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  1. The 2017/18 Academy Thread

    does the stream just appear I can't see it yet.
  2. Fans Forum | Silk Mill Museum | 24/08/17

    it doesn't look like I'm going.
  3. Fans Forum | Silk Mill Museum | 24/08/17

    How are they contacting you. Email or phone?
  4. Good Game, Good Game!!

    He's been around all my life. Some shows I liked some I didn't but he was a good old fashioned entertainer RIP.
  5. George Thorne

    It is on RamsTV
  6. According to the DET they have been after him for three years. So hopefully we'll get a loan fee and they pay all his wages.
  7. Bristol City (A) Tickets

    Think I might go to this one. Strange pricing for u25, u22, u19.
  8. RamsTV via Fire Stick?

    It might be me but I have trouble in putting the Web address. I haven't tried too hard. I might have a go tonight.
  9. RamsTV via Fire Stick?

    I have loaded chrome onto my firestick but have found it difficult to load up RsmsTV. If there was an app you could load onto the firestick it would be great.
  10. Forum Guidelines Update

    I have agreed to them. Do you keep a record of who has ticked the box?
  11. Whips

    Fnarr fnarr
  12. Electronic advertising boards

    I thought the grass was a bit too green. I think they should lay off the 'weed and feed'.
  13. Derby County v Preston North End

    I'm a bit dissappointed about the two open goals we missed. Weimann in the first half but also even easier Nugent in the second. Although it's good to make the chances we need to be scoring open goals.
  14. Derby County v Preston North End

    Omg Weimann you need to score open goals.
  15. Derby County v Preston North End

    I think he's dropped not sure why Pele wouldn't have scored for us on Saturday 50 years ago.

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