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  1. Clap
    Kinder reacted to old ilkestonian in v Salford City - Pre Season Friendly   
    Me too, I'm always pleased to tick off a new ground and this will be the 84th of the current 92 that I've seen us play at so I'm very happy to have a ticket. 
  2. Haha
    Kinder reacted to kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in Lee Buchanan   
  3. Clap
    Kinder got a reaction from Carl Sagan in Lee Buchanan   
    Let’s be honest, we’re going to have to sell one or two players to give us wriggle room.  Buchanan is one of our saleable assets, simple as that, so if a reasonable offer comes in for him he’ll be sold.  I’d be gutted if he went to F*rest but needs must and we’re flat skint.
  4. Haha
    Kinder reacted to Ambitious in Tamworth   
    Are we a feeder team for Tamworth now? 
  5. Sad
    Kinder reacted to hintonsboots in Lee Buchanan   
  6. Like
    Kinder reacted to Carnero in It's not 5 it's 4! Choose again.   
    In an ideal world of course I wouldn't sell Byrne, but we'll need 4 centre backs, some midfield creativity & a forward or 2. The only way to achieve this, short of getting out of the embargo is creating a slot or 2 where we can. We're not an ideal world.
    Wisdom & Mengi are solid enough right back options as well as being centre backs, so allows us to have 4 centre backs as well as strengthening elsewhere. With a limited squad size we'll need some versatility.
    Buchanan fills the attacking full back role on the other side.
    It's a perfectly valid option.
  7. Like
    Kinder reacted to Carnero in It's not 5 it's 4! Choose again.   
    I'd be tempted to sell Byrne if we get a reasonable offer and bring Wisdom & Mengi in who can both play RB & CB, effectively creates an extra slot for us.
    Whilst Byrne had a very good season, he's 29 years old with 1 year on his contract and probably at the highest value he's ever likely to be at as a Derby player.
    Needs must.
  8. Haha
    Kinder reacted to UTFR in Is this the most depressing period you’ve experienced as a Derby fan?   
    Whole place needs a bulk delivery of Fun and Laughter bars ®
  9. Sad
    Kinder reacted to ilkleyram in Is this the most depressing period you’ve experienced as a Derby fan?   
    Not even close.  Tim Ward's reign when for year after year we showed no signs of progress; sacking Sir Brian after years of progression; the whole post Dave MacKay period and Docherty when average player after average player was sold to us as a world beater replacing genuine world beaters and a succession of owners with no money; 30 minutes from extinction and then saved by Maxwell - saved by a crook who then steadily lost interest and stole the income from our two best players; the long slide into the 3rd division; Brian not coming back and Peter not the manager that Brian was, never mind their falling out; the 3 amigo period; the promise followed by the depression of Lionel's ownership and that's before we get to the 11 point season and three managers in a year and losing at bloody Wembley time after bloody time after bloody time.
    Watch the Big Match revisited - that depresses me more but in an addictive way.  Football was fun then, more equal - the pitches (not only the BBG) were awful, the players not as fit, the grounds not as well appointed, the referees not as good (God help us), the FA was in charge (God help us), managers ran clubs with (allegedly) brown envelopes and cash, players were slaves and fans often violent, the BBC actually did proper sport and did it well without 5Live and Robbie and Chris, newspapers covered all clubs not just 6, European cup a knock out competition against Champion sides only heard of not seen before. A lack of familiarity bred interest and passion. Above all there was no social media, no P and S, no EFL, no PL, no Sky/BT, no pleasing fans thousands of miles away. Just better.
    What football has become in my lifetime is far, far more depressing than the temporary problems of my beloved club
  10. Like
    Kinder reacted to UTFR in Is this the most depressing period you’ve experienced as a Derby fan?   
    Christ. whats the worst that can happen?
    We get relegated? I'll still go. A few new grounds. Still sing, still moan, still have a good time with my mates.
    Administration? Points deduction? Relegation. I'll still go. A few new grounds. Still sing, still moan, still have a good time with my mates.
    Club wound up and we start again in the isthmian league. I'll still go. A few new grounds. Still sing, still moan, still have a good time with my mates. etc etc.
    We cant control any of it lads and ladies, enjoy your life. Football will still be there to dictate ours saturday evening moods forever.
  11. Haha
    Kinder reacted to Beetroot in Choose your 5   
    Literally the only possible rationale for allowing Rooney to continue is his links to Manu. If he can't pull some strings and bring in the cream of that academy then he needs sacking off. Otherwise abandon that list, get rid of Rooney, shove poor old Wassall into the dugout and see what's what. What does McClaren do? If he's still here sack him too. And Rosenior and the other one. Keep that tall one with the crazy curly hair and big glasses I like him. But otherwise get back to bare bones and start again. If we get relegated then we get relegated. Probably worth finding a couple of centre halves from somewhere though. Wassall'll sort it.
    What was the question?
  12. Like
    Kinder reacted to ram59 in Choose your 5   
    I don't what his injury situation has been, but Jagielka has only played 23 games over the last 3 seasons. That doesn't fill me with confidence in him playing 40+ championship games. Davies impressed me with the speed of both his physical and mental recovery from his serious injury last season, you couldn't question his commitment to the club.
  13. Haha
    Kinder reacted to Gee SCREAMER !! in Lost and Found.   
    I once found half a photograph stuck to the bottom of my shoe in a co-op in Newquay, of two ladies cupping some naked fellas balls.  A bizarre and somewhat unexpected discovery, with a New Years hangover to boot.
