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  1. Gritters

    Happy 50th Birthday Conehead John

    Happy Birthday conehead. Have a great day.
  2. Gritters

    Forest Tickets

    Got mine despite the poor performance last night.
  3. Gritters

    Ipswich Town vs Derby County Match Thread

    Yet another game where we needed to step up but didn’t get out of first gear.
  4. Gritters

    v Ipswich (A) - Predictions

    Ipswich 0 - 2 Rams fgs Waghorn
  5. Gritters

    Forest Tickets

    lol a nice picture of Gary Rowett and Vydra gives me confidence that it is kept up to date.
  6. Gritters

    Forest Tickets

    Do they still have them? They aren’t very well advertised.
  7. Gritters

    Forest Tickets

    Which are them?
  8. Gritters

    Forest Tickets

    Do you think there are over 2000 away members?
  9. Gritters

    Forest Tickets

    Reasonably priced to be fair. Nottingham Forest v Derby County SkyBet Championship Away Nottingham Forest Total allocation 2,000 tickets Adults £28, Seniors 65+ £22, Under 24s £14, Under 18s £12, Under 12s £6 (exc. booking fees) 25 Feb 2019 Mon 19:45 BUY Away Membership Holders (3+ away games) | On sale 14th
  10. Gritters

    RIP Gordon Banks

    RIP World Cup winner. Well done.
  11. Gritters

    Forest Tickets

    There’s becoming a short window for the Forest tickets and Villa is the week after too.
  12. Gritters

    Forum Issues

    Same here
  13. Gritters

    View from the outside

    May be if it was Jeff Hendrick anyone else just shoulder and arse cheek.
  14. Gritters

    View from the outside

    I think that sums us up. We can only beat teams if we don’t have to get out of second gear.
  15. Gritters

    So much better today

    I think it may have been down to Hull not taking a golden chance in the first half and generally not turning up. We still gave the ball away a lot and the second was a really bad mistake by the Hull defender. Don’t get carried away just yet.

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