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  1. The league had moved in the right direction for me by the end of the GSE era. £6m of funded losses per season i.e not debt, plus the academy and infrastructure spend seemed enough to let an owner have his fun without ruining them.
  2. Whether true or not that's amusing.
  3. If they don't though, would you support taxpayer aid? Maybe clawed back through a windfall tax on Premier League income, for instance?
  4. Interestingly that Club owned by the Saudi minister of entertainment. I suppose between organising the monthly public executions, the lashing of women who left home without male permission and the first Monday monthly amputation of shoplifters limbs he's got plenty of time left to run a football club. He also runs the state bingo, heaven help you should call house on 69.
  5. I think that is the ballpark based on previous accounts. Although I think that was just the corporate hospitality, not the overall take from beer and food etc.
  6. The football league system is dying before our eyes, and we're not talking about it. We skirt around the topic in other threads, but the football structure we've had for a century or so is in critical care, and unlikely to pull through with immediate intervention, and there's barely a whisper on here. The leagues below the PL needs a bailout to survive, so who pays? The government, who after all have closed off revenue for the club's, despite them following their advice and working hard to be Covid secure? Are community clubs not as much a part of the social fabric as thea
  7. True, it's time for some sector specific support for hospitality.
  8. I once had a conversation with the missus about the next Bond, after watching Ben Whishaw in summat else, and plumped for him as Bond, not realising he was Q.
  9. He pretty much uses the same language to describe his ideal role as Twan has used to describe his current one. I liked how he talked about the four different aspects of football all being equally important, and his comment about only being able to improve youth players slightly, but that being enough was refreshingly honest. No ******** interview.
  10. Worse still. How about no vaccine, you can get it multiple times, so little or no herd immunity? What the hell happens then, and is anyone making plans for such a scenario?
  11. Nice interview with a Dutch legend here, seems he sees the Twan role as pretty important. Dennis Bergkamp: Ex-Arsenal forward on his football philosophy and future in the game - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54299158
  12. Nevermind the score, Eric Dier-reah running off mid match to dispose of a King Kong's finger, while his manager chased him up the tunnel to speed him along was priceless. Wonder if Jose let him wash his hands?
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