage for crimes against English language than the actual stuff on the pitch...
  6. If Bamford was sent off tomorrow, would he miss the first Premier League game ? Asking for a friend. Seriously this is pre season friendly time for us now - let’s play individuals who we’re looking to be important next season.
  7. 60 mins in - no bookings. Missing the crowd !
  8. Not seen an official released list but two of the youngsters have gone public
  9. Best entertainment in months. Sibley makes me think of Giles Barnes with his quick feet into difficult areas. As Rams TV said - Rowett lets you have possession - but even so, some of the first half passing was excellent. also praise to Cocu on the subs - important to use the squad in this run in, and felt so right to see Curtis coming in with Wisdom switching to right back. Not so sure about Rooney’s brief spell up front. Still a mountain to climb with our run-in to finish top 6, but a great start.
  10. are you sure ? No sign of him on the pics and both Roos and Ravas definitely played
  11. If anyone has any clues - would be an interesting jigsaw to play from the published pictures and the insta/twitter comments I've got up to 11 Roos Ravas Bogle Buchanan Lowe Forsyth Davies Sibley Lawrence Josefzoon Waghorn Cocu said 'most got 90 minutes' and Ravas said 'some minutes' - so maybe Ravas came on for Hamer or Roos at some stage.
  12. Series of rows with managers and coaches, 33, no thanks
  13. Academy contracts - amidst all the discussion of the first team contracts (martin,Huddlestone,Forysth, Martin, Anya etc) - any idea what's happening about some of our Under 23 regulars and who's likely to stay and go ? Hepburn Murphy's loan running out, Babos, Wassell now 'veterans' at this level without stepping up
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