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  1. Binge watched Killing Eve S1, and it was fantastic. Now halfway through S2, and it's boring.
  2. To sum up then, he changes the way he plays to suit the players available, rather than shoehorn players into an unsuitable system?
  3. Just been reading how Sunderland don't really have any money, despite having another parachute payment to come. It's quite a weird situation, in that they could fund a limited push now, but the EFL will look at playing contracts that run beyond this season and could enforce punishments ahead of them actually breeching the rules, if they see that the rules will be broken next season if they remain in League One! In League One, the rules are different and you can only spend 60% of income on wages.
  4. A few weeks ago I ordered a new car. At the time the manufacturer was offering 3 years free servicing on all cars ordered and delivered before the end of June, which was worth approximately £1200. It wasn't possible for my car to be delivered in that timescale, and the salesman was non committal that it would be continued into a new quarter, although he hinted that it would, my car was down for a mid August delivery. I went ahead and ordered, knowing I probably wouldn't get that offer. A couple of days into July, the dealership OS were advertising a free servicing offer on the car I'd ordered, with the only caveat mentioned being a pre-October delivery, with no mention made of order date, so I assumed I'd be eligible. I took a screenshot and bookmarked the page. Yesterday the salesman Emailed to say the car would be ready in approx 2 weeks, so I replied great, I assume I qualify for the offer stated, sent him the link, which was still active and on display. He replied that the manufacturer had now excluded the model I've bought, and I wouldn't get the deal. I replied that they were still advertising the deal on the dealers website, and he said he'd action it to have the site changed, and apologised for the misleading info which should have been taken down. I replied saying that if you a) advertise a deal you should stand by it, and by rowing back you've kinda ruined the excitement of taking delivery of a new motor, not the service I'd expect from a premium brand. And b), at some point between the offer being made on July 1st and it's withdrawal, whenever that was, I'd have been eligible and should have been included. ATM, I'm waiting to hear back after the salesman has referred the matter higher up, how far should I push this? My wife works for a firm that has a social media manager, they reckon I should push my case on Twitter, but would that work?
  5. No, I mean they wouldn't be the first club to sign someone then immediately send them out on loan to gain more experience.
  6. He looked a lot like him that's for sure. I just wondered if Fulham were stacked so looking to get him a few months elsewhere.
  7. Strange, he only joined Fulham a couple of days ago.
  8. The article picked up on the Iceland goal, and worked backwards, giving multiple examples of the same shot beating him, and that it was quite a well known flaw in his game amongst the professional coaching community, so I may have got which side the weakness was mixed up. I'll see if I can dig it up. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/09/08/revealed-joe-hart-has-one-significant-weak-spot-opposition-players/
  9. Hart has a well known weakness getting down to low shots on his right, which opponents were targeting frequently, according to a decent article I read a while ago.
  10. Hmm... England in a cricket World Cup final, Lewis trying to win the British GP, Wimbledon mens final, or Jack Partridge commentating on a glorified training session from the broom cupboard at Pride Park. Tough call.
  11. At first glance I thought you'd took your dog to the game!
  12. Ah well, give the lads a night off and let them enjoy a few beers then Bush gardens.
  13. I'm thinking a little nap is in order. See you in the morning.
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