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  1. If they made it sound rubbish they were being generous. I would describe as utterly pathetic
  2. I work with 40 odd blokes in what would have in the past been a typical labour industry. All but 1 voting conservative. Mostly down to Corbyn. The bloke is toxic
  3. Any club with those pathetic clappy things should start the season on -20 points
  4. Still love dcfc but never had such little love for any group of players. This is a result of continuously changing managers and an awful recruitment team. Genuinely think we could get relegated. Half of me thinks this wouldn't be so bad as we could clear out and start again. This is not a sticking plaster job, this is a reset and start again
  5. Think Graham Moseley would give him a run for his money
  6. And if we get rid of Given can he take the whole recruitment dept with him. And absolute pile of steaming dog poo
  7. Can someone tell me what Given is supposed to be doing? Made Carson worse. Looks like making Roos worse. Frank clearly thought he was sugar cause didn't take him to Chelsea. Get rid and bring back Eric Steele
  8. It's a fair point but you can't make a silk purse from a sows ear. These players are just bang average
  9. I'm guessing season tickets in league 1 will be cheaper for next year
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