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  1. Yay, George Evans the football genius is playing!
  2. I totally agreed with everything he said to be honest.
  3. I've just read that Gerard Houllier has died aged 73. Sad news, he was a decent manager.
  4. Yes, I got mine in the post today.
  5. My top 3: Ian Feuer Saul Deeney Brad Jones
  6. Shocking crash, thank god he is relatively unscathed. Was funny when they cut to Gunther Steiner swearing on camera. David Croft said apologies about Gunther Swearer, I mean Gunther Steiner!
  7. The German Centre-back for not signing.
  8. I liked his when he was here. He annoyed me how long he dithered about the Chelsea job, totally screwing up our pre-season. I'm also annoyed he's never helped us out since leaving, surely he could have loaned us a couple of good players.
  9. Whoever takes over, I'm not going to get excited about the appointment until they've been at the club for 6 to 12 months and had some decent success. To be honest, I'm fed up with getting big names. Someone under the radar who just comes in and gets on with the job, like when we hired Jim Smith.
  10. Ask me after the Forest match on Friday.
  11. Good at passing sideways and backwards. Not very forward thinking though.
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