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  1. Thank you. FA Cup rather than League Cup too it seems. It was a while back, to be fair.
  2. No bitterness towards Poom, who is a legend. It's more that these things always get done against us - we never do them to other teams. Like the Bury FA Cup Final record, etc..
  3. Slightly left field ones: 1) Poom scoring against us 2) Amazing long range goal by Mark Paterson at the BBG in a night time league cup tie (Stockport County?) being expunged from the record books when the game was abandoned due to fog. He also got a serious injury that night - sadly that wasn't negated by the fog. 3) My old man not letting me have a bet on Mark Wright at 33-1 to be first England scorer v Egypt in Italy '90. Only time a current Rams player had scored for England since the '70s I think. 4) Mentioned already but Martin's sending off at Burnley. Outrageous. Proper sliding doors moment. Burnley have never looked back. Should have been Derby.
  4. Today will be the first home game I have missed voluntarily in what I would call the current era (i.e. games from the post-Clough 4-4 with Ipswich onwards) I get that this is a matter for employer and employee, and that I don’t have a right to have any say in it at all. After all, although I have been a fan since I can remember, as was my dad before me, and his, and his, technically I am just a customer of this business. Last Saturday I was so proud of the players and management for the way we won that game after such a desperately awful week. The fact that we did so with seemingly honest pros like Davies and Martin who had been written off by so many people just made it even better. This week we have a player in the starting lineup who has an imminent court appearance which could potentially result in a custodial sentence. This is a result of deeply antisocial and highly dangerous behaviour, which took place at/after a DCFC event. Should I have a right for my opinion to be considered by the club? No. Do I want to go and watch it? Not today thanks. Always a Ram, of course. Really hope we win today, and I’ll be back, but this just doesn’t seem right to me. I appreciate that others feel differently.
  5. You do know he didn’t play, right?
  6. Now I’m no happy clapper, but I think it’s a bit tough to criticise Clarke’s lack of effectiveness today...
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