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  1. You know Aberdeen Angus is a breed of cattle, not a location?
  2. Greggs box of two, 2 for £3.50 at Iceland.
  3. Connor Dixon is a strange one, he's not outstanding technically compared to some of his teammates, yet I get the feeling he'll go a long way in the game. I just can't quite put my finger on why I think that, just a feeling.
  4. I'd play Evans over Davies, although I'd love Tomori back if possible. Not my first priority. Middle of the pitch I think is ok, Shinnie wasn't involved today, Hudds did well, I don't see improving here would gain as many points as improving the goalkeeper. Wide forwards we have plenty of, even if it's they're second position we are well catered for imo. Right back cover could be necessary, if you don't think Wisdom is adequate cover, but I wouldn't prioritise it over a keeper if I was manager. Roos is simply not good enough to hang your hat on as a number one.
  5. I really don't agree. If we're not entering the new season with Carson as Number 1 for whatever reason, then it would be my first signing if I was manager.
  6. That someone won't be me mind, I've looked aand can't find it. I'm quite pissed though, so it's not beyond possibility I've missed it!
  7. As you'd expect, I don't agree. Dealt comfortably with the ball behind, defended well and played numerous decent balls forward. Certainly played the role better than Curtis Davies has shown so far, and has shown he's a decent alternative. Yes I'd pick Tomori ahead of him, but I'd put him ahead if our current options.
  8. Evans had two good games at CB last season, both away from home under the highest pressure. On top of the season he spent being one of Readings CB's in a season they made the play off final, I'd say that's enough evidence to call him a centre half rather than a midfielder.
  9. No, don't fold so easily. You see it one way, he sees it another. Time will tell.
  10. We will not go up if Roos is our keeper. I'd love to be proved wrong, but he's got a decade on Bogle in a more important position, and he's simply not up to the job of a Championship No.1.
  11. I think you're spot on in regard to body shape when receiving the ball, seems like we'd always have a passing option upon getting the pass, and things looked so much quicker going forward as a result. Early days, but encouraging none the less.
  12. Looked defensively suspect all game long, especially out wide. We've not looked strong in that area since the days of Billy however, and I'd take that weakness all day long if we can look so destructive going forward as we did today, I'm not so sure being defensively impregnable is so important these days. I think there were a few indications from today that the improvement in certain individuals will be quite marked, and we're not as far away from a squad that can challenge as maybe appears. Another couple of loans/deals in the right areas could really improve us, I'm thinking GK and CD.
  13. I think that may be my favourite pub. So much so, I always travel via Sheffield even if I'm not going that way!
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