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  1. Just watched it again. Not sure how much this has been discussed already, but Wilson’s ball to Mount to assist the second goal was absolutely unreal. How on earth did he know MM was there? Those two have combined so well this season.
  2. Rams 3-2 Baggies FRGS Johnson
  3. Ok, so blood pressure is now back down to a couple of numbers that add up to less than 300, which is something at least... Well I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon out. There’s not much better than a winner in injury time, but to then get another on the break, AND do it against a team which played loathsome negative football throughout was quite something. I have missed that kind of atmosphere. Yes we weren’t great, but I think that there are posters on here who believe that other teams in the top eight are winning week in week out with faultless, flowing, total football. They are not. They do it sometimes, and other times they just do whatever it takes to get over the line. Tomori stood out again, Bogle too, and all three subs deserve plaudits as they changed the game. Bennett may not have done much on the floor but it made such a pleasant change to see him winning balls in the air. Huge respect for Harry Wilson. He has been kicked black and blue for weeks now with no protection from refs, but he just seems to dust himself off and carry on. His 36 yard free kick (six mowed lines at 6 yards each by my reckoning) so nearly went in. As for the penno - balls of steel to just wait for the histrionics to subside and then slot it in so coolly. One sad thought is that the last time we see Craig Bryson in a Rams shirt might have been him hobbling off today. He has played his part this season for sure.
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