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    Kinder got a reaction from richinspain in Worst gig you have ever been to. Comedy or music.   
    Bill Bailey at the NIA 22 November 2007. Problem was we turned up on 29 November to find out the snooker was on! It was our first night out after we had our daughter and we both clearly had baby brain. I’m sure it was a good gig but we didn’t see it, we just went home!
  2. Haha
    Kinder got a reaction from ariotofmyown in Worst gig you have ever been to. Comedy or music.   
    Bill Bailey at the NIA 22 November 2007. Problem was we turned up on 29 November to find out the snooker was on! It was our first night out after we had our daughter and we both clearly had baby brain. I’m sure it was a good gig but we didn’t see it, we just went home!
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    Kinder got a reaction from AndyinLiverpool in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    Goes back way earlier than that for me.
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    Kinder got a reaction from Ellafella in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    There’s a front man from a 90s indie band somewhere who wants his hair back from Gallagher.
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    Kinder reacted to Van der MoodHoover in El DerbyCo   
    Alonso is Gary Teale? 
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    Kinder reacted to uttoxram75 in Rooney Out!   
    Pointless debates about Rooney as a player. The generation aspect will always make it difficult to compare. Rooney was the best of his generation, no doubt whatsoever, not just his incredible goal scoring record but his overall contribution to the team. His workmate for United was phenomenal.
    Shearer was similar, worked his socks off and contributed to the team.
    Players like Lineker, Greaves, maybe even the greatest England forward of all time, Steve Bloomer, were out and out goal scorers, poachers, hitmen, predators, goal hangers, whatever you want to call them. quick as lightning over ten yards, intelligent, read the game well and found themselves in dangerous positions by instinct. I'd put Bobby Davison in that sort of group, (not saying he was as good as those but he had that instinct).
    So, Rooney as a player? Pretty faultless, up there with the best as a prolific goalscorer but also contributed numerous assists and defensive work to his teams. Created a lot of his own goals.
    Rooney as a manager? He most certainly must want to be a manager. He's a multimillionaire yet he's spending his time in cold, empty stadiums trying to get players who are a million miles below his standard to perform as a team under horrendous circumstances.
    He faces the flak in interviews, doesn't hide, he seems to understand the responsibility and the expectation of managing a club like ours.
    He's taking it seriously and prepared to put the hard yards in, do his apprenticeship and learn his trade.
    He'll keep us up and make us competitive next season imo.
  8. COYR
    Kinder reacted to enachops in Max Lowe   
    Decent interview in The Athletic about Lowe. Quite honest, positive about Cocu. Still a Derby lad and holds club dear to him. Gonna be a dad in August, newborn will have a Derby shirt! 
  9. COYR
    Kinder reacted to Spanish in Relegation watch   
    Udders losing
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    Kinder got a reaction from Ellafella in Your Derby County Mug   
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    Kinder got a reaction from Ellafella in Your Derby County Mug   
    This has been passed down to me from my grandparents and now has pride of place in my bar.

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    Kinder reacted to richinspain in El DerbyCo   
    Excellent translation of the text, however like many transcripts of interviews it is very limited to what it quotes.
    In the interview he gives an outline of his background:
    His father owned Logroñés football club when he was very young and so being around a football club is normal for him.
    He moved to Indonesia when he was 16 for family business, and as he knew the trainer of the national boxing team ( his grandfather was Spanish boxing champion and the trainer also Spanish) he took up the sport to get himself fit. He went on to make 5 professional fights, winning all of them by KO and becoming champion of Indonesia. He became a father at 21 and as he felt that he couldn't give the sport 100% decided to finish.
    He moved into the family business in Indonesia of real estate, mainly construction of villas in Bali after studying business.
    If he were to buy a club for love it would be Logroñés, but the opportunity to buy DCFC was too interesting to pass up. If however he could buy any club in the world it would be Atlético Madrid.
    He spoke to Ramon Calderon recently and they talked about the tie in the European Cup.
    The interviewers then asked about the money side of the deal and although he didn't want to give out the numbers for buying the club he did leave them almost speechless with the amount of money in the English game. He is however buying the club with the help of partners he has in a holding.
    When asked about the reception he had received from fans he was delighted with the response, although he would have understood if they had said "who's this youngster who has come here and bought our club? What are his intentions?" (@DarkFruitsRam7 and @Millenniumram, your tweets didn't reach him).
    They then spoke about Rooney, basically saying what was said in the transcript.
    "Is there a Spanish player that you would like to take to Derby County?" was then asked to which he answered Fernando Llorente. After the incredulation of the interwiewers he did say that he had not spoken to Llorente, but that as someone from his region and someone he admires very much he is "the type of player, for his experience and what he would bring" that he would like to sign, but at this moment the club doesn't have that kind of money. However he would be his dream signing.

