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  1. I cant understand why we start home games so slowly. When we go away home teams are putting pressure on us from the 1st minute. We start home games with such a lack of intensity it gives the opposition a foothold in the game and gives them confidence. We didn't start playing until we were 1 0 down
  2. Play Evans instead of Huddlestone. At least he's mobile and got a turning circle smaller than a cruise ship
  3. We weren't great last year and we've lost the 3 best players from that team. Stands to reason we're going to struggle. Wouldn't be surprised if we dip into the free transfer market
  4. Can't understand loaning a young player that is no better than young players we already have. I wasn't expecting mount quality but he literally offers nothing
  5. Everything Huddlestone does is slow. I bet he drives at 40 mph on the motorway
  6. Where is the passion? Do they think it's a kick about on Markeaton park? Have we got anybody who can run
  7. Sloppiness in possession is frightening
  8. Do Bennett and Huddlestone realise we're playing in white
  9. If Frank stays and loses 1st 4 games next season everyone will want him out. If he leaves and a new manager comes in and subsequently wins 1st 4 games it will be a case of Frank who? The way of modern day football
  10. Doing a Cruyff turn on the edge of yr penalty area is not playing out from the back, it's arrogant and stupid. Crisp confident passing is playing out from the back
  11. I work with loads of them. Arrogant self entitled bunch. Work will be perfect if we stuff em
  12. Ditto for me. Add work into the mix as well
  13. I watch bt sport on the Internet and it's way behind. Have to turn off all social media to avoid spoilers
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