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  1. Woohoo, no George Evans! There is a god!
  2. Crazy move if we go for him. He's primarily a left back, which is probably the one position we have the highest choice of players in - Malone, Lowe, Forsyth, Buchanen and even Shinnie can play there!
  3. This is exactly the team I'd pick. Please no George Evans in midfield, he can only pass sideways or backwards. One of the worst midfielders I've seen at Derby. Think he might be ok as a centre back though...
  4. I totally agree. I'd go with the diamond: Hamer Bogle Davies Forsyth Malone Bielek Knight Holmes Lawrence Marriott Martin Subs: Roos, Wisdom, Lowe, Evans, Sibley, Waghorn, Whittaker
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