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What is the best league in the world?


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La Liga


Bundesliga/Serie A

About 5 years ago, Prem probably slightly edged it but the Barcelona & Real are now far ahead of the Manchester clubs. Even their midtable teams would probably beat most of ours - witness Athletic Bilbao's footballing lesson handed out to Manu in last season's Europa League.

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In terms of quality and excitement La Liga.. The bottom teams in La liga are far better than the bottom teams in other leagues.. Barca or Real Madrid would win any other league at a canter but it's how competitive the rest of the league is that makes it exciting for me..

People disagreed with me last season but I provided points tallies going into the last game of the season to show that La Liga was the most competitve and had the most riding on the last games of the season than any of the other big leagues.. The fact that 6 different teams could have got relegated on the last game of the season, that 4 different teams could have clinched the CL etc..

The Bundesliga is the best for atmosphere..

The PL is great for nationalities and drama.. Any dull game can get excited following bad refereeing, a reckless challenge or a ridiculous penalty claim which perhaps you wouldn't get elsewhere.. The end to last season was probably the best finish to a season ever.. I've never known a team to score 2 injury time goals to win a league before..

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PL for excitement and drama. Fast and error prone

La Liga for technical ability.

Bundesliga for a bit of both and atmosphere

..... Bundesliga ticks more boxes but I'd say La Liga is the style of football that really tests what ability on a ball a player has.

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Watched a bit of Premiere Sports (never heard of it before) and there was River Plate v Lanos (spelling) really fast paced game and ball on floor, good to watch and end to end, was 0-0 but a dam fine 0-0, then showed highlights of other games again looked really good and you get the excitment of maybe a game stopping because of crowd trouble!!!!!

Was impressed therefore:

Argintine league



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