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  1. Looks like he’s shaved his pubes off and stuck them on his face.
  2. I think the neighbour is just stirring a bit of trouble up. As for the police I think they have got their priorities wrong.
  3. What a load of rubbish. It shows that police are obviously not understaffed and the neighbour can’t be trusted. If I called the police every time the girl next door kicked off because her partner has spent all day on his sexbox they would be there every weekend.
  4. These are just rough estimates.. A bus doing long distance = 10mpg Cost per gallon = £5.85 Distance = 287 x 2 = 574m Number of passengers = 52 Cost of Driver for a day = £500 Cost of coach hire = £500 There for 574/10 = 57.4 gals 57.4 x £5.85 = £335.8 £335.8 + £500 + £500 = £1335.8 £1335.8/52 = £25.68 per person
  5. How much are the tickets I might go to this. I haven’t been to Ibrox before. Will I need a jumper and thick coat?
  6. Wtf? Is this until the end of June?
  7. Everyone knows it’s you still and you have posted several photos of yourself on here but to be fair I like your new name and picture. It has inspired me to change my photo for a favourite beer of mine and in anticipation of FL leaving.
  8. How much do you think we paid for him?
  9. No we were poo at Bolton we only deserved a draw.
  10. I must admit Man U fans do find it hard to take knowing Liverpool are far better than them.
  11. I suppose it will come out in the wash.
  12. In fairness I think once the game had started it became a bit tense. Most people were wrapped up in watching the game. Sometimes things get tense and it isn’t an atmosphere to sing and dance around in. Most people are concentrating on keeping their underwear clean.
  13. Tottenham have had the better possession but not really created much. Liverpool always look dangerous on the counter attack.
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