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  1. Well Palace just won that and no one will know how. The stats are ridiculously in Brighton’s favour yet Palace win. Please no one say ‘we didn’t deserve that’ football ain’t like that 🤷‍♂️
  2. It’s the Duane Holmes on fire thread 😱
  3. He’s on fire perfect timing 😖
  4. Duane Holmes double..... you couldn’t make it up
  5. My ‘Foul Throw’ counter..........
  6. Coventry looking good and comfortable here. Not many will recognise this Brentford. Top scorer out and they are toothless
  7. Once again Sky infatuation with replays means they score and we only see ball nestled in the net 🤬
  8. Well I’m not down too much after that, the alcohol helps and this is a new one for me which is bang on, @DarkFruitsRam7 here begineth the lesson..........
  9. Can’t begin to say how impressed I am with Wayne Rooney. Many of us were frustrated and disappointed with his last few games for us but his legacy as a player cannot be questioned and the goals he scored for us go down as Wayne Rooney, Derby County goal scorer. I for one am a surprisingly huge fan (raised Man City, in my blood to dislike anything in red) and as the man has commented, we will have more set backs on this road, but I really really hope we can establish a team in his mould because we have a man who needs not a penny in financial reward but eats sleeps and breathes the game and it
  10. Well thankfully we won’t have any ex players to score against us ....... oh erm
  11. Watford held on...... Great effort Rams no complaints from me. Still on the up YOU RAMS
  12. Nathan Ducking Byrne cross 😍😍😍
  13. Waggy weight the ball man! Why so much power. And Byrne gets injured in the process 🤷‍♂️
  14. I am a happy clapper I have to confess
  15. That’s us sorted for the season then.
  16. Who are you suggesting is not even trying and doesn’t give a fig? That’s what a zero would suggest to me
  17. Now time to be first best all second half. Goal disallowed ridiculous decision
  18. Oh I say! Get it right this time. A thing of beauty
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