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  1. I bought that song off ebay a few years ago. Just found it now.
  2. Who used to be at Derby, has just joined Merthyr Town for next season.
  3. Derby 1 Buminthem 3 FRGS WATSON
  4. Preston 3 Derby 1 FRGS Roberts.
  5. Reading 1 Derby 1 FRGS Lawrence.
  6. My local council in Neath (S Wales) removes bins if they are used too much. I know of at least 10 in the small town that have gone.
  7. I deal in cash for everything, as i don't have a bank account.
  8. I got 5 bottles of Thunderbird blue if that helps.
  9. Derby 2 notts flopist 1 FRGS CLARK
  10. Doing as well as i am, it's better i don't say too much. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.
  11. Why would it be blocked. I only asked a question. And if it's in the wrong place, i apologize, i'm sure someone will put it in the right place.
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