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  1. No, just shows his quality as a player. Play to win.
  2. Matt's return to Pride Park was one of the few times I've seen so many of the home crowd rise to applaud a former player off when subbed. No player has desired it more. Seem to remember it upset the Leicester fans?
  3. I like Whittaker and think he will develop into a good player but we have other options coming through in his position. Others such as centre forward and centre back we don't and need to wheel and deal to cover these. Sensible deal if true.
  4. Bielik is technically one, if not the best, midfielder in the Championship. He's not the finished article and last season, perhaps slightly overwhelmed by his price tag, tried to much when not match fit. Now he's showing his true class, as he's shown for Charlton and Poland. He'll get better, if he becomes a Derby legend depends on how long he stays not his ability.
  5. Bet it will be MK Dons. Return of Keogh and Jerome
  6. Daily Telegraph mention it in mstch report on tonight's game. Haven't actually checked for myself.
  7. Sheffield United have taken our record for the worse start to a Premier League season
  8. 1. For sale 2. Fan base, stadium, training ground and general infrastructure 3. Better vfm than a current EPL who are available to buy, such as Burnley
  9. Very true but the discussions have been generalising about the country so I compared countries. I have concerns about UAE and their human rights but I was trying to give a comparison not condoning. An individual or corporate responsibility for a countries behaviour is a complex discussion, are you more culpable for action or inaction?
  10. I'm not looking to defend UAE but any discussion should be based on fact. As noted in an earlier post UAE have executed 5 people in the last 10 years, all for violent crimes. In 2019 USA executed 19 people, did you complain when we were owned by GEE?
  11. Yes but not the ones in the article in the link. His was in 2019, the Saudi's was 2020
  12. Wrong take over bid, he's UAE not Saudi. Not saying there aren't issues but TV piracy isn't one of them
  13. This stacks up with our position in the table so is probably pretty accurate.
  14. Gladram

    George Thorne

    https://twitter.com/bbcoxfordsport/status/1278653413128093696?s=19 Some things don't change. George Thorne only injured player in Oxford squad.
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