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    Kinder got a reaction from LeedsCityRam in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    I think that‘a the best they could have hoped for. Let’s hope they’ve grown up a huge amount as a result of this and we can all draw a line under it.
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    Kinder reacted to BathRam72 in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    Agreed, let's move on.
    These 2 will have to live with what they have done everyday at least for the next 2 years (not having a car will be a reminder, Keogh will be a constant reminder).
    On the pitch, you just know that opposing fans will not let it lie.
    So now let's draw that line and give our support and help them rehabilitate.
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    Kinder got a reaction from Derby4Me in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    I think that‘a the best they could have hoped for. Let’s hope they’ve grown up a huge amount as a result of this and we can all draw a line under it.
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    Kinder got a reaction from desirelines in Lawrence and Bennett charged with drink driving   
    I think that‘a the best they could have hoped for. Let’s hope they’ve grown up a huge amount as a result of this and we can all draw a line under it.
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    Kinder reacted to CharltonFan in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    Charlton fan here in peace!
    Just signed up to have a chat with you guys and gauge thoughts on the game.
    Looking forward to our old boys Hamer and Bielik back at The Valley. I hear that maybe Bielik will not feature, and it seems like Hamer doesn't get much game-time so may not see them at all! would be nice to thank Bielik for Wembley though.
    I watch your vlogger Alex Allen a lot, loved it when you turned over Leeds in the playoffs... a game I'll never forget.
    We have beaten some good teams so far this season, but Derby appear to be turning a corner. I personally think the team just isn't what it was last season with your loanees back at parent clubs. And what does Jack Mariott have to do to get a start?! Always rated him and shocked he doesn't get more game time. We're confident of getting something from this one, can see a 2-0 maybe 2-1.
    Anyway, I'm probably rambling a bit now. Nice to meet you all, and best of luck for Saturday.... just don't enjoy the game too much ;)
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    Kinder reacted to loweman2 in Derby County Shirt Collection   
    Another very special shirt that has been rescued and given a full clean and restoration, I’ve got to say I am well pleased with what I’ve done, it had been left to die but now will have a new lease of life, this is the only shirt owned by Derby County believe it or not, it had three inch nails going right through it and had been held in place with rusty industrial staples, full of holes and rust.
    i have fully restored it and got it ready for reframing
    i am proud to say that it will be going in pride of place in the new captains club at Pride Park.
    Archie Gemmill’s 1975 Charity Shield no 8 shirt.
    a shirt from our magnificent past.

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    Kinder reacted to loweman2 in Derby County Shirt Collection   
    Added this very rare shirt today, another one preserved for future generations of Rams fans, long sleeved and probably worn by David Swindlehurst!

  10. COYR
    Kinder reacted to B4ev6is in not good news from hospital   
    My good old dad know how to cheer me up.
    I am going to chalton away.
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    Kinder reacted to B4ev6is in not good news from hospital   
    Well guys news I got today was not at all I have serva neve damage all over my body I got to see spailist neve op person next to see what they can do. I just hope hull away game not my last.
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    Kinder reacted to cannable in Czechia vs England   
    Keane couldn’t get in over Bucko or Keogh… and Keogh was our player’s player over Tomori (and if we’re being honest should have been fan’s player too).
    My conclusion is that, but for his grandad, Keogh is England’s third best centre-half 😂
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    Kinder got a reaction from Steve How Hard? in Czechia vs England   
    Very proud to see Mason out there tonight. Once a Ram!
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    Kinder reacted to Steve How Hard? in Czechia vs England   
    Looking forward to watching Mason Mount start tonight. Go and rip it up son. Once a Ram always a Ram. 
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    Kinder reacted to Kernow in Two Directors step down   
    I've heard it's going to be Red Bull who already own Leipzig, Salzburg and New York.
    The opportunity to rename us RB County was too good to pass by.
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    Kinder reacted to Pearl Ram in Two Directors step down   
    Best bloody badge/crest in the league that bar none.
