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  1. Bird, Bennett, Evans and Wisdom start. Didn’t see that coming.
  2. Weirdly, I had a dream that I had played a couple of games early in the Clough era, and had scored a scrappy goal in a 2-1 win in front of a fairly sparse crowd at PP. I couldn’t understand why I never talked about it, and in the dream I looked it up online to confirm that it had happened. Go figure.
  3. Fuertes looked decent. His main failing was his immigration status. Simon Coleman was a decent, solid centre half for the second tier. We could have done with one at the club at various points during the last 8 years to partner Keogh.
  4. This. Absolutely this. I’d go as far as to say that his passing against Hull was exceptional. Admittedly we don’t get to see him in the training ground to judge how much 90 minutes takes out of him, but jeez, the guy is 32. He’s not exactly a veteran. How exhausting can it be to occupy one spot in the middle of the pitch for the entire game and spray the ball around to teammates in all corners.
  5. Routine win today, without ever being particularly exciting. Felt a bit like the Clement days in that respect. Hudds MOTM - some of that passing was superb. If it had been GT, there would be a baby boom in Derby 9 months from now. Waghorn not far behind. A proper number 9 performance. 3 chances, 2 goals, plenty of hold up play in between. Bryson had a good game. Holmes, notwithstanding the assist for the first, didn’t. Not sure I rate him as much as some on here do. Autos not impossible.
  6. Shrewsbury beating Wolves. Would happily take them home or away.
  7. Can we play you every week? Genuinely. Amazing ground and atmosphere. Accy Ale from a hand pump at £2 a pint. Love it.
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