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  1. Gritters

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Forsyth is having a Mare Marriott needs to win more balls I don’t think his game is winning the ball but when a 50/50 goes his way he isn’t winning them.
  2. Gritters

    V Sheffield United (H) Match Thread

    Come on you Rams!!!
  3. Gritters

    v Sheffield Utd (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 - 0 Sheff Utd fgs Waghorn
  4. Gritters

    New joke thread

    I cooked the wife a steak last night. She asked how it was cooked. I told her medium rare. She said “I like mine well done”. I replied “Thanks anytime”.
  5. Gritters

    WBA (a) Travel

    Street I try not to pay for parking
  6. Gritters

    WBA (a) Travel

    I parked the other side of the M5 and walked by the side of the Metro and had a drink in the Vine.
  7. Gritters

    RamsTV Feedback

    I am not sure if this really goes here but the EFL have released some figures for the streaming. Very popular abroad by the looks of it. Derby must be one of the 11 doing their own show. Will Derby ever show any figures for this? and is it is a revenue stream? I suppose it doesn’t help having quite a few games live on sky. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45894676 I can’t believe the most popular game attracted 2500 people.
  8. Gritters


    I realised that some people just use it to make out what a great life they have. I never see many people post bad news about themselves or when their kids have had a bad report from school. It is a load of crap and I have never seen such a load of political crap from both far right and far left political views. Having said that I enjoy a group that discusses events and old times where I grew up, the self promotional idiots and some loons that think everything is a conspiracy.
  9. Gritters

    The missing 78 seconds incident

    I was there. I seem to remember to be more bothered about staying up than anything else. Fulham weren’t best pleased though. We were pretty awful back then.
  10. Gritters

    New joke thread

    Just got back from a holiday in Thailand. I nearly went with one of those ladyboys. He looked like a woman walked like a woman and kissed like a woman but when he drove me back to his place and backed the car into the garage I thought somethings not right here.
  11. Gritters

    Caraboa Cup Chelsea (A) Tickets

    Got mine row 9 and that’s near the back.
  12. Gritters

    Life long Ram in need of help

    Very sad
  13. Gritters

    Caraboa Cup Chelsea (A) Tickets

    I’m in Derby on Friday so I’ll get mine then and avoid the rip off booking fee and postage.
  14. Gritters

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    What gets me with the back passing is when an option to pass forward is on and the player hasn’t taken the pass quick enough and then passes back because that forward option has gone. There are plenty of opportunities to move the ball forward quickly but some players slow the play down which does my head in.

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