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  1. End of the transfer window, no need to sell and a young future England player. At minimum he should be a £15 million player, probably looking at another £5 mill for the time of the window. Perhaps wherever he goes to will loan him back to us for the season too, makes sense that we're not being linked to any RBs
  2. Lots of long paragraphs here. Pretty simple for me. Liked him when he threw money at the club, made us feel like a force. Like him even more now that he's dealing with the aftermath and has learnt from his mistakes.
  3. I was very surprised that Brighton paid what they did for him, considering one of the main reasons Potter was brought in was to bring in an exciting brand of football. That's not a slight on him whatsoever, he's a very powerful defender. More in the style of Davies than Keogh though I'd say. Would make sense to give us a pretty strong defensive option though, something different to what we've got too.
  4. Martin and Shinnie on please, need a hold up man up front, everything getting away from Waghorn so far.
  5. Cocu rules out players from PSV specifically, making reference to the style of play in the championship. This doesn't mean he's not looking at former players who have proven themselves in strong leagues, nor does it mean he's only looking at the championship. I think we'll see some real movement on the transfer front in Jan after Cocu can see how the youngsters fair.
  6. Admittedly so few signings is disappointing. But with the exception of CB and wingers we'd be blocking the development of our youngsters. I can see it staying this way until January after Cocu has had chance to assess how the players coming into the squad fair first.
  7. Think you've just said it yourself. Comparable to Bryson but I'd say he still had a couple of years in him. Shinnie replaced Johnson. Dowell replaced Mount but we haven't really got someone in the Bryson mould.
  8. On current showing Evans has to start the season ahead of Davies. He might come back stronger with time but right now he's looking somewhat of a liability. Dowell and Shinnie both look useful, Hudds/Bird/Sibley seem fair competition for that DM spot. The lack of options for the midfield until Holmes is fully fit is worrying though. Bateman/Lowe/Mitchell all look to be capable backups. If last night was a showing of all the squad players this year we're screaming out for a CB/CM and a Winger. The first team looks good but injuries will bite hard without a few new faces.
  9. Awaiting the politics police to come and lock this thread in 3...2...1...
  10. Not going to want to get rid of Roos and Carson, one or the other. I agree a new keeper is needed. But Roos should be 2nd Keeper/competition. Carson will be sold. Butters released if no one takes him. Fozzy and Wisdom are both coming back from injury, suspect a loan until January. Thorne? Who knows, he might be a squad member, but he seems to keep breaking down. Anya may yet prove to be a useful squad player. 'Zoon is nailed on first team right now it seems. Unless we bring in a serious upgrade its up to Cocu to coach the best out of him.
  11. Different ball game for defenders than attackers. Arsenal/Man City/Man U/Spurs etc Or Fulham/Middlesbrough/Huddersfield/Leeds They would have seen how he coped against championship level attackers but he's much more likely to get into the long term plans of Lampard if he can show he can cope at a top league level.
  12. Difference is Palmer was a bit part player in a relatively poor footballing team, for a while it looked like we were going to sign him and ended up with Mount instead. Perhaps the Bristol move wasn't his first choice? Tomori however... Reigning player of the year, played a key role in an exciting footballing side and is generally loved by the fans. The passion that man had while playing for us puts many of current/former players to shame. If given the choice I'd be gobsmacked if he didn't choose us over a rival.
  13. I agree on Tomori, but until we've seen more of Dowell I'm not sure Mount would be much different, they seem to play similair roles and Dowell will probably thrive in the 'free roam' role.
  14. Love our Mason to bits, but my god his finishing is awful sometimes 😂 if he can finish the simple setups instead of panicking he'll easily reach double figures this season. Nice to see a Waghorn/Bennett link up to rival Martin/Marriott
  15. Good signs are there. Shinnie for Huddlestone and a new keeper and this team could be very competitive this year.
  16. Bird, Sibley, Shinnie. No point loaning another teams youngsters when we had the best under 18s team in the country.
  17. GK: Roos with a full preseason as number one will do him good, not too fussed if we bring another in. Fullbacks: don't need to bring anyone in, more than enough senior players. Youngsters have looked good enough to step in too. CB: Tomori would be the dream, otherwise a cheap fee/cover loan would do. Midfield: don't need anyone. Youngsters are more than good enough, let them prove themselves. We can always go to the tried and tested Huddlestone. Strikers: more than enough, again there's youngsters ready to step into the fold. Wingers: would like to have seen more of the u23s in Pre season. If we're going to spend any substantial amounts it needs to be on a winger.
  18. Would rather expect nothing to be fair, relatively unknown players stepping up last season (Bogle, Holmes, Tomori etc) was far more exciting that those that came with expectation (Waggy, Lawrence etc).
  19. Which player/s does everyone think will be pivotal to the team this year? Any dark horses that you think could catch us all out? Personally think Bennett will surprise us and hit double figures this year, Knight to be the best of the youngsters to break through and hold a place.
  20. One of my first thoughts when any new manager is to compare your current players with the managers previous team. Wilson is very much in the mould of Lozano. If he's given the freedom to stick to an attacking role he'd excel. Wilson looked lost whenever he was expected to track back but so far Cocu seems to like the central striker to play off to the wingers. Yes from me, also could fill the midfield creativity void.
  21. Agree to an extent. Get Ampadu or another CB and we're set in defense, easily a top six back 4. I think we're already set in midfield. Bird/Sibley/Knight will step up this year plus we're yet to see Dowell and Holmes in the team. Strikers we're spoilt, Bennett seems to be happy a good pre season too. That just leaves the wingers, one solid addition there and we've got a top six team.
  22. Our Chrissy has played a role in 3 out of 4 Pre season goals so far. Anyone suggesting he has no place in the squad for this year needs checking. He might not score bagful and might not be the fastest, but we've got 6/7 attacking players (possibly more counting midfielders) that thrive off layoffs to take shots from 20+ yards.
  23. Today's game was 60 minutes? That's it lads pre season is irrelevant, nothing to see here.
  24. Johnson: replaced by Shinnie Mount: Dowell Bryson: Bird/Knight, otherwise the squad is too big. Tomori: Davies is back into the fold now, general rumours point to us after a defender. Wilson: Youngsters could step up, again seem to be linked with attackers though. Two signings at most at we're back to where we were last season. Martin back into the fold should hopefully be like a new signing too.
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