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  1. Your forgetting trying to integrate two loan signings who weren't up to scratch and were obviously not his picks. Then to be landed Rooney months before he could utilise him, I think Cocu's handling of this has been incredible tbh. I'm pretty sure that most of our recent managers would have mishandled this situation, either through ego or not having a clue how to utilise him. Instead Phillip has figured out a way to bring him into the team, leverage all of his talent and experience for the betterment of the squad, and made his arrival not the cherry on the cake, but the ingredie
  2. I've not looked back through the thread, but I thought Knight was excellent defensively throughout.
  3. Sublime baller, but just doesn't fit with how we play now. Rooney plays his role now, but I bet Tom wishes he'd have had the luxury of two young uns either side to do his work.
  4. I wouldn't mate, she's not too good around large dogs.
  5. Chicken Cordon Bleu, Hasselback potatoes and haricots cuits au four. I thought it was a wierd combo too, it was only when I served up the boss pointed out she'd wanted green beans, not baked!
  6. Drove 30 minutes back home after being stabbed in the buttocks. It would have been 10 minutes usually, but there were a lot of speed bumps.
  7. A colleagues family have a lodge there. He drives in and out on the same day for family get-togethers, if that helps.
  8. You tell yourself that mate, if it makes you feel better. It's possible to demand change, but means sweet FA if not followed up by action.
  9. Same here, had the refund before I was due to depart.
  10. They also let a Jack Marriott and several Frank Lampards through the net.
  11. Are those staffing restrictions because of Social distancing, or because our staff have been furloughed?
  12. You've made a mini Glastonbury in your back yard, only right it's too wet to enjoy it!
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