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  1. 1) 3-3 v Sheff Wed, FA Cup QF, 1992/3 2) 5-0 v Forest, ‘nuff said 3) 2-1 v Chelsea, FA Cup R4, 1982/3, my first game
  2. Max has become a player that I watch at times during games even when he isn’t on the ball, just to see what he’s doing. The only other players in the last 20 years that have made me do the same were Thorne and Hughes. It was fascinating in the first 10 minutes today, when we were disjointed and clearly getting used to a new setup, to see him talking so much to players around him and gesturing to get them in the right positions. As the first half unfolded he went on some surging runs which just shifted the play immediately in a way that we don’t often see. Give him the armband and a seven year contract, then just keep building teams around him. Special player.
  3. Bird and Sibley have been as influential in this half as Mount and Wilson ever were last season.
  4. Crazy isn’t it? I think he got his comeuppance ten (?) years later when that Nicholson 35-yarder went in off the bar and his backside against Wednesday, also in the Cup.
  5. That brings back some memories- the strongest of which is pouring out of the ground, hearing on someone’s radio that Plymouth had just won and thinking that if we drew them we would surely be guaranteed a place in the semi-finals.... Watching those highlights now, immediate thoughts are: - back pass! - no red for Woods? - one sub - fences Amazing how quickly things change - although then again it appears that somehow it was more than a third of a century ago... Oh, and I still have that Patrick shirt somewhere. It no longer fits.
  6. Exactly. That’s my point. I don’t understand why there’s not testing for people in that situation. If I’ve just had a normal, seasonal bug then I need to go back to work as soon as I’m well and just get on with it. On the other hand, if I have had this new and highly contagious virus that no one has any immunity to then I need to stay out of circulation for long enough that I’m not a risk to anyone. However, I can’t be tested as I don’t meet the criteria. It’s crazy.
  7. Forty people have been identified because they will only test you if either: - you have been to China, Iran, Italy or a few other places in the last month or so, or - you have been in direct contact with one of the 40 confirmed cases Basically it means they have no idea how many people have it. Surveillance screening only began last week, which means testing people randomly at a small proportion of GP practices. If you have the symptoms, though, you are advised not to go to your GP anyway. My Mrs and I both have flu-like symptoms at the moment. We’re getting better and should be back at work tomorrow, but we also both work in settings where there are lots of potentially vulnerable people. We asked to be tested as a precaution but public health can’t / won’t at the moment. My point is just that we shouldn’t read too much into the relatively low figures at the moment. It’s out there, and it’s more contagious than pretty much anything that has been seen since polio was eradicated. It’s much less harmful though, to most people (more so to older folk, so on a slightly inappropriate note the shift from a Rowett-assembled squad to Mel’s policy of promoting youth from within was probably timely!) On the positive side, lots of us may already have had it. However, when it really gets established there will undoubtedly be disruption to normal life for a while. Whether that means banning people sitting next to each other, outside, at a football match remains to be seen.
  8. Just seen the goals. Martin’s assist for the second was superb.
  9. He lasted an hour and they won 3-0. Interesting. Having said that, we now have Max Bird anyway. Peak 2014 Thorne would displace him still, for sure, but not for long I suspect.
  10. Got to blame Rooney for that one, I'm afraid...
  11. Come on Phil - Martin on for Marriott and let's win this one.
  12. I know it has been said many times already, but Max Bird just gets better and better. Some of his passing tonight has been awesome, and his positioning is that of a player with years of top flight experience. Truly exciting times.
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