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  1. Excellent stuff. The Race for Space album is very good, genuine archive audio from the 60's space race set to music. Shouldn't work, but does.
  2. Aren't the numbers reported each day by the government those who've died in hospital with the virus? Then the people who've died in the community are added to the ONS figures, which are a separate thing.
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8197663/MARTIN-SAMUEL-Championship-owners-considering-group-administration-solve-wages-dilemma.html Article here, on the one hand it's the Mail, on the other hand it's their best writer.
  4. Won't quote your whole post @Ambitious, but do you think the rumour reported by Martin Samuel has any legs? If you haven't read it, he's saying one option that's been discussed amongst the Championship is all teams to enter adminstration at the same time, with an agreement they won't poach players from each other as a result. Nothing to stop other teams from different leagues doing so, as players would effectively become free agents. The teams could effectively write off 75% of non football debt, be purchased back by their owner/s, offer much lower contracts to existing footballers, who by that point would be free agents and therefore incomeless, and move forward with the table as it is, seeing as everyone would be hit with the same points deduction. Seems a mental idea to me, but what that's kicking around in EFL circles.
  5. I've always wondered what Chewbacca's garden looked like.
  6. Refund every time. Cancelled the hotel, they had a sneaky link that only offered a voucher for the deposit, but with 20% added and a guarantee that if you didn't use it by 2021 a refund and no price rises, and I couldn't bear to see the missus's face when I told her it was all off! As for the flight, I'm waiting for them to contact me, but will push hard for the refund. I can see them declaring bankruptcy, then reforming to buy the bankrupt business and carry on as normal, with the legacy debts wiped out.
  7. Tell us what you do mate. Maybe they'll be someone reading who needs those skills?
  8. My email didn't make mention of the flight back either, even though it's still in their blackout period. I'm hoping it's just for clarity, and they're not going to claim I didn't board the incoming flight so am not entitled to a refund!
  9. It's not just the wages. Sign player X for £5m, his transfer fee is recorded as an asset on the balance sheet, as the cost of his registration. Fail to pay them the agreed amount for 2 weeks, then the player/asset can give notice to terminate his contract. They'd also be entitled to have their contract paid up in full. Double hit of wages going out, and the loss of an asset off the balance sheet. Footballers simply aren't employees, they are financial assets to the club for the remainder of their contract, and the club pay them for the contractual right to use that asset. It's a minefield, and while I'm sure most players would be more than willing to dip their hands in their pockets, it needs careful negotiation to ensure everyone, both clubs and players remain protected. To me, it would be far easier to leave the players to their own devices regarding how they help out, than impose a ruling which could be legally dubious.
  10. You piss where you sleep and prepare food? What if a two slips out? Our Gert won't even let me use the en-suite, mainly because we don't have one. Also, I think it weighs on her mind the time I used one in a showhome, only to discover they'd not plumbed the water in.
  11. Robert Peston is some egomaniac. We know who you are, we don't need to see a sign above your head telling us again.
  12. Just had my email off Jet2.com cancelling flights to Corfu end of May/Middle of June. All flights cancelled until 17th June.
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