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  1. FFP going into next season

    That's half the problem with Derby, the so called fans turning on the man that has invested a fortune in to our club. Turning on the manager and the players that have got us in to the top 6 in the table. I wish these so called fans would go away and support someone else, like the team up the A52! Try following a club such as Blackpool or Coventry City, then we'd know what it's like to have terrible owners and no prospect of ever achieving anything decent. What we've got at Derby is pretty good when you look at the bigger picture. No, it might not be Premier League just yet, but we're a very competitive Championship team. I'll happily take that right now and I'm happy to back Mel, Gary and the boys. COYR!
  2. Fans Forum 13th March

    I would happily give them some slack if it meant giving the younger players a try. I'd love to see 2 or 3 of our young prospects getting regular game time next season. Timi Max Elsnik and Luke Thomas are 2 players that come to mind.
  3. Rowett

    I synchronise the Radio Derby commentary with Sky by using a Pure One Classic Series 2 DAB radio. This has a pause function on it, meaning it's easy to get it in synch with the TV. There's not many of these radios around any more though. Not sure if any other DAB radios offer this function...
  4. Perfect storm

    Schnoor was OK. He was just a bit of a downgrade on Chris Powell at the time. Claude Davis was an absolute joke of a signing. Times are certainly better now than when we were making signings such as Davis, Feilhaber, Pereplotkins and Liam Dickinson!
  5. Perfect storm

    Finding out that the German centre-back is finally signing, but he's Stefan Schnoor Mk 2.
  6. RamsTV meets............ who would you like to see?

    Andrejs Perepļotkins Przemysław Kaźmierczak Liam Dickinson Marino Rahmberg
  7. TV matches

    It's 5 games in 4 weeks. Their game on 10th February against Sheffield United is also on Sky. Looks like Sky love Leeds right now...
  8. >> Man U / THE YARD <<

    Does anyone know if the game will be shown anywhere in the Swadlincote area?
  9. Craig Forsyth

    For me, I think Fozzy really struggles when there's 3 games in the space of 8 days. His last really poor performance was against Reading, when he got skinned a number of times and didn't look himself. This match came closely after the Norwich and Leeds games. Maybe it's a bit more difficult for him now after his injuries to play so many games in quick succession. I'd give him a rest tomorrow and either put Olsson there, or, my preferred option, put Baird there and bring back Wisdom. We have the option of bringing Fozzy back for the Barnsley game then.
  10. Zak Brunt - Academy kid

    If the lad's good enough, another team will happily pay the £120k compensation. If he's not good enough, then he should just knuckle down and get on with it at Derby. It seems he can't settle at any club without demanding a move somewhere else.
  11. Owen Bradley leaving Radio Derby/Joining Rams TV

    Good luck Owen. We will miss you on Radio Derby. You will do great on Rams TV.

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