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  1. Wisdom at full back means Joswiak has no support going forward, means their winger gets more space because Wisdom cautious on being beaten for pace and also weakens us at centre back. get Byrne on.
  2. Great result but for context debuts for 5 Man Utd u-16s, including 14 year old Finley McCallister.
  3. Well that was a brilliant finish - surely the full backs weren’t rested for Watford - bringing them on changed the game and I’m sure some of the officials we’d have had this season would have given CKR offside for the winner !
  4. Great win for a young side. Do appreciate Rams Tv on nights like this. (Mornings here 🙂 )
  5. He’s one of us and not well. A sad read, but Derby fans are used to coming through the bad times and rising again. Hopefully he can recover fully and the Rams can keep him smiling.
  6. An off the training ground set piece goal and a CKR from outside the 6 yard box. Am i awake ?
  7. One day Clarke will head the ball in the right direction from a corner.
  8. Good to see that we’re playing on the Baseball Ground. Hope they can find the penalty spot in the second half
  9. All about who’s coming in. If we’ve got solid centre back choices coming then it makes sense for us and him to join the Derby veterans team (Bennett, Pearce, Malone)
  10. Phew....great win...credit to Roos and Buchanan
  11. Good speed by Waggy to get involved in the goal celebrations
  12. Willock always seems to be in front of his marker - whether it be Buchanan, Shinnie or Knight. Getting too much space.
  13. Given where we are on centre backs - clarke leaving end of season, curtis sadly finished, no one knocking from the u-23s, Wiz’s contract very important to renew
  14. Not as enjoyable as most of the academy games on Rams tv....but at least none of the first team injured.
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