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  1. It's no coincidence our upturn in form has come alongside Duane having his best period in a Derby shirt. I'm not sure if it's Rooney coming into the team or Cocu has coached the best out of him but either way it's absolutely integral to our team. If he keeps this up he might become central to a late playoff push this year.
  2. No teams went on a real brilliant run last month, usually a loss rules you out but he's probably got a decent shout this month.
  3. Always gonna say neither, but if you had to choose then Leeds. They haven't tried to spend their way out of the division and aren't being kept on the right side of FFP by another of their owners teams. They've at least gone about the league the right way.
  4. Man clearly loves the club though, listen to his interviews and watch how happy he is on the pitch. Takes a special kind of player to be shunned a number of times by the club and still come and give it your all. Could see him finishing his career at the club.
  5. Cocu sets up to play to Derby's strengths at home, but plays to try and stop the opposition away. Play to the Derby's strengths home and away and the gap will shorten.
  6. Good speech, but you're no B4.
  7. More likely they overheard Bielik recommending him, particularly as they probably played in the youth Poland setup together
  8. That's probably the point, that back four has plenty of pace between them, the two in front will be expected to shield rather than break up the pitch. Let's the fullbacks push up without sacrificing the defensive side of the team
  9. At what point do we rename the thread 'first team thread 19/20'? Rate things are going I can see Hector-Ingram and Wassell coming into the first team setup
  10. If Derby can nab a couple of decent CB's and a winger if we're lucky I can't see a transfer ban being that big an issue, best academy in the country. Point deduction would leave us midtable this year and give Cocu the chance to really blood the youngsters. Blessing in disguise, but still duck the EFL.
  11. 6 pages in, any sign of some actual news about the injury yet? 😂
  12. Very highly doubt Rooney is on £100k a week here, its likely he wasn't even that high in the US. Probably call it half of that (at most) and that's easily covered by the 32Red deal plus the savings on the many players we got rid of in the summer (even more so now with Keoghs wages)
  13. He's not Turkish, he's a Netherlands u21 international. Only reason he ended up in Turkey was because Cocu brought him there.
  14. Let's put all the scaremongering down. Gabay (either as himself or as the front for a consortium) has 100% already invested. Companies in his name have already registered charges against the ground, that 100% would not have happened prior to at least some funds being paid to either MM or to the club. One of two things are likely right now: Gabay has invested a lower amount with security on PP and we are signing off on a larger loan amount. Or what's far more likely: investment is already signed off, money has been with the club a while and the club are putting on a front to avoid other clubs knowing we have funds.
  15. Would allow Whittaker to go out on loan and get some much needed experience. It's clear players like Knight/Sibley/Bird are ready for the first team and a loan did Lowe the world of good. Not against this signing, proven player at this level and might bring some composure in front of goal.
  16. Win your home games, draw your away games and try and snatch an away win where possible. Turning seemingly blatant losses into draws like today will do wonders for team confidence
  17. Two changes: one through injury and the other is bringing probably our most valuable player back into the team. It's hardly a massive number of changes.
  18. Middlesbrough are going to set out to be a big physical side, can't see Hudds not playing for that reason. Wisdom at RB to bring a physical edge and Waghorn up front to put himself about. Hamer to start, we need a strong keeper when they're going to be playing alot of balls into the box.
  19. If you've got a newish TV you should be able to cast your screen to your TV, it still won't be great but it's better than a tiny screen
  20. If you've got a Bet365 account you can watch it for free on there completely legit.
  21. I'd imagine he's still got to go to the game though even if he wasn't playing, you sure it was him?
  22. I'm not really sure what 'top' earners we could now move on without needing to replace them though? I'd say the squad size is about right. The youngsters drop back to the u-23s when not needed in the squad.
  23. Think everyone's got to remember Rooney is here to make his next step in football. He owes nothing to Derby and he knows it. He's not a nice man, he's a superstar player. They act/talk/play in a completely different way and we need to make the most of it. He could be the nastiest twit about if he produces on the pitch for us.
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