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  1. Gritters

    Best of luck Gary x

  2. Gritters

    Best of luck Gary x

    He came in and didn't really stick by his morals. He said he didn't want any aging players that were just here for a final pay check yet that is all he has signed. He convinced me he was going to play this style that replicated Borussia Dortmumd yet he delivered this hoof ball. I think it was obvious from early on our midfield (if you could call it thay) had more holes than Swiss Cheese. We got to second on the back of poor refereeing decisions oppositions bad luck and a degree of luck our selves. When that dried up we were exposed. I am glad he has gone. He wasn't good enough.
  3. Gritters

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    I am quite happy he has gone. He isn't good enough for us. He may find it a bit easier dropping down a few levels. He may need to grow a few extra toes to fit in though.
  4. Gritters

    Next Manager Poll

    True but I am sure if we get someone who gets us playing football again and gets results too then it will keep them silent.
  5. Gritters

    Next Manager Poll

    Hopefully a true Ram will back the manager even if it isn't their first choice. At least until September anyway.
  6. Gritters

    Would I be the only one

    I think they are used to crap football in Stoke having never won anything significant.
  7. Gritters

    Next Manager Poll

    Paul Cook for me. Did well at Chesterfield plays nice football. Can work with small budgets. We may even get some academy players coming through.
  8. Gritters

    New manager's objectives...

    My instructions would be... don't pay over the odds for anyone. don't buy anyone over the hill. look to bring through from within. get back to playing football. sell Butterfield.
  9. out of the list I would hold on to Davies and Carson.
  10. I think Paul Cook. He did a good job at Chesterfield and Wigan doesn't work off big budgets and I like his style of football.
  11. Gritters

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    What has this club become? Managers leaving for a tin pot outfit like Stoke whose only honour is runners up in the Ashbourne summer league.
  12. Gritters

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    It's a bit sad to see him go but I must admit I wasn't impressed with our style of play. May be we could wait until after the play off final and try to grab Jokanovic. Come on Villa.
  13. Gritters

    Random stuff that cheers me up thread

    Got a random gift from the inlaws when they saw a hand carved Rams head at a country show and bought it me.
  14. Gritters

    Proud to be British

    Doesn't the Queen own a few fields around the country and rent them out a bit like the Duke of Chatsworth. This is where she gets her money from rather than the tax payer. I might be wrong I think the fields are called Crown Carverys or something similar.

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