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    Kinder reacted to Ellafella in #OllieMeets Cocu   
    Thanks @Nuwtfly; for clarifying your answer. I've watched the video now, and it's very interesting. I must say that Holloway is a good interviewer. He shows a lot of deference to Phillip...he's very much in awe as he himself says. And I can't disagree with you points a) and b) @Nuwtfly, nor C), although I'm wondering how his philosophy has impacted on the players, if it has yet. What I'm not sure about is when Holloway says how a philosophy takes a lot time to be embedded in a Club; I think back to that famous evening when Mac#1 stormed down to the dressing-room at half-time with Derby trailing 3-1 to Ipswich...we know what happened next. And I think back to last season and watching a Bielsa-inspired Leeds at PP give us a lesson in fast, attacking, high-energy, hugely entertaining football; he'd only been at Leeds a short time but his impact was crystal clear. So, I'm not sure it does take a long time to put across a way of playing. Football is a very simple game. I watched the first game this season and I saw us cut through Huddersfield away like a guillotine through paper; some of our passing was very fast, one-touch, sharp and straight to our players who pinged it around like table-footballers. I thought to myself "wow...fast, deadly precise counter-attacking football"...we then sat back and watched our area under siege for the entire second half. We hung on; somehow. We went into a 2-0 lead v Brum, then dropped back and before we knew it, it was 2-2. Okay we turned it around but B'ham were unlucky. Then at Barnsley, 2-1 up, we dropped deep; they hadn't won since the first day of the season, were full of very young and inexperienced 20-somethings...and those of us at Oakwell for the last 25 minutes could sense that we were going to concede late on. Which we did. It felt like a loss. We played a good first half against Luton...then dropped deep and let them string 16 pass moves together. We were at home against a team who have also struggled early doors. 
    So, I'm starting to try and evince the pattern and hence the philosophy of Phillip's Derby team, and, unless I'm mistaken, it seems pretty conservative and somewhat lacking in ambition if what we've seen so far has anything to go by. The quick, slick, fast passing has petered out and we look laboured and awkward. Potentially there's a whole heap of mitigation that no doubt some will be quick to point out {not "his" players, injuries, disrupted pre-season, "boozegate", et cetera}. And what about his judgement of players? Josefzoon? And what has Shinnie altered about his play to get in the side? We saw a glimpse of Martin and Marriott on the field together in Florida and we saw a potential Swindlehirst-Biley type symbiosis...just a glimpse but the deftness of Marriott allied to the intelligence of Martin will unlock defences. 
    So, I'm not saying I'm not going to be patient; I've been watching Derby County for 43 years like a great many others so I'm a seasoned supporter who understands the swings and roundabouts, but I'm genuinely interested in discussing and debating what we think we see; I love the Jungian quote that "there's no such thing as reality" and I think that is very apposite when it comes to football. And I never boo any player but I do moan out loud at a game if I get frustrated. I see our defenders receive the ball from Roos, and I see a static midfield and I wonder, why isn't josefzoon, or others moving inside to receive the ball...It's not rocket science.  Are players hiding? Where is the leadership? Do they not have fire in their belly? I have a theory that teams mimic the personality of their managers and I just wonder if Phillip's very calm exterior, presumably at all times, is absorbed by the players to the point that their half asleep when they take to the field...?!
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    Kinder reacted to Ellafella in Who has your respect?   
    Definitely Chris Martin. He is the epitome of professionalism. The way in which he has conducted himself over the last few seasons is exemplary and is a model for all young footballers. His treatment by successive managers was pretty poor given his record for the Club. He deserved the ovation he got from the away end as he trudged back to the bench clearly exhausted after a lively game v Barnsley on Wednesday. What would I ask him? How did you keep your self-belief in the face of being binned? 
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    Kinder got a reaction from KCG in Cocu does get it forward quick   
    We don’t want any of that route 1 football here at Derby.
  20. Haha
    Kinder got a reaction from SKRam in Cocu does get it forward quick   
    We don’t want any of that route 1 football here at Derby.
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    Kinder reacted to Bigfella in New joke thread   
    I dated a girl with a lazy eye at one time. Turns out she was seeing someone else on the side.
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    Kinder reacted to B4ev6is in Back to hospital for me   
    Well guys in a couple of weeks I am going to neves people which neve in my body giving me so many issues I pray that something they can do for me. But I fear that there very little they can do for me.
    But while I can still walk even in pain I will continue to see my team I love if ever came a day I have to stop will be very sad day. A pleasure that I have these days I count the days until we play again.
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    Kinder reacted to Coolascustard in Pets   
    Visited this thread quite a bit but first time posting on it.  These are our two - Simba the cat and Ollie the dog.  Simba was a rescue from the RSPCA and we had Ollie as a pup a year ago.
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    Kinder reacted to Bob The Badger in Derby's Ultras 🎶   
    White shirt?
    Back to the game?
    Annoying as hell?
    Was it Jozefzoon?
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    Kinder reacted to Woodley Ram in Graeme Shinnie   
    Yes , he was good today in why was a poor match, we missed Huddlestone’s passing.
    also got fed up with fans booing and ranting at the players, it’s not helpful, I know they pay their money so have an opinion but dosnt help things 
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