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  1. I do feel for Bess. Not as if he’s trying to not play well, his confidence clearly smashed like some of his deliveries. This lead now bringing the curtain down on the tour as being anything like a success.
  2. That’s what I was thinking. Working nights remember waking up to that score line. Only 4-6 I recall
  3. I’d go with all of that and a brilliant surmising ‘young man’. Bar Forsyth, who I’ve never been a huge fan of, over Buchanan who I think is knackered!
  4. May be wrong but I think this is the rarest kit to get hold of now? @loweman2 may assist with that?
  5. Play like Cardiff game and we’ll be hit for three
  6. Watched all of those. Bliss! We might not have won all our games with those chaps but boy I enjoyed the football (mostly). 0-4 at BBG to Wolves that hurt a lot
  7. We just need to sign a striker called Dean. It’s a winning formula, they’ll be lightning fast. Ask Saunders and Sturridge
  8. Lawrence - ‘moment of madness after playing nicely’ ...... I did begin to think of Derby County again for a moment then 🤔
  9. Really is a good game Sheff Wed Rotherham credit both teams
  10. Jozefzoon superb cross for Rotherham goal. Yep that’s what I said 🤷‍♂️
  11. Definitely are I’m afraid. Keeps it interesting for the wrong reasons 😖
  12. I’ve been granted Saturday off to watch game too so even more pressure on you Derby.
  13. More pressure on Saturday, IF we come out with three points then resting players seen as clever move. If we lose then I’m giving this forum a wide berth.......till I’ve got drunk
  14. 6 is par as per @sage instructions and I never believe a player isn’t trying. Biggest mistake I thought was not changing it at HT. Understandably fans are angry upset and rather miffed so I do get ratings. I’ve gone with my instincts. Two half decent performances get the 7 from me
  15. Only problem is that 60% of our possession was sideways sideways sideways and back. And breath.... repeat
  16. You didn’t go to ********* (Insert team here)
  17. Can only think Rooney has prioritised Coventry over this and wants his best players fresh. Thanks Shaun for mentioning at 3-0 it’s not humiliation several times......
  18. Scott Malone is going home and watching a comedy... Cardiff v Derby
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