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  1. In answer to the OP - for me it started at Burnley in 2014 when Martin was sent off for diving when it should have been a pen. If we'd won that game I think we would have gone up automatically with Leicester. No Zamora goal, Mac having a full close season to recruit for the Prem, no game at Zenit, no Thorne injury, .... However, what followed afterwards wasn't inevitable and it's hard to disagree with many of the posts above. That 13/14 season seems like it was 70 years ago, not 7.
  2. I misread that and thought Nicholson had come on. He's a bit long in the tooth now but a decent LB in his day. And that goal v Sheff Weds...
  3. It’s beginning to look that way. A very strange business all round.
  4. Agreed. Rooney starting to use them well too. His experience of playing at a club like Man U where squad rotation is common may be a factor.
  5. Fozzy has been 2013/14 quality in the last game and a half.
  6. Yep. Me too. Took the whole family to see that FA Cup game against Chesterfield. Suspected something might be up when he was withdrawn at half time...
  7. I’m starting to see slight hints of Thorne in Bielik. Early days, but I would love to see him play in a confident, winning team with the kind of swagger we had in 13/14.
  8. Jason Kavanagh John Harkes Paul Coutts Michael Jacobs
  9. Would need 3 injuries to be down to ten men.
  10. Fewer ex-players on that list than you might have thought. I wonder how many more will have been added in 25 years' time. I'd have thought possibly: Bryson Eustace Baird Plenty I wouldn't want anywhere near, but that's another story.
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