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  1. Fans Forum 13th March

    Right or wrong it's modern life. Everyone is a keyboard warrior. Dcfc fans are no different to any other clubs fans, no better or no worse Not heard any other club complaining about social media. Seems a pretty lame excuse to me
  2. Team For Sunday

    Not a scapegoat, just no idea what he brings to the team.
  3. Team For Sunday

    I'd rather have tommy Johnson in his fifties than Bradley
  4. Team For Sunday

    I'd go with this, anything that keeps the liability Johnson out of the starting 11 is good for me
  5. The New England

  6. Just 'silly mistakes' is it Gary?

    Rowett has always played this type of football. Don't know why people seem to be surprised. David Cameron once described Gordon Brown as an analogue prime minister in a digital age. I think the same applies to Rowett but in a football sense. The football is very rigid, negative. There is very little movement and fluidity. It's football by numbers. If anything I think they are over coached. Allowing the players freedom to express themselves would be a start.
  7. If Ledley and Thorne are injured its time to forget the 2 holding midfielders Bradley Johnson is just a liability in the team. Go for broke with just Hudds holding. Fed up with this turgid negative ****. Would rather lose 4-3 going for it.
  8. Derby County vs Leeds United

    Need to stop rotating Jerome and Nugent. It is doing neither any favours. Chose one as the main striker and leave alone

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