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  1. Gritters

    Come on lads beat forest

    Sorry for your losses B4 and Mrs i-Ram. It kind of puts things into perspective when people lose loved ones especially at this time of year. Let’s hope the lads put a good performance in tomorrow and hopefully give you both a little something to cheer about.
  2. Gritters

    Disabled Seating.

    My dad had a knee replacement and I swapped our normal seats for some at the bottom of the West Stand near the North Stand. They have an entrance to the stand that is on one level so you can get out in a wheelchair. It may be the same all around the ground but that’s the place I was advised to go to.
  3. Gritters

    Rams Trust

    Why what’s happening?
  4. Happy Birthday have a good one ☝️
  5. Gritters

    Homeless guy

    I saw a chap today rooting through a skip looking for things to sell. He soon got some plant pots and tins etc. I thought he would do well getting a job at the local recycling centre.
  6. Gritters


    He’s Jumping Jack Marriott Goal goal goal!!!
  7. I had a punt at 32 minutes you never know. Seriously I already had a ticket so why would I want another.
  8. Gritters

    View from the outside

    What about the kick in Carsons face in the first minute. Carson clearly first to the ball yet the player left his foot in to hit Carsons face. From behind the goal it looked like he meant to leave his foot in. The ref blew but didn’t take any action.
  9. Gritters

    How do you cope...

    I’ve been to some of them countries and they seem really nice so it’s a bit of a tough one. I reckon if you really like her you’re going to have to learn the lingo.
  10. Gritters

    How do you cope...

    Where is she from?
  11. Gritters

    Mason Mount

    He is still playing well. He played well yesterday I just expect it now. I doubt you’ll hear much unless he does something outstanding. I always think you need to do the basics right which he does.
  12. Gritters

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    Did you get lost on the way home?
  13. Gritters

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    It’s always good to hear about fans from afar. I used to like Neighbours when I was young when Scott and Charlene were in it with Mrs Mangle and that dog.
  14. Gritters

    Why Morsy should be charged with at least

    He ran backwards and forwards to the linesman pointing at his cheek. It was quite amusing. I think the sending off was the only decision the ref gave in our favour.
  15. Gritters

    Why Morsy should be charged with at least

    The strange thing I thought was the ref gave Wigan the free kick.

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