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  1. these risks are not working ibe now this......
  2. please let it be done one way or another
  3. Mel if there is any chance you read this please could we have answers. with talk of people pulling out deal falling through players not receiving wage. even talk of administration. please can we have some news what ever it may be.
  4. with a second string team of youngsters no!
  5. look mate the cup was a game was good for them and a game we had a chance of winning sadly didn't work out that way. the championship is a different matter. no need for you sarcastic comments
  6. please god know. we have Colin for that we need a striker
  7. yep and for saying the season we had so far he is doing fine!
  8. goals mate he is going fine in that department. if the take over dont happen soon can see it we need funds to get striker and cb
  9. just had a scan over.. shocking please if we get the take over done we don't have owners like this the likes of forest etc the promising fact is they have seemingly got the mac and this shows they listen
  10. sadly we are in a scrap and the lad did fantastic holding up bulling the CB. Good finish sadly not to be......
  11. no mate they could come if we asked nicely 😉
  12. who ever is in charge its a test run for the job till we get the man in take over wants
  13. stretton will be out on loan in Jan for me see how he gets on in league one/two I like the lad think he will play for Derby some point
  14. there's nothing wrong with the lad he as had his issues and not training won't help give him time after the break and he will be off the bench to start then pushing to be in the starting 11
  15. Rooney will have him in with a few more when we are taken over
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