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The Moon

swansea ram

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Nice one Swansea, it looked like it had 5 or 6 coloured rings around it the other night? Think it's Butthead who's **** hot with astronomy maybe he'll know...

Good job them bloody yankee doodles didn't blow it up eh?

take more water with it.
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It was Jupiter by the moon, December is a good month to observe as it's getting high up in the night sky. If anybody has a pair of reasonable binoculars try spotting it's moons too.

The coloured rings around the moon are as Albert said, nice to see but does mean the upper atmosphere is too unsteady for anything else.

The fullish moon is a bit of a pain in the a#se as it washes out other sights such as galaxies and nebula. When it's like this it's only worth viewing the moon itself, planets and double stars.

There's going to be a comet in the New Year too.....

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