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  1. Definitely on RamsTv in the UK. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2020/01/luton-town-v-Derby-available-live-in-the-uk-on-ramstv
  2. 'We won’t bring you rumours, just what is really happening and why it’s happening.' Taken from The Athletic transfer tracker page.
  3. When I was part of the group who went to Moor Farm, it was days after Clement took over. I'd guess the breakfast club was at the beginning of the season after?
  4. I can't prove its fact, but it came straight from the horse's mouth. Page 9.
  5. He said he doesn't want to play in Ligue 2. Once he'd heard the famous team wanted him, he was all over it.
  6. Absolutely perfect for us. Well used to holding back and covering a front two well past their best.
  7. I know. I've never wanted a signing more!
  8. God help Ewie! Good at international pick ups though, so good tie in with the sponsor.
  9. Adil Rami, World Cup winning defender, is wanted by The Rams and one other team. Sacked in the summer by Marseille for skipping training to take part in a mud wrestling competition on Fort Boyard, the 34 year old ex squeeze of Pamela Anderson is hoping to secure a move to England from Fenerbache. https://theathletic.com/1512735/2020/01/27/january-transfer-window-signings-tracker-2020?source=shared-article Apparently he's now moved on to Chloe Sims(who she?), after Pammie declared him a monster.
  10. I think as well as the investment into the club in 2014, I'm pretty sure he financed the academy upgrade and pushed for Cat 1 status with his own money.
  11. Fair point. Just messing with ya.
  12. If you've got 5 minutes, Mel would like you to draft next season's renewal letter.
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