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  1. 5 Seconds? 5 Seconds is 25-30 yards at that pace Even my 57 year old body wouldn't be 5 seconds late LOL.
  2. Yes great player deffo old school and probably who I modelled my playing style other than the great Dave Mackay. The fact he played for the bin dippers and still hold him esteem is a measure of the man.
  3. Just a thought for Mickey Thomas who has been diagnosed with cancer. I know he was only on loan at our great club, but he has been one of the games characters (albeit not always in +ve manner). But hope you win the fight Mickey and I am sure those of us who had the good fortune to enjoy the run-in in the Third division in 1986 wish you all the best.
  4. Good shout I would have gone for Mackay and Gemmill
  5. If this season is average god knows where these people have been the last 20Years. Ask Stoke, Villa, Swansea, QPR and Sunderland fans what position they would rather be in.
  6. LOL I had forgot Wayne (Jayne) County completely. Didn't realise there was so much culture in that part of the potteries.
  7. Obviously these Spurs fans weren't old enough to Willie Carlin in 69!
  8. You are Jeff Stelling and I claim my £5.
  9. Due to the amount of Derby fans populating the Trent End that day
  10. In my teenage years my poetic mate summed the Baseball Ground as smelling of soot, meat pies, stale beer and farts. Still chuckle now about that.
  11. Pigeons and football don't mix youth, you miss start and end a season.
  12. No all the decent ones support Port Vale.
  13. Was that the one where Jimmy Rimmer kicked the ball straight to him?
  14. Mine as well, carried on my late old man's shoulders aged 5. Funnily I remember the smell of Ley's as much as the noise we were in the Normanton Lower Tier.
  15. Remember Jason Kavanagh belting one in close range at Reading back in the day. It about took the net out still not sure what he was trying to achieve.
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