    That more or less is the interview. What would I say are my feelings after listening? He is a young man who has known nothing but success. He always gives 100% to whatever he does. He's not in this on his own, but although he didn't say who the other backers are (in no way did he avoid the very brief question, he just didn't elaborate)  or how much input in the day to day running they will have I got the impression that he will be the one running us. He does seem to want nothing but success and does understand how much it could cost. If he has half the success he has had up to now and his ambition would suggest then we're in for quite some ride.
    My worries? He may just be too enthusiastic, and although as I said he appears to know the pitfalls, he does seem to drop things when he feels he can't give 100% (take his promising boxing career).
    I haven't been to an amusement park in almost 15 years, it looks as though I'm about to go on the biggest and newest there is around.
  13. Haha
    Kinder reacted to rynny in El DerbyCo   
    Just had a few tips
  14. Haha
    Kinder reacted to i-Ram in Match Thread - Blackburn Rovers v Derby County - Friday 16th April, 6pm   
    It needs an old head to steer us to safety now.
    A 6 game unbeaten run with a good number of ugly draws is planned. 8 points will do it.
    First up Blackburn.  We might actually score here, but a 0 - 0 will do.
    Not worth a tenner (or even an overseas discount) to watch this one on Rams TV. Depending on the TBA kick off time I would suggest you watch the build-up to, or the post-ceremony analysis, of the Royal Funeral. Much more excitement.
    Hope Gregory and Clarke are available. Too early for Markle though.
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    Kinder reacted to Chester40 in Best guitarist ever   
    Love the combined sound of their guitars.... Dave Murray I suppose? 
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    Kinder reacted to C-stand in Your Derby County Mug   
    They produced them in blue and black. The first batch had the wrong FA Cup year on.

  17. Clap
    Kinder reacted to Carnero in Derby County - the movie.   
    "Frank Spencer" as Richard Keogh 

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    Kinder reacted to Carl Sagan in El DerbyCo   
    A fair point, for sure. The polarization is on both sides.
    I also could have been more nuanced on the same-sex marriage point. My take is that this is the greatest social change that has happened in my lifetime and it shouldn't be any business of the state whether people can or can't love someone of the same sex. But how quickly we forget that Cameron's government only introduced this in the UK in 2013, just 8 short years ago. Then, all of a sudden, we think we're so enlightened and are outraged that the rest of the world hasn't followed suit, so when Merkel voted against it in 2017 it can seem an outrageous thing for her to have done (especially for those who see her as the champion of European liberal values). And nowadays the British media and commentariat is all holier than though if homophobic abuse is heard at football grounds in other countries. Of course I know nothing of Alonso's views on the topic, but the way towards a more tolerant, better world isn't to immediately castigate everyone who isn't moving on the curve at exactly the same pace as us, but to show understanding and love while letting our own actions and tolerant society speak for itself. 
  19. Clap
    Kinder reacted to CBRammette in El DerbyCo   
    Just have feeling of doom about this. Not based on anything but instinct especially having just googled Matt Southall. Wouldnt it be great if something simple and lovely happened to our club for once. Really fed up with it
  20. Haha
    Kinder reacted to Van der MoodHoover in El DerbyCo   
    Oh lord... Is Clement coming back.... 🤣
  21. Haha
    Kinder reacted to Olton Ram in El DerbyCo   
    Although I'm still processing my grief concerning the loss of the 'Abu Derby County' thread, I'm encouraged by the 'El DerbyCo' thread thus far. 
    We've had far right Spanish politics, unsubstantiated Twitter rumours, smiling Indonesian businessmen, a debate on Ryan Conway's reliability and mention of Jeremy Corbyn.
    The old thread was often completely random and off-topic, and this one is keeping on the tradition. Love it!

  22. Clap
    Kinder got a reaction from Curtains in Best guitarist ever   
    Just perfection.
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    Kinder reacted to Curtains in Best guitarist ever   
    Just love this 
  24. Haha
    Kinder reacted to JfR in Relegation watch   
  25. COYR
    Kinder reacted to Inverurie Ram in v Reading (a) Matchday Thread   
    Just back from work, in very bitter, blizzard, snowy, windy conditions, -2 temperatures clearing up lazy people's rubbish, bags of dog poo from shrubbery from lazy dog owners, and dug a grave and sailed down a busy carriageway at 50 miles an hour when the tipper in the back of the truck decided to be caught by the wind, and tip all by itself, almost scaring to death the young couple driving behind us, as we sailed all over the road, and thankfully we had nothing in the back of the truck..............good job we had dug a grave!
    I then drove round the workshop at the end of the day looking for a charging point to plug the works electric van back into, to find a load of petrol cars parked in the bays for electric vehicles.
    Absolutely frozen, so I've just defrosted myself in a hot bath, and I think I made the right decision to go to work today.
    Hands up when we signed Rooney, who thought we would be in a relegation battle so soon?
    Oh the joys of being a dcfc fan........can't wait to go back to work tomorrow in an uncharged electric van!
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