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  1. Holmes: clearly never wanted to stay, shadow of a player this year and Rooneys comments seemed to suggest that was always the case. Gordon: literally no different to the Delap situation last year, hasn't really played for the first team but if he leaves it serves the purpose of investment in the academy. Sibley: any actual real links? If there's not even enough to open a transfer thread why even entertain the discussion? Evans: useful now, up until 3 weeks ago I don't think anyone would complain at moving him on. You have to assume Millwall have been doing their homework more
  2. Devil's advocate here but perhaps part of his sale would include a possible loan in Derby's direction? Rooney is clearly a fan of Phil Jones and would make sense. Sensible transfer fee for Kaide (~2 Mill) plus a sell on fee and a player on loan at substantially reduced wages would be a very smart move for all parties.
  3. You've got to assume that if Rooney is publicly telling the fans we have deals lined up once we're out of embargo then he'd had told his own team more of the details. His comments don't suggest we have 'targets' or even 'discussions' going on but rather deals are drafted and ready just waiting for the embargo to lift.
  4. That's the problem, it's not our club. It's Mel's club and really he can do whatever he wants with it including potentially run it into the ground.
  5. Or rusty from not playing. Or still suffering the well documented after effects of Covid? Or maybe something to do with the fact they have been able to train for 3/4 days prior to today.
  6. Rooney backing up his 'youngsters are not for sale' with the decision to make Knight captain. With all the prem clubs interested and being the first name on the team sheet this is going to keep adding value.
  7. Forget Frank's bounce... Let's have the Wazza Wag
  8. As it stands Rooney is already bang on, we'll be out of this league come the end of the season on current standings.
  9. Not trying to pick an argument, but I swear I've never seen a positive comment from you on here? Must be a miserable life supporting Derby...
  10. Anyone clued up on the club trivia... Surely this is the youngest team we've ever put out in a first team competition?
  11. £40 million for Leeds and no less. Knight and Sibbo aren't worth that much but because its Leeds there's a Bamford tax (quite literally in their case).
  12. It's not even going to be a full strength under 23s side as so many of them are with the first team squad!
  13. No coincidence three of the four are the spine of our team. Settled players will always get results.
  14. Lock it up, article is from August 2020
  15. Can we get Sibley off already? His attitude this game has been awful, not buying into the hard work and chasing at all.
  16. Sibbo needs to be committing to that cross, he held his run but couldve got there
  17. Dare I say it? I'm actually enjoying watching us play again
  18. Joz is something special, if we don't go up in the next year or two a top team going to come sniffing.
  19. Quoting all three here as the point is the same on all occasions. So far we've had two communications from the club regarding this takeover. If we are to take this story as accurate with the letter sent to the players then I'm yet to see one occasion where the prospective owners have been dodgy other than some lingering rumours from fans of other clubs with no evidence whatsoever. This isn't as simple as 'sending some money to an account'. I'd say it's unlikely that the funds are all being provided by one person (ie the Sheikh) and as such the funds have to come from a number of bo
  20. RamLad1884

    Ben Davies

    Reading today he's currently caretaker manager of Grimsby Town after Ian Holloway resigned. Didn't realise he's still been playing at age 39 either!
  21. Rumours out already, if they say he was just out of the 18 then we'd have serious questions given Waggy and Lawrence are out. If they said he was injured we would have all moaned that he was too injury prone and to get rid. Ripping the plaster off might hurt now but if issues persist it could otherwise be a slow and painful process full of tabloid gossip.
  22. Has shown again today why he is so so important to this team. We talk about Knight never stopping but watch the game back and Bielik is everywhere, drops between the CBs and midfield seamlessly. Don't like the idea of a team built around a player but the return to 433 only works because of Bielik.
  23. Going to call complete bull on this article, Waggy on 10k per week? He was rumoured to be on double that at Rangers for a start.
  24. Give over, this squad was deemed good enough for the playoffs if not better last year, only major losses to that team are Martin and the two full backs. This squad has more than enough ability to stay up, it's up to the players to get the job done.
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