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  1. We tried that with the accounts.
  2. Don't know, but it is on channel 635 on freeview.
  3. AlJazerra News are doing a documentry on "The Men Who Sell Football", which is being shown soon (but didn't give a date, and featured on the advert for the program was Derby County. No other details were said, but is on English football clubs. Anyone else seen this.
  4. Not everyone has, or can have a bank account, so it's cash only.
  5. I bought that song off ebay a few years ago. Just found it now.
  6. Who used to be at Derby, has just joined Merthyr Town for next season.
  7. Derby 1 Buminthem 3 FRGS WATSON
  8. Preston 3 Derby 1 FRGS Roberts.
  9. Reading 1 Derby 1 FRGS Lawrence.
  10. My local council in Neath (S Wales) removes bins if they are used too much. I know of at least 10 in the small town that have gone.
  11. I deal in cash for everything, as i don't have a bank account.
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