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  1. Players with leg injuries that prevent them running will often spend to much time in the gym working on fitness but in reality bulking up. In Will Hughes case this was a positive. With George perhaps less so, an example of over doing it was Miles Addison who came back an absolute beast but so so slow. George can come back if he's able to run off some weight. As others have mentioned Frank did this at West Ham.
  2. Gladram

    Luke Thomas - Sent to Coventry, loan till Jan.

    This is basically the same article updated with Rowett leaving, clickbate! Let's give Mel and the new coach/manager time before we destroy them. Based on previous we have months to do this and the anticipation will make the experience better.
  3. Gladram

    Johnson and Huddlestone

    What I like about Johnson is that he has an impact on games, I'll admit not always positive but he makes things happen. At the moment he plays on the front foot, even when defending, and adds to the team.
  4. Gladram

    MK Dons/Afc Wimbledon

    I've lived in or around MK nearly as long as its been in existance. I've also seen the local teams such as Wolverton Town, Bletchley Town, Milton Keynes Borough struggle to grow beyond the lower tiers of football. Milton Keynes has struggled with an identity as it has grown faster than any other UK town or city. We never managed to get behind one team, so eventually they all failed. I've seen good local footballers missing out on development due to no local teams with a development structure. What Pete Winkleman did was probaly wrong but after 14 years people need to move on. I see the positive the team have in Milton Keynes, Dele Aii and Sam Baldock for example have both came through their academy, Dele Ali in particular wouldn't have developed at a club that wasn't local. They have a great academy and many young fans. Yes, the majority of the older fans have other clubs but this will change. I agree they should drops Dons but whilst not suppoting or watching them I do believe their existance is positive to Milton Keynes Many of you will disagree but as I'm not a passionate fan I won't get involved in a debate, just putting a local view. COYR
  5. Gladram

    Rowett - In or Out? - mk 2

    I voted no but big discussion needed over the summer. He is a good manager but he needs to understand how to manage a team who is expected to win, at Burton and Birmingham he was the underdog which he was good at. If he doesn't see the need to change his philosophy to more positive one then I'll change to a yes.
  6. Gladram

    Season tickets for next year, whose renewed

    Renewed last night. Looking forward to Championship football on a Saturday afternoon.
  7. Gladram

    How Are You Today ?

    Theres a line in the John Cleese film Clovkwise which sum it ip for me. "It's not the despair, Laura. I can take the despair. It's the hope I can't stand" When I hopped promotion was possible any loss of points or poor performance hurt. Now i don't, I can live with it and move on.

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