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  1. Show the fighting spirit of today (and West Brom and Stoke) and we’re going to have plenty of enjoyable/memorable moments. Hope that we’ll find real owners by Jan who can tie our talent down to longer term contracts, and then we build again even if it is from league 1.
  2. Shattered after first game back since covid. Brilliant in the Derby end, gutsy performance on the pitch. Wish Kazim had been there
  3. Keep going @B4ev6is - we need your enthusiasm on here to brighten the mood. We’ve been through plenty of tough times with DCFC and we’ve always come out the other side. We’ll be back !
  4. Great third from Stretton - deflected long range shot
  5. Maybe we could move these games to the afternoons to save on the electricity bills and helps us actually see the ball.
  6. How good was that - a ‘Bird-day’ goal - Ravel pulling the strings. Love the way Ravel bosses his teammates.
  7. Despite some excellent opinion on the forum, we’re all reading the tea leaves. The club should either be commenting ‘there is no final decision and we are still negotiating’ or ‘a formal decision will be announced shortly’ - or at the very least briefing Steve Nicholson to say ‘I understand no decision has been made’ or ‘a decision will be announced shortly’. The social media driven news cycle means that an unsourced story from the Mail is repeated as truth by multiple outlets in the absence of any comment to disprove it.
  8. Lets just wait for the corner flag to message rather than believe the Mail or the Sun. After all this time to just accept the 9 plus 3 suspended seems a bit odd unless potential new owners have asked that it be done.
  9. Why is it all so ridiculously last minute ? Not a surprise that the game is happening and yet purchase deadline very close to the game - with no collection of away fan tickets at the ground.
  10. We need the sort of cynical time wasting last 10 minutes that we’ve often suffered against us
  11. First we see Byrne marking Ajayi (6’4) at a corner then Diangana racing Curtis for a through ball. 0-0.
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