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  1. I got a feeling on this he going to come good this season. well as it stands he as too..
  2. 100% can see this and he will bang them in
  3. in a hart beat just never going happen
  4. you would sell for a pound... well... now is the time our club looks in a mess. I am only going off press etc as only most fans can. please if it is a different situation tell us.. I am calling you out mel please explain
  5. duncan as shown nothing to see him near the first time picture
  6. this all depends on the new owner. if it us our Eric then will he bye the 20mill striker he thinks we need?.Will HE buy the players he as listed that would struggle to get work permits (worrying) all will he that others run the recruitment side..
  7. I am a mess just need it to be over lol come on lads
  8. I am sorry but this is a shocking post. we all love Derby but it is nothing for those that have lost love ones, jobs, homes need I go on..... B4 please think before you post
  9. so.... looking more and more likely we are going down. lots of players out of contract (blessing with the wage) for me Ronney out but how in? what players would you want in
  10. what happens if we go down deal still on?????
  11. RYRAM

    Roy Carroll

    what was that cant remember
  12. so has he taken over yet? 48 hrs maybe
  13. I can see Roberts starting if any... but the bench will be strong coyr
  14. well as you now know the only player that was registered in time for tonight would have been on the bench. the game is now be moved 24 hrs. the other players can play do.you think he will change the team? I think they will be a strong bench tomorrow night
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