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  1. Yes it looks like the one on the end of the changing rooms in the 80's
  2. That's what I have been coaching wrong all these years only using 10 outfield players๐Ÿ˜Š
  3. This doesn't suggest Cocu sets up to defend almost all season 4-3-3 attacking formation : https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/psv-eindhoven/spielplan/verein/383/saison_id/2017
  4. In the end stats are about probability so the chances are the team with the least deviation from xG will be nearer, there is one big however. The dangerous assumption is that next season everything is going to be the same as the previous season in terms of marginals. If you study what Sir Dave Brailsford says there is a lot to gain from these small changes and this makes any historical stat meaningless.
  5. Ah Flo do you remember the last time we played Ajax away and went for a walk to do some window shopping?
  6. Looking at who we have to the way Cocu normally sets up is interesting: Link to last time that PSV played Ajax when he was in charge (PSV won 3-0) by the way https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/spielbericht/index/spielbericht/2888373 Lozano and Bergwijn are like greyhounds compared to our lot and obviously the big guy upfront. The guy who i think we could afford and his a bit of a favourite is Hendrix would be a good shout for us. Unfortunately don't see a place for Chrissy type player
  7. Going back to Germany to be close to his family ๐Ÿ™
  8. Huddlestone does it better than most anyone (including Hoddle,Brady or Ace) it is his pace that lets him down.(Badly)
  9. No vacancy for me at present, I think there is a significant list in front: Central defence Defensive Midfield and Attacking Midfield all want addressing first.
  10. Rowett tried to sign them two years ago because they fitted in to his age profile.
  11. Thing is he kept it from his teammates as well.
  12. Yes I thought of this as a credible possibility from an attacking sense a bit like Gabbiadini, Kitson and Johnson. The problem then comes with midfield and we ain't strong enough there.
  13. Credit Agencies are the new central banks they control everyone's finance without permission or governance. I have read somewhere that DI said this before Gordon's banking crisis of 2008. You can tak a lot of things he has id with a pinch of salt but somethings are more relevant than you think.
  14. Agree with the sentiment but better than Saunders?
  15. So he's got a snide customer id also!
  16. Only good if you can't remember
  17. Or a really good one ๐Ÿ˜‰
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