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  1. Yes, but shouldn't be such a surprise when you import a player from an ultra-orthodox culture and his views are out of kilter with today's norms.
  2. The first question was 'How is Keogh'? 'Coping. Saw but coping' was the reply. '
  3. England's games will be 14th, 19th and 23rd of June, all at Wembley.
  4. Mitre known you'd bring that up.
  5. I'm of a similar viewpoint, voted leave because however you dress it up the way the EU conducts it's affairs is far from democratic and open. When I read reports of MEP's having to sign NDA's and being searched for writing and recording equipment before being allowed merely to view the draft of the biggest trade deal in history, that's simply not right. You'd think reform of the EU would be high on the agenda of other countries too, but it seems not. Merkel certainly enjoyed Cameron playing bad cop when it came to the last EU budget settlement, driving down the amount the EU wanted, but gave him nothing in return when it came to reform. Now the EU are requesting an above inflation rise in the next funding round, despite probably losing a large net contribution from the UK, perhaps she regrets her earlier lack of support for reform. Yet despite all that, if we could go back in time I'd vote remain. It's simply not been worth the division and paralysis in domestic politics since. Which may of course have been the plan of the EU, supported by sections of the British political system ever since the vote.
  6. Man of the match in a winning European final, while also picking up two other trophy's? That'll do pig, that'll do.
  7. Guilt. Short at just 4 episodes, well written and well acted, leads you just enough up the garden path before the twists.
  8. It's more democratic, right up until the leadership decide to impose candidates upon the local party with the flimsiest of arguments. That's how I ended up being represented, and I use the term loosely, by Chris Leslie this past decade. That worked out well.
  9. I honestly think he's going to be amazing for the club. Not only do I think his performances will be more than acceptable, but I hope he'll drive his teammates to greater heights just by being part of the squad, from training to matches. He's head and shoulders talent wise above the rest of the squad, but instead of playing the Big Man I think he'll be relatable enough to inspire the team, rather than inhibit them, and will have a really positive effect come January.
  10. I thought they might ask him how Warnock compared as a manager too?
  11. I assume Given is more of a general coach than goalkeeper specific, seeing as he's often the one issuing the subs with instructions when they come on.
  12. The chairman of the foundry was a big fan of a healthy workforce, and fell in love with baseball on a US trip, hence he encouraged his workers to play it. Between us and Nottingham Forest, we dominated the national baseball league in the latter part of the 19th century. We may have been the only two teams playing, mind.
  13. I've read a few snippets hinting about a revolutionary Nuclear reactor that's been developed in the UK. About the size of a shipping container, can be delivered by truck, requires no servicing for its 20 years life span and could power a very large number (either 20,000 or 200,000, I don't recall) of homes and businesses cheaply and safely, so they say. Would people ever accept Nuclear as a green option?
  14. Used to make nice little triangles with Martin, Fozzy, Brys et al. I can only assume he was a victim of poor timing, didn't he play in two international tournaments for Jamaica pretty much back to back, missing pre season, then get injured shortly after? Never really got himself in front of the PE teacher.
  15. My son's friend is on the coaching staff at Forest and saw it. Normally you can't shut him up, but he's not said a word, despite us asking, all staff have been left in doubt they'd lose their jobs if word gets out.
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