  14. Like
    Kinder reacted to angieram in Man Utd Preseason, the return of the fan   
    It was great to get back down to Pride Park and see our first team in action. Not the best day for it temperature-wise and sometimes players are going through the motions a bit in friendlies but I thought most of them today put in a good shift.
    Players that caught my eye first half were Morrison (great use of the ball - if anyone can get him playing like that every week, sign him up!), Aluko, Byrne, Lawrence (despite his header!)  Jagielka and Davies both classy at the back and Roos' handling of the ball and quick distribution kept us moving forward. The intent was definitely there to get forward much quicker, with some smart interchanges to transition play down both flanks. 
    Bird had a mixed game, did some good stuff going forward but made the mistakes for the goals. However, he tries things, Shinnie doesn't and was more of a sideways passer than Bird today. Buchanan puts in a shift going forward, I thought he did okay too given the opposition. 
    No-one seems to have mentioned that we let our second goal in just before the 60 minute changes. At this point we were playing against a completely fresh Man Utd midfield and attack whereas our lads were wilting. It was 36 degrees pitch-side and a rushed pass from Aluko I think that put Bird under pressure.
    Unlike others, I thought Fozzy played well when he came on, looked much sharper than the end of last season and I thought him and CKR took good responsibility for the younger group of players. Fozzy definitely organising the defence. Ebosele played well too, you can't ignore him, Hutchinson took a while to get into it but looked classy on the ball and could have had a goal. Bardell and Thompson showed some nice touches and weren't overawed - have either of them played for the first team before? 
    Sibley and Macdonald a bit disappointing, especially Sibley who wasn't offering the defensive cover that Aluko offered first half. I want to see him get his mojo back quickly because this isn't the player I know he can be.
    Not sure whether Man Utd's first goal was a handball? I thought it was but not given, did Rams TV show anything? 
    Overall an enjoyable afternoon and a decent atmosphere for a friendly with a bit of banter between the two sets of 'singing' supporters.
    However the highlight of the afternoon, and worth the admission money alone, was to see CKR score an actual goal in front of the Derby fans. Use him well and he's going to be even more of a hero this season than last. 🐏
  15. COYR
    Kinder reacted to angieram in Man Utd Preseason, the return of the fan   
    Here we go! 

  16. Like
    Kinder got a reaction from TimRam in What Are You Listening To?   
    A new Maiden track was released today. I really like it, some brilliant guitar work from Adrian Smith. Bruce can still hit the notes as well, thankfully, since his cancer treatment.
    You’ve got to love Maiden, they still sound strong and they keep progressing their sound, even after 40 + years.
  17. Like
    Kinder got a reaction from Dcfcmike in 2021 / 2022 New kit   
    Welcome to the forum, Mike, and great point. I got last season’s pink 3rd kit without the sponsor and it looks bloody lovely. And the lady I dealt with in the Ramtique was really helpful. 👍
  18. Like
  19. Cheers
    Kinder reacted to Ramslad1992 in What Are You Listening To?   
    The older albums are good but there’s only 2-3 per album I think are great (generically the ‘classics’) but BNW was what properly started it for me. I was only 8 when that came out but 20 years later it’s still one of my favourite albums ever. 
    im actually listening to BNW now as this conversation put me in the mood for it 🤘🏻 
  20. Cheers
    Kinder got a reaction from Ramslad1992 in What Are You Listening To?   
    BNW is a great album, but you can’t beat Beast as a complete album! What do you think of the earlier albums? I’m interested to know, because when I got into them it was the classic lineup and everything they’d done up to then was really strong. Adrian left after that and it went downhill until he came back.
  21. Like
    Kinder reacted to Ramslad1992 in What Are You Listening To?   
    Bit younger than you… but been in to them since a young’un because of my dad. Brave new world is probably the most complete album ever in my opinion. I went to see them on the final frontier tour and the book of souls tour in Nottingham. This new one is brilliant though 🤘🏻
  22. Like
    Kinder reacted to Dcfcmike in 2021 / 2022 New kit   
    First post on the forum. Not sure if anyone has picked up on this at dcfc.co.uk but thought I'd share.
    Derby County is committed to responsible gambling, and unbranded kits are available by emailing DCFCmegastore@dcfc.co.uk; and the junior kits will not be branded.
    glad this is being made available for anyone not liking the sponsor or wanting a simplier shirt. I've ordered a plain one. 
  23. Like
    Kinder reacted to angieram in 2021 / 2022 New kit   
    I really like that shirt, love the extra accent that the blue flash on the sleeves introduce.
    I like the promo too, as that's the way most will wear the kit, with jeans to a match. There's enough detail on that shirt to make it look like a fashion t, rather than just a plain football shirt. 
    Having said all that,  I will wait for the dark kit (I always do) but would love a black version that retains the blue but has the black and white reversed. 
  24. Sad
    Kinder reacted to uttoxram75 in Pets   
    Just a couple of weeks after this pic was taken the poor dog was taken poorly. After several vet visits and investigations, biopsies etc, they told us he had an incurable, genetic immune problem causing him severe pain. 
    After getting another opinion from a different vet the same diagnoses was given.
    He went to sleep on Monday morning, grandkids inconsolable, parents and grandparents not far behind. He was not quite three years old.
  25. Haha
    Kinder reacted to hintonsboots in Sone Aluko & Sam Baldock   
    This post should receive an award for the record number of anatomical references in one paragraph.
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