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Triangle Flap Jacks banned


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Just thought id share this with you lot.



Kitchen staff have been told to cook rectangular or square snacks instead after the Year 7 boy suffered a ‘sore eye’ when he was accidentally struck in the face by the four inch-long snack thrown by another child at Castle View School on Canvey Island, Essex.


The pupil was soon patched up and sent home for the afternoon, but headteacher Gill Thomas swiftly decided to ban kitchen staff from baking the three-sided desserts, telling them only rectangular or square shapes were allowed, the Sun reported.


An insider at the school said the pupil went to the first aid office after the triangular flapjack was thrown across the canteen last Wednesday, and while the area around his eye looked “a bit sore”, it “wasn’t life-threatening or anything like that”.


“He didn’t need to go to hospital,” said the source. “It was an accident and no one got in trouble.”

Less than 24 hours after the food fight, school manager Keith Evans gathered the cooks and dinner ladies to tell them triangular flapjacks were off the menu, according to the Sun.


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By the way, lets get rid of triangular ones and replace them with squares and rectangles - which have got more corners. That's genius!!

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