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  1. I got frisked and my pockets had a phone and wallet a bit of change and a couple of Morrisons receipts but they never asked what I had. It could have been anything.
  2. I’d rather judge it on peoples contribution to society rather than if they have got a degree. A degree means nothing.
  3. It’s strange how they call themselves ‘Change’ when they want to keep the status Quo
  4. I thought first half we looked ok until Brum got a corner then it was like it no one wanted to challenge for the ball. Having said that we pulled the game back with two goals which were really good goals. Second half we didn’t really cause much of an attacking threat until Bennett came on. Although inferior in skill to Wilson, Bennett will scrap hard and win headers and that is what you need sometimes in a championship battle. Anyway the ref was pretty crap again and maybe a draw was a fair result although we should have pinched it in the last minute when Tamori should have buried the best chance of the second half.
  5. Second half was a bit poor we looked better after the substitutions Wilson didn’t cause a threat but Bennett made the fullback work.
  6. I think the hand was above his head but I couldn’t see very well at the opposite end.
  7. The keeper should command the area at corners.
  8. Gritters

    New joke thread

    I’ll always remember my grandmas last words.. ”what you doing with that hammer?”
  9. What is Game of Thrones? Is it something William and Harry play on the X-Box?
  10. I voted Keogh because he deserves some credit. The missus was disappointed she could vote for Cristiano Ronaldo because she likes his arse.
  11. I’ll not be taking sanctuary in there tonight.
  12. 1 out of 1000 isn’t that bad I suppose.
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